Why it’s so important to improve your website’s user experience (U.X)


Posted on: 18/01/2024



For some businesses, they could be painstakingly working on improving the business’s search engine optimisation for a long period of time. They might be burning the midnight oil, working diligently and carefully improving their on-site and off-site SEO.

However, all of this hard work and effort could be a complete waste of time, unless you consider user experience, (U.X). Many SEO consultants are now believing that this is a very important ranking factor that Google deems as a very important ranking factor, when determining where to rank a website.

For example if you have a main menu that’s particularly difficult and arduous to use, this might be frustrating to shoppers. You business could be missing out on thousands of sales, just because of something as simple as a main menu that doesn’t work as it should.

So, its important to use A/B testing to improve your businesses UX.


Set out your services on different pages

Now this advice might sound really basic advice, but it’s something that we would recommend to anybody who is thinking about having their website designed thinks about. Now a web designer might tell you to opt for what is called a “one-page website”, however we would never recommend this to our customers.

Instead, have a website where you have different services set out on different pages, this makes it much easier to optimise each page and each distinct service. That’s because each page will have its own alt text, its own meta title and description, as well as content marketing and page titles, as well as also a SEO friendly URL extension which is all-important.

Plus also makes it easier for the customer, because they can go to a page, and each page can offer much more depth advice and services or products that you offer, if each item has its own distinct page.

Throughout this entire blog post, we are going to provide you with some detail of how you can improve your website user experience (U.X), then when you start to monitor your businesses organic rankings, you might see them start to improve if you really improve your businesses user experience.


Why Improving User Experience is crucial for improving your SEO

So why exactly should a business improve its user experience, and how does this work help to improving the businesses search engine optimisation?



In the past, we would have you really dodgy SEO companies, would build a rather basic website and start to build thousands of low-quality back links pointing at that website. Thankfully, you can’t use these SEO tactics any more, because they will get your website penalised. (Google Penguin and Panda penalty).

Now it’s all about offering a good customer experience U.X, offering valuable advice to the customer, making it an absolute piece of cake for them to find the products or services that they want.

 Therefore the really large e-commerce websites often spend thousands of hours, perfecting how their website works, (Split Testing) making it easier for people to find the items that they want.

Therefore, this can be simply rewriting the product descriptions so that you more succinctly answer the questions and the details of the customer want answered.

It can also be about helping the customer to better sort their products, they might not want to wade through over 1000 different products, they might just want to simply click to sort products between a certain price range for example.



User experience should therefore be carefully considered

What you most definitely want to do is to carefully consider your websites U.X, for example you should think about how you can make your website super easy to use. This often involves putting yourself in your customers shoes. Also, you often will need to do A/B testing.

You might therefore want to use split testing, and to do this often you need the help of a web design agency.

However, if your engagement does increase of the website, (higher time on site) for example the time on-site figure substantially increases, from say under 60 seconds to then over seven minutes, the algorithms will pick up on this.

By offering a good user experience (U.X) , it’s clear that shoppers are more engaged with the products and services and the advice that you are offering, (the website has a lower bounce rate) therefore you are deemed to be offering a good customer service and offering good quality advice.

Because of this you are likely to move up Googles ranks, of course this is not something that happens overnight, you do need to work on it diligently over a sustained period of time.



Gone are the days of using rubbish SEO tactics

For a while, less so now, various seo companies, which would use what is called spun content, sometimes using “cloaking” techniques to try to hide keywords on a page. However, these techniques are no longer used as they will result in a Google Penalty.

Instead, what is needed is a lot of time spent “split testing”, and improving your website. Just as you gradually improve a race car to get it ready for a race, by fine-tuning and making slight alterations to the engine, you need to do this with your e-commerce website.

What you, therefore, need to do is make slow and gradual changes and monitor to see if these are improving your business’s search engine optimisation (SEO).



Your website needs to be mobile-friendly

Let’s say somebody is busily walking down the street, and they have a smartphone in their hand, and their shopping for a new washing machine, as they has just packed it, it’s no longer working.

So what they are doing now is shopping around on various e-commerce websites and are looking to purchase a washing machine with a long guarantee period.

Now, if your website simply has a poorly designed mobile version of the website, and its challenging to use; for example, instead, there is a nice and neat product description using bullet points, there is simply a huge amount of text which is off-putting to the customer.

They may land on the website and think, well this website so cluttered, I can’t find the information I need, for example, how long the guarantee period is on the washing machine.

This is most likely to lead to a high “bounce rate”, and when you talk to many leading SEO consultants, they will tell you that if your website has a very high bounce rate, this is a surefire way of damaging the business’s search engine optimisation (SEO). It basically says that shoppers are not interested in what you have to offer, looking at say the homepage, they may leave after a few seconds. This means that the business has a high bounce rate.

This basically shows what us SEO consultants refer to as low engagement.

If there’s a high bounce rate and low engagement with the website, the time on-site figure is also low, and the bounce rate is super high this is a surefire way of damaging the companiessearch engine optimisation.



We live in the superfast world

Whether where stuck in traffic on the way home from work, or we are in a long queue at the supermarket, or you are simply waiting to use a treadmill at the gym, often we don’t want to wait very long for anything.

We have therefore become quite impatient, yet this is with good reason, as we often work long hours and time is valuable to us.

Now this needs to be kept in mind when you are designing and building a website, because if your website even a second slower to load than some of your main competitors, then this could put your business at a strong disadvantage. It could again increase the bounce rate, potentially meaning that you’re missing out on a lot of valuable sales.


Do carefully consider your website’s navigation

For quite a long period of time, in web design, when a lot of companies favoured what is called a minimalistic website, often it meant that the website is so basic, its hard to improve the seo.

This often meant that for example, you would have the main menu, which wouldn’t be clearly put across the top of the website, instead however, you would have to hover your mouse over a button for to appear.

Then instead of having an ample amount of pages, some businesses aim to consolidate products into a much bigger groups and services as well. Sometimes, therefore only having say 7 pages or less.

What we would recommend at our search engine optimisation agency, is not to have an overly simplistic design, instead put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

And think how you make it really easy for them to find the services or indeed the different items that they wish to purchase.

How can you make that main menu very simple to use, so that they can find the items that they want with the minimum amount of clicks?


Nice easy to read text

Some businesses go for rather fancy text, however, what we would say is think about making the text easy to read.

It is often quite good to have your website designed like a newspaper, with black font and a white background. The nice large font that’s very easy to read.

What this allows is for the reader to simply read the blog post for longer, if the reader on the other hand feels that their eyes are becoming strained and rather tired reading a difficult-to-read font, then again this is likely to lead to a high bounce rate for your business moving forwards.