Why is my marketing agency stating that we need to invest more in content marketing?


Okay, so you’ve hired a local marketing agency and you have tasked the marketing company with getting your business onto the first page of Google.

You’ve set a budget, and you’ve asked for a breakdown of where the monthly retainer is going to be spent.

And when you see the marketing proposal you quickly see that the marketing agency has stated that they plan on invest over fifty percent on content marketing for the first year, but this has you wondering, well what is content marketing?

Plus your also wondering, why is your marketing agency investing so much time and money into this?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, we are a marketing company that’s based in the centre of Cardiff.

When a business comes to us, and they want to improve their organic seo, then we normally recommend that a large amount of time is invested in to content marketing as well.

So it doesn’t matter if you run say a solicitors practice, hair dressers or say a vets, often marketing companies, such as ours will recommend that you invest in high-quality content marketing.

But notice how we used the wording “high-quality”-and this is really important, as some businesses do not invest in high-quality content marketing, instead they may try and hire the cheapest copywriter that they can find, and sometimes this will trigger a penalty.

For example, if a business, lets say a dentist hires a copywriter, or let’s say an SEO business, and the company then creates rubbish content marketing, so for example it keeps stating the wording “dentist + name of city” over and over again, in an attempt to improve the businesses seo, well this business is likely to incur a penalty.

And what do we mean by penalty, well the most common penalties that you are most likely to here of would be a Google Penguin penalty or a Google Panda penalty, but there are more.

And if a business invests, or implements seo themselves, and the seo work is low-quality, then the business could incur a penalty.

Which means that Google’s algorithm, sometimes referred to as “spam-filters” could deem a company website has having low-quality seo, so the website may well be de-indexed, so removed from Google, or it could be moved down the ranks.

So is cheap content marketing worth it? We would say no, most definitely not.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing could be a simple blog post like this, that’s to say often it’s just written text, like this article which offers advice.


Why is this so important?

A lot of businesses hire marketing companies to write content marketing for the business, that’s because it’s possible for content marketing that’s high-quality to help improve the businesses seo.

So, lets give you an example, lets say that you run a solicitors practice, you then hire us and our SEO experts to work alongside your marketing team, well we would write content marketing which fulfils the following criteria.

·        White hat

·        High-quality

·        Researched

·        Has internal and external backlinks

·        White hat anchor text

·        White hat content marketing

·        Has a high word count

·        Is written by an expert

What was the Google Hummingbird update?

Google’s Hummingbird update was when a significant change was made to Google’s algorithm, most SEO’s noticed that much more precise answers were shown for questions asked to Google.

Some marketing companies also stated that more complex answers could be found, such as “where can I purchase aluminium roofing ladders near to me”- now this is what us SEO’s refer to as a “longtail keywords”, and as the query had the terms “roofing” + “ladders” + “aluminium” + also “near me”, well this makes it quite a complicated question.

However, after the Google Hummingbird update, plus Google’s RankBrain update much more complicated questions, such as the question about aluminium ladders could be answered.

How will this help to improve my businesses SEO?

Your business should invest in good quality content marketing, this could then help to improve your seo if you hire the right seo company.


Why must the work be of high-quality?

If the content marketing is not high-quality then a business could incur a penalty, such a Google Panda penalty.

Why is my marketing agency stating that this could improve the number of backlinks that we have?

So let’s say that your business specialises in selling and repairing a certain brand of car, and your business writes an article about a common problem with a brand of car, and how this can be easily fixed.

Now some business owners may well think, well why on earth would I give away free information, about how to fix a car, when that’s what our business does?

Well, here’s the thing, if you give away free information, which other businesses or let’s say a blog about cars then finds useful, well you may gain high-quality backlinks.

If you gain high-quality backlinks, then you’re more likely to improve where your business ranks.

And if you improve where your business ranks, well you may find that people start bringing their luxury cars from all over the U.K for you to repair their cars as you are seen as the experts in that brand of car.