Why does it take so long to improve where a business ranks organically?


Okay, so let’s face it, this isn’t a question that most SEO agencies write about.

In matter of fact it’s a question that some seo companies actually avoid answering, and why is that so?

Well of course most seo business want to give the impression that they can sky-rocket your website up the ranks, and your phone will be ringing off the hook with calls in no time.

But in reality this is not the case, and the reason for this is it normally takes a long time to improve where a business ranks, and here’s why that is so.

It’s all down to how strong your competitors are

So, you’ve just paid your seo agency to improve where your business ranks organically, so you should start to see results more or less straightaway right?


Your business is in direct competition with all the other businesses that want to rank for that word or term.

So, for example, let’s say you run a construction business, well you may want your business to rank for “local construction businesses” or “constructions businesses that offer property extensions”.

So, you guessed it, your businesses website will have to have better SEO than your direct competitors in order to rank higher- and this is where we can help.


Okay, so how much does this “organic SEO cost”?

Again, this is often based on how strong your competitors are, for example if you have a competitor has invested heavily in SEO for many years, well, often a lot of work will be needed to overtake such a business.

That’s to say this competitor may have set the benchmark to beat very high. So, this means that the business may have many good quality backlinks, it may have invested in content marketing that has been written to a good standard, the business may have invested in onsite and offsite seo.

So this means that your business will have to have stronger SEO if it is to overtake this business.

This means that often many seo including ours set the price of our services depending on how strong your competitors are, and therefore how much SEO work is needed.


Yes, but why is my company asking our business to pay monthly?

Most seo companies that offer to implement organic seo do so on a monthly basis, the reason is that often your competitors will never stop striving to reach the top. So this means the businesses that are already at the top, they will be working on retaining that position, and also the businesses that are below your business, they will often be looking to improve their seo so that they can overtake your business.

With Googlebot looking for improvements that have been made to a website, and then telling the algorithm whether these were SEO improvements or not on a regular basis, all businesses are therefore competing for the top spots.

This means that once your business reaches the top it isn’t guaranteed to stay there for any length of time, as when the rankings change again, which could be in matter of hours, a new business, that has stronger seo may take the top spot, or be stronger than your business.


Okay so your saying we need to pay for SEO forever?

Well, as long as your business want to maintain or improve where it ranks, often businesses pay per month to improve the businesses seo.


What does Google’s Sandbox period mean?

Some seo agencies, us included believe that there is built into the algorithm something called the Sandbox period, which basically means that it can take longer to improve where a new website ranks.

So, this basically means, say you are a start-up business, and you launch a brand-new website for your business, well, we believe it will normally will take that business longer to improve where it ranks.

That’s compared to say a business’s website that has been live for a while, yet hasn’t had any SEO implemented to it.

Okay, so your saying its easier to optimise a company’s website that has been live for longer?

Yes, we believe and so do many other seo that a website that has been live for longer is easier to optimise.


Can our business help?

Where so many seo agencies claim that they can get your business to the top of Google in no time at all, we are altogether more honest.

Plus, we only use white hat seo methods, so if you would like us to offer you a quote, then why not give us a ring?