Why it’s so important to improve and optimise your old blog posts


Date: 15/11/2023

So many businesses are simply missing out on a vast opportunity that has their businessbusiness’sengine  optimisation.

That’s wbThat’sy some businesses publish new blog posts as if they are producing a product on a production line- they may publish content regularly.

Means that once they have finished publishing one blog post, they will write another a few days later. What happens when that information, written, say, seven years ago, is no longer up-to-date and relevant?

It’stwThat’sssessit’sal go back to see if you can update, improve, and perhaps add some sections to all content marketing to ensure it’it’slevant.

You might even want to add the section “Up”ate “02””, “nd you can add further information to the blog post.



What exactly does content optimisation mean?

This is when you take a piece of content marketing, such as a blog post, that has generated a lot of organic traffic in the past (use Google Analytics to check this). Yet the organic traffic may have tailed off for some reason.

This might be because the information is now very outdated or that some of the products mentioned are no longer in stock; people are no longer searching for that product on Google.

So, for example, you might have written an article about the bestselling “E-“ikes” f”r 2021”, “yo” could add onto that article another section where you updated for the best bikes for 2023, and you could even keep updating that same blog post every year, with your best selling bikes.

This will keep adding new content marketing to the top of the page, pushing down the old text and information to maintain the page current.

Before rewriting or improving any blog posts, it is essential to take advice from an experienced, respected and highly knowledgeable SEO company first, as you dondon’tnwadon’tange too many blog posts, which could adversely affect your company’s SEO unless this work is carried out correctly.



Hire a good SEO Specialist.

A highly experienced and knowledgeable SEO expert will understand precisely why that drop in organic traffic has occurred to that page or blog post.

It could be as simple as a web designer working on it and accidentally leaving the no-indexed tab on! This means that the page will no longer appear in GooGoogle’sGoogle’st could be that the page has outdated information and needs to be updated- for example, the best fireworks to buy in 2021.
So, it could be that the CTR might improve with a few simple changes, such as improvements to the meta title.



Major algorithm updates

It could be that your website has been “cr”wled” a” d indexed” b” Goo”le” ot, and one of the many algorithm changes, such as the Google Panda update, has deemed some of the pages as spam or low-quality content marketing.

In this case, you should most definitely take the advice of an SEO expert, who should be able to devise a plan of how to improve these pages and how to adapt them so that they are improved.



Write the humans, not the search engines.

It used to be the case that some companies only focused on writing keywords into the text to try and get a page to rank on the first page of Google; this used to be called “ke”word” s” uffing”, “owever”r,” it’it’ssmosit’sfinitelyt a method that we would advise you use, it’it’stoutit’sd’nd will result in your business incurring a penalty, thathat’safthat’seowever, we would advise that you write all of your text to offer the best possible advice to your customers, that is, write for humans, not to try and fool the search engines to rank your company hire, as this doedoesn’tedoesn’toony SEO agencies have negatively impacted their cuscustomercustomer’smetimessulting in a massive drop in organic traffic, simply because they have only focused on trying to optimise the website over, by just writing keywords over and over again within the text.

If this method doedoesn’toedoesn’tll result in a penalty! Such as a Google Panda penalty.
So instead, focus on your customers, offer a good shopping experience, and offer the best possible advice that you can



You need to understand GooGoogle’sGoogle’sxpertiseputhoritativeness, and trust.

This means somebody within your marketing team fully understands GooGoogle’sGoogle’sxpertiseputhoritativeness, and trust advice.

If you hire an SEO agency, you must understand this EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust. It’That’snbThat’sia ait’siessit’salrporated into all of the content marketing your business produces



Could it be that you spot some missed opportunities?

An SEO expert, going over each blog post on the main page of your company website, might be able to spot some missed opportunities; it could be the case that you could add some new titles, rewrite some of the meta descriptions, and then notice that the sales might start to come rolling in.

It might only need 30 minutes spent on each blog post to be updated, yet it could dramatically affect your business’s optimisation.