What does SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) mean?

Most businesses within Cardiff recognise that they need to invest in digital marketing- yet they might not know which type of marketing is best for them.

That is should they be investing in social media advertising, local SEO, organic SEO, content marketing or say link building?

Well, in order to help you make a decision, why not let our Cardiff SEO agency explain what organic SEO means:


What does SEO mean?


Adore online marketing specialise in two forms of SEO, those are organic and local SEO.

So this basically means two things, that is we can help to improve where your business is ranked in Google’s results.

So let’s say you fancy purchasing a brand-new electric bike, and why not? After all, pedalling away, well  that can be hard work.

Let’s say you are looking for an “electric bike retailer in Cardiff”– well, your bound to pick the businesses that’s listed right at the top of Google right?

Yes, course you will, well this is where our Cardiff digital marketing agency can help. How is that?

Well, we can implement SEO every month for your business, we charge a low fee for doing this, and that way we can help to improve where your business ranks.

So let’s say you’re the bicycle shop owner, and we are working for your business, well, we could implement white hat SEO, so that your business here in Cardiff get’s ranked on the first page for:

·        Bicycle repair Cardiff


See how our marketing agency would quickly become an asset to your business?

Yes, but how does this work, how would you get my business onto the first page within Cardiff?

Well, there’s not just one way, in matter of fact there are over 200 different ways- how is that?

So one month we could be building backlinks, making sure your anchor text is optimised in a white hat way. Then the following month we could be rewriting all of your businesses meta titles and meta descriptions.

So every month we could be doing something different, but all in the effort of improving your businesses SEO overall.


Okay so how much does this all cost?

Well, prices do vary, it all depends on your business sector, and how competitive it is- now why is this so?

Well, for example a solicitors practice in Cardiff is bound to have a lot of competition, meaning the businesses competitors are bound to have strong SEO- so for a solicitor to invest in SEO, well this will be more expensive, as the competition is high.

However, lets say you run a business that specialises in offering to install electric charging points on your driveway, for your electric vehicle, well, lets say there’s only 20 odd businesses that do this in the area of Cardiff- well, there’s less competition, meaning our SEO fee will be lower.


Is this an ongoing process?

Yes, organic SEO never really comes to a stop, and that’s because you will have competitors that will also want their business at the top, so your business will always have competitors that are investing in SEO also, and this is why normally SEO investment is needed each month.