Why does it often take much longer to optimise a brand-new website?



So, you’ve forked out a load on having a rather brilliant website designed, you think it looks the bees-knees, your marketing department are happy with the design, so you’re expecting the orders to roll in.


Yet, its at this point that you get worried, things go quiet, no orders, and your thinking, well- how come, we’ve just invested so much in this fancy new website, we were expecting to be super busy.


Yet, its then you realise that you need SEO, that’s to say, a website here in Cardiff that’s on page 9 of Google’s SERP’s, that’s search engine results page, well, that’s not going to be much use, in matter of fact, its going to be as much use a chocolate tea-pot, absolutely, blooming useless!


So, now you need to find a local SEO agency, and let’s say you call 10 local seo agencies, and within the first few minutes of having a chat, well, they all talk about is a Google Sandbox period, that your companies ranking factors, such as backlinks will not be strong, and that your competitors, well, they might have super strong seo, so you got a lot of work to do, and you might have a up hill battle on your hands.


And here’s the thing, a lot of businesses think, that by having a website designed, that looks good, that is all that’s needed to improve sales, however, without investment in online marketing, well, you do have you ask, how will your website even be found?


Why are so many agencies saying that it will take much longer for a new website, that’s a new domain name to reach the first page of Google


Simply put, when you think about organic seo, you have to know that over 200 seo signals are taken into consideration by Google’s algorithm, that’s when working out, where any business here in Cardiff, or indeed the whole world should be placed.


So, with that in mind, you also have to think of this, how valuable is it to have your business ranked on the first page? Well, its likely to be extremely useful for a lot of businesses, it doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a lawyer or a retailer, selling top-brand running trainers, often a business will be benefit from being on the first page, so, its likely that you will have competitors, now those competitors, lets say here in Cardiff, well, they may have been forking out on seo, lets say for a really long time, lets say for 10 years, so, a new business, that’s just setting up, lets say in Cardiff Bay, well, its unrealistic to think that the new-startup is going to shoot past the other businesses, that have been improving their seo gradually for a long time, so yes, it’s a long term process.


Why Googlebot needs to index quality work over a long time


So, for those that think that organic seo is a rapid process, think again, its often not, that’s not because we want to put off any businesses in Cardiff, South Wales from getting on the phone, and invest with us at Adore Online Marketing, yet, with that said, with seo, we think its important to be honest, and that is, whether you’re a sole-trader electrician, or you run a business such as a lawyer, or most businesses for that matter, you have to beat your competitors standard of seo, that’s if you want to rank higher on Google-is organic seo fast? No, we would say, that’s because, if you’ve just registered a new domain name, well, its going to often take a huge amount of work and hours to beat them, for example, let’s say a Cardiff builder, who’s paid Cardiff agency to improve their seo for say 11 years solid, well, that business is going to take a lot work, in order to overtake.


Why it’s crucial, whether you hire a large agency, a freelancer or a website design business to do the work, they must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines


Okay, so you’re in your new office premises, let’s say you’ve paid for rather swanky offices in Cardiff Bay, you’ve got your staff all ready to go and to start work, but there’s problem!


That problem is, there’s not enough sales coming through, so here’s the main question, should the seo agency that you’ve hired be able to push your website onto the first page, in a really short space of time?


You might even be rather tempted to pick up the phone to your agency and say “well, if you’re as good as you say you are-you should be able to do it quickly and get us more sales”-but here’s the thing, good seo shouldn’t be rushed, plus, if your start-up business, you have to beat your rivals on the first page.



Why so many businesses get it wrong, have poor quality work carried out, and see their website nose dive


So many companies hire the wrong marketing agency, and what do we mean by that?


Well, simply put, if organic seo is not carried out in accordance to “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”, in that the work must always be of the very best quality, then if its not, well, the business could incur a penalty.


So, the work must be top quality, it must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which means the backlinks must be quality, all of the onsite seo, that needs to be done right, all of the offsite seo must be quality, if its not, the business could incur a penalty.


So, what are we saying?


