Why you should focus on writing good quality content marketing

When it comes to improving a business’s organic seo, the written word is very powerful.

It doesn’t matter if you sell ice skates online, multi-million pound cars or you are a local construction business, what you will need in order to strengthen your organic SEO is to have high-quality content marketing (must follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines and be white hat).

Many business owners think well, I am not paying for content marketing, this is just written words, surely? It’s just written text, that’s written to a word count?

However, the really good digital marketing agency’s, like us at Adore know that a blog post is a lot more than just a written piece of text that is written to a set word count.

It’s much more than this, successful content marketing is well written and it should offer useful advice to your customers.

So, for example imagine that you are a manufacturer of say luxury car waxes and polishes, and you start to giveaway advice on how to remove stone chips from a bonnet on your companies blog, this is likely to be useful advice to anybody that wants to care for their vehicle’s paintwork.

In the process the information is so useful that you may obtain quality backlinks which are both do-follow and no-follow, plus because the article is so detailed, you might have the average visitor reading the article for say over 10 minutes.

The bounce rate might be very low; therefore, the digital marketing agency has succeeded in writing a really good piece of content marketing.

Okay, let’s oppose this to hiring a local SEO business, let’s say in Cardiff, that just offers stupidly low prices per month, they may write a really low-quality piece of content marketing which is not useful to anybody, they might even purchase it from a copywriter who is only getting paid a very low amount to write the article, so they don’t really care of it is high-quality or not.

It’s unlikely to be researched, it’s unlikely to provide any useful and insightful advice about how to remove a stone chip from a bonnet, that’s because it’s just been written rather carelessly in a quick rush to make a profit.

So, as you can imagine, this written work is not likely to attract any backlinks, it’s not likely to keep a shopper’s interest for very long and also it’s likely to have a very bad bounce rate, so what does this mean? Well, quite simply put it means that the businesses organic SEO is going to suffer.

So, if businesses in Cardiff are serious about getting high-quality organic SEO, they will need high quality copywriters, they need to partner with a high-quality digital marketing agency, and that’s exactly what Adore can offer.

Within this article, we are going to talk about:

  • What is content marketing anyway?
  • Content Strategies
  • Why Content Marketing?
  • Content and the “Marketing Funnel”
  • Content Comprehensiveness
  • Analysis

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you are most likely to hear the company refer to “content marketing” time and time again.

For example, they might be writing a marketing strategy for your business, and a large amount of your company’s marketing budget might well be taken up with writing content marketing.

Now, as the business owners, you might question what are the benefits of writing so much content marketing? That’s especially if the text is giving away free advice, right?

So, let’s say for example, that you run a bike shop here in Cardiff, and the marketing companies recommend that should write long articles recommending different electric bikes to purchase.

You might question well, what’s the benefit of giving away this free advice?

However, as you read through this blog post, our white hat agency will explain the benefits of investing in high-quality white hat content marketing, and why so many digital marketing agencies invest so much time writing content marketing for the businesses that they work for.

What does search engine optimisation (SEO) mean?

First things first, what does search engine optimisation mean?

Well simply put, many different businesses will want to rank on the first page of Google, whether therefore you will a local Italian restaurant, or perhaps you are a large online retailer of furniture for example.

You will want to rank on the first page of Google for terms that are relevant to your business, for example the furniture retailer might want to rank on the first page for “mattresses” for example.

This can be a serious competitive advantage for the business, if they get their business rank on the first page of Google, often to get their business right on the first page they need to hire an SEO agency like us. There are many SEO Cardiff company’s, however what’s for sure is whichever business that your company chooses, you should hire a white hat agency.

What does white hat mean?

However, as this article will explain, the SEO work must be white hat, if the work is not white hat then the business could incur a penalty. Examples of penalties would be a Google Panda penalty a Google Penguin penalty. So, this simply means that all of the SEO work needs to be high-quality which includes the content marketing as well.

What are ranking factors?

There are many “ranking factors” which Google uses to work out how strong your businesses SEO is, there are thought to be well over 200 different ranking factors.

For example, it is widely thought by many agencies that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors, yet with that said content marketing is also really important.

Here are some other ranking factors that you might have heard about?

·        Backlinks

·        Onsite SEO, meta titles, meta descriptions

·        Offsite SEO

It could also be argued that without content marketing another business will not link to your website, so for example, let’s say that you run a restaurant here in Cardiff, if you have not got blog posts offering useful advice, then why would another business link to your company?

However, on the other hand, if your Italian restaurant was giving away recipe ideas, and how to create tasty Italian meals in a short amount of time, then you could potentially earn a lot of good-quality backlinks.

You can start to see how earning backlinks can go hand-in-hand with writing really good-quality and useful content marketing.


What is content marketing?

Some digital marketing agencies make content marketing sound a lot more complicated than what it actually is, but in a nutshell, it is basically written text, which offers useful advice to your customers.

Now, these customers might not be customers that purchase from your website, they could be somebody looking for advice.

However, by offering that advice, your business might obtain high-quality backlinks, which therefore increases where your business ranks, which therefore you can help to improve your businesses SEO.

So, by giving away this free advice, you are actually helping to improve your businesses SEO.

However, so many SEO companies Cardiff and so many businesses here in Cardiff get writing the content marketing wrong.

That’s to say sometimes they do not write the text in a white hat way, which could actually mean that the business incurs a penalty, which could mean they drops down the ranks. This is why all SEO work must be white hat.

Why must the content marketing be high-quality?

