Why does my businesses organic rankings fluctuate so much on Google?



Hello there, have you ever felt like your website’s organic rankings are like the British weather?

Unpredictable, changing by the minute, and rarely doing what you want them to? Well, don’t fret we are the digital marketing agency that can help. Here’s the thing even if you don’t make any changes to your website, that’s to say you don’t change the seo bit, your website can still fluctuate in terms of wedded ranks on Google.


But why does it do this?

We’re about to embark on a right laugh-filled journey through the maze of organic SEO, sprinkled with many facts, cheeky banter, and some top-notch advice. So, grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and let’s get cracking. We’ve actually got some of the most highly experienced seo team here in Wales, so we are well placed to advise you as to why your company’s rankings on Google may well be changing, it could be because you’ve lost an important backlink, or it could even be because Google is rolling out a massive algorithm update.

So let our highly experienced seo team, explain why the businesses organic rankings can fluctuate so much.


Seven Quick Bits:

Organic rankings can be as unpredictable as the weather one moment it can be dry and sunny, the next it can be pouring down. This is the same with your company website in the morning you might rank 10th on Google, in the afternoon you might rank seventh, but what has caused this change? Well as we will talk about in this article it could be for many reasons.


There’s a lot more to keyword positions than just…positions.

The search engine making Algorithm changes are the main reason why businesses move up and down on google.
Dodgy links? You’re asking for a penalty, mate. Any businesses which build low quality backlinks could obtain a link penalty

Think of SEO rankings as the league table for keywords. So, if you’re a fan of football you will understand your business could be top of the league, yet then after a bad game, your business could drop right down the league table. This is the same for your business’s seo, for example, if your business was to lose an important backlink, it could move substantially down the ranks.

Your snippet’s appeal: Ever judged a book by its cover? That’s how shoppers judge your title and description. And throw in some snazzy mark-ups like prices or business reviews, and your business could improve it CTR.


So why do businesses move up and down the ranks on Google?

So, you’ve noticed your rankings bobbing up and down like a boat on the Thames, eh? There’s a bunch of reasons why this might be so, let’s look at some of the main reasons.


Changes to the Algorithm

Imagine this as adjusting the seasoning in your favourite dish. For example, you might have a pizza and you might think that it could do with some improving so you add a bit more salt, but if you add too much salt, you can ruin the whole dish and this is exactly the same with seo, if you over optimise the website damage the businesses organic seo.


Low quality links

Buying links or overdoing guest posting is like trying to pay the referee in a football match. Sooner or later, you’re getting a red card (penalty).



A businesses ranking can move up and down, this is why a quality seo company is required to constantly fine tune a businesses seo, to help improve for your business ranks or just to constantly work to hold the position got. For example, and when your businesses reach the top, you can’t sit back and sip on a cocktail, and then think well the job is complete, because there will always be another business to take your top spot. So with seo, you need to constantly work to improve where your business ranks or just simply to hold that position.


FAQs (because who doesn’t love a good Q&A?):


Why are my businesses rankings moving up and down?

Loads of different reasons: it’s often due to algorithm changes, competitors which might be doing more seo than your business, causing your business to move down, it could be because your business has low quality links, technical issues, or just could be because the seo company is not very good.


What’s this visibility thingy?

Think of it as your website’s a bit like a shop within the city centre. You’re going to want a lot of shoppers to visit your website, and if you own a shop in the city centre, the going to want a lot of shoppers to come inside your shop and browse what you have a sale. So yes, it’s important to monitor where your business ranks, but you also have to monitor how many organic visitors you are obtaining.

How can I improve where my business ranks on google.co.uk?
Your digital marketing agency should help your business to better optimise your content marketing, they should also help to improve your businesses backlink profile, and give the search engines a clear picture of your site’s brilliance.


Do algorithm changes happen often?

As often as a Brit talks about the weather. So, pretty frequently! In matter of fact.
For example, one day the business could be on page 1, the following day it might not be, therefore businesses regularly change where they rank on Google. This is why you need to hire a good marketing company, like our company to help improve your businesses seo, and to keep you on the first page.