Why it’s always worth updating your company’s blog posts


So many businesses, and also seo agencies alike these days feel compelled to churn out blog posts at a rate of knots.

That’s to say, some marketing agencies have taken the mindset that more is better.

However, as all leading seo companies will reliably inform you, instead its far better to focus on quality than quantity when it comes to content marketing.

Yet, this beggars the question- should blog posts be added to a website and then forgotten about?

That’s to say should news worthy subjects that relate to your industry be blogged about, and then left forever?

Well, we think the answer to that question is no. We actually think that it’s a far better idea to update your blog posts from time to time.

And you’re probably thinking well why even bother? Well, the answer is that these blog posts could better serve your business, that’s if they were updated and improved now and then.

Which in a nutshell means if this is completed correctly, updating all those blog posts could translate to more visitors landing on your website, which in turn raises the possibility of generating more sales.

And that’s just it, through your businesses efforts spent updating all those blog posts, well you could just jump-start a whole heap of new visitors that want to read your businesses blog posts.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some suggestions you might want to use in order to improve your businesses blog posts.


Your time is precious, and as such don’t try and over stretch yourself, meaning don’t think you can update every single blog post that your business has ever published.

No, instead from the very start form a marketing strategy, that’s to say have a look at which blog posts you think could be acting as a dead weight to your website. Then why not shortlist a few articles that you are going to concentrate on, and then update?

This means evaluating which blog posts you think are most valuable to your business, and your readers, yet could still do with a bit of an update.

There is a great post, that was written by Nick Loper which will teach you exactly how he carried out his very own content audit, and also the results that he obtained from this.


Your business may well already have some blog posts that bring a lot of people to your website.

For example, a business that retails power tools may offer interesting DIY tips and advice for their readers, and as a result may well get loads of visitors.

Yet, from time to time the advice may well need updating. For example, perhaps within the article a certain power tool was once recommend, yet that particular power tool may have been replaced by a newer model?

So, what we are getting at is by visiting your old blog posts you have the opportunity to update the blog posts, to make them more current.

Therefore, when updating your old blog posts you may wish to:


·        Check all backlinks work correctly

·        Add any supplementary information which would make the article more up date

·        Make the article more interesting

More interesting

Talk to any seo agency about what makes a good piece of content marketing and they are bound to say it must engage the reader.

That’s to say to really succeed with SEO today your business needs to be adding content marketing which interests your potential customers.

Old seo tactics are therefore dead, that’s to say good seo companies no longer try and fool Google’s algorithm in order to obtain better rankings. Instead good seo agencies add work which is simply going to help the businesses visitors.

So for example, if you run a business manufacturing cordless drills, there’s no point writing articles that simply state “cordless drills” over and over again, as this seo tactic is thankfully dead.

Instead interesting articles explaining how this brand of cordless drills is superior to the competition will be much more likely to boost the businesses seo.

Don’t get lazy!

Some businesses understand that online marketing has the potential to help their business to grow, yet do not want to put the work in.

This means, the business owner may have read a few online marketing articles, and they have read that adding blog posts will help the business.

Yet, they do not want to devote the time needed to write, or create a truly impressive article, so instead they just write a few lines of text instead.

This is no good, in today’s super competitive business environment, your website must standout, and for that to happen you need super strong seo. This therefore requires a lot of effort.

So any articles that are super short, and by this we mean just a few sentences, we would recommend checking if they are actually helping your business or not.

If the work is not working, in terms of drawing in visitors, then you may wish to delete this work.

Use a respected seo agency

There are simply millions of seo companies to choose from, yet no two are ever the same.

What your business needs is an agency that will only ever deliver white hat work, and is a respected seo agency.

We can offer both these attributes, so if your business requires help with its SEO, why not give us a ring?