Okay so you run a business here in Cardiff, and you want your business to start obtaining more customers- but what’s the best way to go about this?

That is should you employ your very own marketing consultant? Should you spend more on social media advertising?

Or, should you hire a link building company, an SEO consultant or maybe a website designer?

Well, maybe you will want all of these services, but you don’t want to be dealing with a million and one different businesses, so what’s the solution?

Well that’s to hire a Cardiff digital marketing agency- here’s a bit more about what a digital marketing company can offer:

Website Design

Okay, so let’s say you run a business here in Cardiff that supplies that installs double glazing.

And you have a website for your double glazing business, and its let’s say you’ve had the same website selling UPVC doors and windows for about the last 10 years.

But surely there’s no point in spending more money on a website, surely you could just apply SEO to it and that’s all that’s needed to generate more business and start selling more double glazing, right?

Well, no, often a website will become so old that it may well be difficult to apply SEO and improve the website, and that could be because let’s say you can’t add blog posts, there’s not many pages and also the whole website, well it may just look a bit old.

So, you may well need a Cardiff digital marketing agency, like us to build a brand-new website for your business, say in WordPress.

Social media

Okay, so let’s say your selling a product such as making handmade wood kitchens, so these wood kitchens are made bespoke to your home.

Now, as most people know interior design is a big thing on social media, that’s to say people share pictures of their homes, so let’s say your business starts a social media profile, and you use # hashtags that will help people to find your business.

So for example #farmhousestylekitchen #luxurykitchen and #oakkitchen now someone may well want to obtain a kitchen, that has a farm house style, so as your company makes such kitchens  it may appear.


Perhaps you don’t want to advertise on social media, instead you want your business to be ranked on the first page of Google. So this is where SEO could help.

We are a Cardiff SEO company, so if you would like a quote from us, then why not call us?

Content marketing

Okay, so let’s say you run a business, and that business is a law practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce.

Now, you want people to find your business via Google, so when they are looking for say “divorce lawyers”, your business will appear, yet you also want people to find you on social media as well.

So sometimes some businesses, here in Cardiff, South Wales will ask us to create content marketing.

This content marketing could help to improve the businesses SEO, but it could also be placed on social media, that’s to help draw people to the business.

If your business is based here in Cardiff, and you would like help with improving your websites design, SEO, or perhaps help setting up social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, well why not give us a call?