Why isn’t my website getting any visitors via our organic business listings?


Your busy running your business, yet with every spare second you are keen to improve your website, and to get more visitors coming to the website via the organic business listings.

Yet, despite your best efforts, there doesn’t seem to be many organic visitors that are coming to your company’s website- and why is that?

Well good question, we dragged our SEO boffins away for their SEO tasks for just a few minutes, and asked them what are the most common reasons a website will not have much in the way of organic traffic.

Its content thin

Its all well and good having a website that looks good, but what about the website’s SEO?

For example, you may sell luxurious furniture online, so you may have loads of pictures of your furniture in some industrial looking apartment building, and it may look great.

Then you’ve gone for a minimalist design on your website, so for a product description you’ve just written “industrial table, handmade from used scaffolding boards”.

Hmm, will this cut the mustard? Will it be enough for your website to succeed in terms of improving where the business ranks organically?

Nope, probably not.

And why is that so, well it all boils down to this, you need to offer good quality information. Okay, okay yes you are right, no one want’s to be reading thousands of words describing a table, but you have to give more.



Well let’s say you offer a product description that’s wordier. Let’s say you offer an internal link to an FAQ page about your tables.

Let’s say you add a new chunk of text, which describes what inspired that style of table.

Let’s say you add a few customer reviews of that exact product.

It’s got to be a bit wordier, a bit more descriptive, but don’t go overboard as if a reader sees a mass of text, well, they are likely to think, I haven’t got the time to read all that, I am off, so your websites bounce rate may increase?



Right before we go any further, here’s the thing with backlinks, you need them, but you only need quality links.

Now we had to get straight in them with that one, as some people will be sitting down with an espresso in hand, and a notepad and just write “we need more links”.

When you don’t just need more links, you need more quality links. Quality is massively important, if the quality isn’t good, well your website may incur a link penalty, which means it will drop down the organic ranks.


So how do you get these links?

Well we strongly recommend you earn them, and how do you do this? Well, you offer really good advice via your website?


How do you do that?

Well let’s say for example your business sells candles, yet these are not your bog-standard candles that can be bought cheaply.

Ohh no, these are your candles that are made from all-natural ingredients, and have a nice smell.

So, you know that a huge amount of people today are interested in interior design, so you write an article about how to create a certain interior décor style in your home, let’s say how to create a farm house look within your home.

Yet, within this article you mention your candles, and how they compliment such a design. Well you guessed it, a reader you owns say a blog that talks about interior décor well they may just read this article, and they may like it so much they link to your article, so this is how you can earn links.

But remember, your business only needs quality links, so you should employ a white hat seo agency to check the quality of your businesses backlinks.


Your blog

Okay so your business has a competitor, and your business spots that this competitor has been blogging for a long time, so you think right, I am going to grab a coffee, and I am going to write one million blog posts and catch up, does this sound like a good idea?


Well, no, no it doesn’t sound a good idea at all.

Because here’s the thing, quality matters! See there’s a recurring theme with seo, that is quality matters.

So, don’t write endless blog posts if they don’t offer useful advice, and if they have just been written to try and improve your businesses SEO.

It’s a waste of time, instead focus on who your customers are, what sort of questions do they have? Can you offer advice to these questions.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say you’re an accountant, and there’s going to be change that’s going to be made to say VAT laws, well if you write a blog post helping business owners to understand these changes, well, your may receive more organic traffic.

And with this increase in organic traffic may come more customers.

So, all its about writing blog posts which are useful to your customers.

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