What is local SEO and how can it help my business?


Many businesses here in Cardiff invest in something that’s called “local SEO”– yet there will still be many businesses that do not know what this form of marketing is.

So, to help you understand what local SEO is, and how it can help your business, we’ve put together this rather helpful article.

So, whether you’re a builder, hairdresser or an accountant here in Cardiff, and you want to obtain more customers, well why not have a look at how local SEO may help your business:

What is local SEO?

Let’s say you run a local business here in Cardiff, and you say a electrician. Now you may want your business to appear on Google for “electricians Cardiff”- and this is where we can help.

It’s not a quick process, by any stretch of the imagination, that’s because local SEO does take time, and that’s because you have to have stronger SEO than your direct competitors, that’s if your business is to rank higher.

So, imagine you have one competitor, this electrician has over 50 staff, and they have been investing in organic and local SEO for say the last 8 years, well, as you would expect to beat that businesses SEO will mean a lot of SEO work is needed.

What is Google My Business?

By setting up a Google My Business account you can optimise your listing, this is so your business can appear in the Google My Business results.

Are business reviews important?

Yes, but they should be genuine, i.e written by real customers, fake business reviews can mean that your business is taken off Google My Business.

What are business citations?

Business citations are mentions of the businesses NAP details.

What does NAP mean?

NAP stands for name of the business, its address and phone number.

Are backlinks important?

Yes, your business here in Cardiff should earn high-quality backlinks that are built in a white hat way.

Can content marketing help to improve my local SEO?

Yes, if it is white hat.

How much does SEO cost?

This will depend on the level of competition that your business faces, so for example lets say you run a dental practice and you want to invest in SEO, well, you will face a lot of competition.

This means that the other dental practices will have strong SEO, so to beat that standard of SEO often a lot of SEO work is needed.

Can we get our business to appear in Cardiff and another city?

Yes, our digital marketing agency can help you to get your business ranked in multiple cities.

How can we obtain a quote?

Please e-mail us or call us for a free SEO quote.