All of the SEO work must always be “white hat” or the business could incur a penalty.

What does my SEO consultant mean when they keep referring to an SEO algorithm?

It’s the algorithm which decides where your business ranks, if your business has the strongest ranking factors, like for example the strongest backlinks, the best onsite SEO, then your business can rank on the first page.

As earlier mentioned, there are over 200+ different ranking factors which the algorithm uses to calculate how strong your businesses SEO is.

How many blog posts should my company be writing?

We always say this to all of our clients, it’s never about quantity, it’s all about quality, if you opt for quantity and the work is not of good-quality, then the website could incur a penalty. All work must be white hat.

Why must the work be white hat?

If the work is not white hat, then the business could incur a penalty, which means that a company could drop down the ranks and does not go up the ranks.

Why must I partner with a white hat SEO agency?

Your business should therefore partner with a white hat SEO agency, if you were to pay a cheap price for SEO, or you were to partner with the wrong marketing agency, then your business could potentially obtain a penalty.

Why must the work be good-quality?

The work must be of high quality, white hat, it must be well written and must offer useful advice.

Why is my SEO consultant saying that we shouldn’t just focus on improving the businesses SEO?

A good SEO consultant or a good SEO agency Cardiff will recommend that when writing content marketing for the business, that the business or the marketing agency does not just concentrate on improving the businesses SEO.

That’s because a good marketing agency will know, that if they write a good piece of work, which is useful then this will be read by many people and could potentially earn your business backlinks.

For example, let’s say that you are looking to purchase an electric bike, but you do not know how electric bikes work, or how long the battery lasts before they need recharging.

If you were therefore to write a detailed article about the latest electric bikes, and common questions the customer has about electric bikes, and this article was to be read by many thousands of people because you have promoted it on let’s say on Facebook, then people who have blogs about mountain biking and biking may link to your work.

If the links are high-quality, then this could help improve your businesses SEO

Will this help my business in Cardiff?

Many businesses here in Cardiff, South Wales, have partnered with white hat Cardiff SEO agencies, these businesses therefore work normally on a rolling monthly basis, that’s to improve the businesses SEO

Why must the work not be duplicated?

If the work is duplicated, and that the text has been taken from another website, then this could mean that your business incurs a penalty.

Why must all of the written work be high quality?

All of the work must be white hat and high-quality

Okay, so let’s say you’re about to launch a brand-new vegan restaurant right here within Cardiff, and you want your business to appear in the number one spot on Google for “Vegan restaurants Cardiff”.

Well, that just makes good business sense, right?

If your business is easier to find, you could obtain more customers.

However, your business may fall into the same trap that so many other businesses do, that is believing that by writing a lot of content marketing, which just focuses on improving your business’s SEO, and not offering quality information, will improve your businesses SEO, when in matter of fact it will not.

That’s because marketing companies that just focus on trying to improve where a business ranks, that’s without offering really useful information, will simply fail.

So let us provide you with an example, let’s say you want to fit a new set of taps to your kitchen sink, and you visit two websites, one has a 500 word article, that doesn’t make sense, it just keeps mentioning “cheap kitchen sink taps” and the second is a really useful article, it explains step by step how to install a set of kitchen sink taps.

Which article will be most useful?

Obviously article number two, and this blog post is less like to have a high bounce rate, so this blog post is also likely to help improve the businesses seo.

As many businesses have learnt, and as many marketing companies have also learnt as well, is that for a businesses SEO to do well, the business must offer quality information, and what do we mean by this?

Well, let’s return to our example of a vegan restaurant just for a second, if SEO agencies were to write say 500 words each week, and heavily use the wording “vegan restaurant” over and over again then the business is likely to incur a penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty.

This is why the business should instead offer quality information, that will be of interest to their customers, such as giving away free vegan recipes for example.

Now, you may well be thinking, well that doesn’t make much business sense, just giving away vegan recipes so that people can use the recipes at home, instead of encouraging vegans to attend your local restaurant, however you have to turn that idea on its head.

And the reason for this is if the content marketing is really good quality, well your likely to get a lot of visitors, and a lot of backlinks as well, and if the backlinks are good quality then this could help to put your business onto the first page.

This means that when someone is looking for “local vegan restaurants”- well, guess what, your business could be listed on the first page, which could help your business.

What is content marketing?

Well, it could be as simple as writing a blog post, like this here, however, if written correctly it could mean that your business obtains more backlinks, but if written incorrectly, so for example the algorithm thinks that your website is mentioning a phrase too much, like “vegan restaurants” well the website could incur a penalty.

Why do so many businesses and SEO agencies get this wrong?

Sometimes a business will simply want to take shortcuts, so for example, they may spot that the competition are already doing well, so they may cut corners to try and catch up with these businesses as quickly as possible, but as any good marketing company will tell you, when it comes to white hat SEO, there are no short cuts, its just about hard work and also offering quality SEO.

If you do take short cuts, then you could obtain a penalty.

What is the correct way to write content marketing?

Make it useful, and what do we mean by that?

Well, let’s say your carrying out a bit of DIY, and you do not know how to install a shower tray, so which blog post do you think you would find most useful?

One that keeps mentioning shower trays over and over again, with no clarity on how to install a shower tray?

Or article two, that offers step by step walk through on how to install a shower tray? The information is clear, easy to follow, and explains what tools you will need- well of course, article number two would be best, and this is the article that’s most likely to gain the most quality backlinks, and therefore help to improve the businesses SEO.

How can your marketing agency help?

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