What does local SEO even mean and how can it help my business here in Cardiff?


You may well run a business here within Cardiff, South Wales, and you’ve deemed now the right time to invest in online marketing.

But at this moment in time you may well be thinking well, where should I place my marketing budget?

Would it be best spent on social media, organic SEO, or perhaps you need a new website for your business, as your current website may not reflect what your business currently offers?

So, in order to help you make a decision as to what form of advertising you would like to invest in, we asked our SEO consultants here in Cardiff to explain what local SEO means and what our marketing agency can offer you.

What does local SEO even mean?

So, let’s say you run a hairdressing salon, and you specialise in offering hair extensions, it’s just at the moment, business has gone a bit flat.

So, you may have tried social media advertising, yet that hasn’t worked for your business, and one of your customers then recommends you invest in local SEO- but what is that? How can it help your business?

Well local SEO can help to get your business get onto the first page of Google. So say someone is looking for “hairdressers in Cardiff”– well, your business could appear on the first page, if you hire an SEO agency that helps your business to achieve this through implementing white hat SEO.

How much will this cost?

This all depends on how competitive your industry is, so for example let’s say you run an estate agency, well, you are most likely going to face a lot of other businesses that have also been investing in SEO for a very long time, so their SEO for their estate agency’s is likely to be strong.

However, let’s say you run a business that sells a specialist item, so let’s say luxury watches for example, well, it’s going to be much easier in comparison to improve this businesses SEO, and that’s because there may only be say 10 businesses within the whole of Cardiff that sell that brand of watch.

So the SEO agency will have to do less work, so the cost is lower.

So how much our online marketing agency charges will depend on how much competition that your business faces, and how much SEO work is needed every month.

Is the work that your digital marketing agency offers white hat?

Yes, always white hat.

What work will you be offering our business?

Quality white hat SEO, whether that be link building, onsite SEO or offsite SEO.

Can you get our business onto the first page for multiple cities?

Yes we can.

What information do you need in order to offer us a quote?

All we need to know is an e-mail address, and which website requires SEO.