Which SEO tools does your marketing agency recommend using?


Whether your business implements SEO inhouse, or you employ a well-known SEO company, one thing is for sure, and that is often seo tools are needed.

Quite simply put seo tools can be very useful, whether that’s checking which backlinks are connecting to your website, or simply how many organic visitors you are gaining per month.

So, in a nutshell, if your implementing seo, well you will often need one of these tools:

Google Analytics

Quite simply put a massively useful tool. Google Analytics is very easy to use and can give you important information on how well your businesses SEO is doing.

For example, a simple line graph can be used to plot how many visitors your website is getting each day, each week or each month. In matter of fact you can specify the exact timeframe where you want to obtain data for.

So for example, some businesses will want to monitor visitor numbers at an important time of the year such as the build-up to Christmas.

Often therefore digital marketing agencies will use Google Analytics to monitor website visitor numbers. Then they may adjust their marketing strategy accordingly, such as should they invest more in social media adverts?

Or, is the business gaining the number of organic visitors that they had hoped for?

Also you can look at other important metrics, such as your websites bounce rate for example. For those that do not know, the bounce rate of the website is the percentage of visitors that have more or less decided to leave your website straightaway.

So, this is a really useful metric, as if your business is creating content marketing, such as blog posts well you should be monitoring how long people are spending reading your work, or are they simply leaving your company’s website straightaway, which is then contributing to a higher bounce rate?

Aiming to reduce a business bounce rate can sometimes be rather complicated, so you may wish to contact a digital marketing agency for help.

Google Search Console

Most businesses will have heard of Google Analytics, yet some businesses may not have heard of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is the new name that was given to replace Google Webmaster Tools.

This is a really useful tool, for example you can obtain information on which search queries your website is being returned for.

This is really useful, so say for example you run a solicitor’s practice, well you may want to promote a service that your solicitors practice offers, such as employment law advice.

So, by working with your seo company, or by implementing seo inhouse you can use your Google Search Console account to see where you are placed for important phrases that you want your business to rank for, such as “employment solicitors”.

Also, what’s great is you can also see how your website may well be improving over time, so comparing where your website ranks now, say compared to one month ago.

Why should our business use such SEO tools if we employ an seo agency?

Many businesses simply outsource all of their seo requirements to an seo company, and therefore do not check there Google Analytics account themselves.

However, we would strongly recommend that your business also uses your Google Analytics account, and Google Search Console account as well.

The reason is, your seo company should send you a monthly report, sometimes some businesses will also obtain a weekly seo report.

With this report you can then check the figures against your Google Analytics account.

So, say for example your seo business states you have received 1000 new organic visitors that month, well you can then check that within your Google Analytics account.

Also, there may well be months where the SEO does not improve, or that the number of organic visitor numbers drops slightly, you can ask the seo agency if they are aware of this, and why they think that is so.

Can our marketing agency help your business?

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