Well, SEO is not an area you should aim to save on, it’s a service that be quality focused, it must be absolutely the best quality possible, as going for cheap and substandard, well, that we think is a one way street to the business incurring a penalty, such as a Google Penguin Penalty- which should be avoided at all costs.


So when on the phone or e-mailing Cardiff SEO companies, make sure you hire one which offers white hat work, which is really good quality. This is why so many businesses, hire us.


Why Google’s algorithm only rewards quality


Let’s provide an example, lets say that you run a plumbing business, you specialise lets say in installing new boilers in the city of Cardiff, and you have lets say 50 heating engineers that work for you.


Now, your business let’s say has just set up, you’ve been running for just over a month, yet, here’s the thing, there might well be in a large city like Cardiff, in South Wales, there might be over 200 other plumbing businesses paying to improve their online marketing as well, so you have fierce competition.


So, not only do the businesses on the first page of Google are setting the standard your seo agencies should aim to beat, but also, you have to think about, if they have been investing for a really long period of time, well, it could take a while for business to catch up.


What are spam filters


So, here’s the thing, with organic SEO, well, there’s most definitely no shortcuts, that’s because if the work is to be done right, well it takes normally a huge amount of effort from your seo companies.


When you’re starting a business, you might be sitting down at your living room table, you might be writing a business plan on your laptop.


With a cup of coffee in hand you contemplating all the difference marketing options which are open to you, yet what is apparent, and that is you need to invest in organic SEO.


And a lot of businesses reach this conclusion, as it doesn’t matter if you sell furniture online or you are a top solicitor, most businesses need organic SEO.


However regardless of the business sector that you operate within, your business owner wants roadblocks putting their way.


And what do we mean by roadblocks?


Well, as  any company will tell you, it’s normally, in most instances a lot harder to optimise a company website that is brand-new, and by brand-new, we mean that the domain name has just been registered, and a new website that has been designed for that domain name.


For example, it’s normally. much harder to optimise a brand-new company website, simply because the website will often have no back links, it might not have any content marketing in might have SEO errors and it might have had no SEO applied to it when it’s directs competition might have been investing in organic SEO for say the last eight years, this is why it often a lot harder to get a brand-new website to move up the ranks.


Domain names


So, quite simply put, its the domain name is the websites URL, so this is the URL that you enter into the browser in order to find that website.


Now what you had to understand is that the algorithm is computing SEO scored to attach to that URL, so when you think of all the businesses in let’s say your city, there might be 100 businesses which are investing in organic SEO.


Now, an SEO score would be assigned to that URL, therefore this dictates where the website ranks.


However, with that said, the algorithm does not tell you your exact SEO score, it’s instead up to the SEO agency that you hire, to make sure that they improve your businesses SEO ranking factors, in a white hat way.


However, this is the really  important part the you have to remember is that the say you are setting up a brand-new business and therefore you purchase a domain name, and you hire website developer to build your website, you will be having a domain name and website which has not had any SEO work carried out.


So, this means that you are starting with a blank canvas, in that your SEO score is very low because the business is brand-new, and it’s also  because you have not improved any of the SEO ranking factors.


Now, when you compare this with your direct competitors, well you might be up against competition that has been investing in SEO for a very long period of time, therefore you face stiff competition, and therefore there might be amounting to climb in terms of SEO work that is needed in order to start overtaking your direct rivals.


You do have to think of a brand-new website rather like a blank canvas


You do have to think of starting a new business with a brand-new website, that is a website where you are just purchasing the domain name, and  having the website designed as starting with a blank canvas.


Now, with having a brand-new website, this means that there is often a huge amount of organic SEO work that is often needed, therefore it often means that the business will have to wait a long period of time in order to generate results.



Back links


Now if you were to have a conversation with most SEO companies and you were to ask them what is the most important ranking factor, that is to say what is the most important part of the organic SEO process, a lot of these businesses will tell you that one of the most important ranking factors is to build quality white hat back links.


However, for some businesses to get onto the first page, they don’t just need say 20 backlinks sometimes they need hundreds or thousands of quality backlinks, which have all been built using “white hat methods”.