What does “E-E-A-T” mean? Our SEO experts explain all





So does E-E-A-T mean?


Top of the morning to you. Let’s kick this off with a detailed introduction. Ever stumbled upon the abbreviation E-E-A-T when reading various SEO articles? And you might have thought, “Blimey! What’s that all about- it sounds very complicated” But Fret not, we’re about to break it down for you, Eastenders style!



E-E-A-T Explained by our very own SEO experts


So, in a nutshell, all Google’s E-E-A-T means is its simply  Google’s advice on how content marketing should be written. So the abbreviation simply stands for expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness.  


A bit history on E-A-T


Google’s E-A-T had was first published way back in 2014. But hold on! Google tossed in another ‘E’ recently, making it E-E-A-T. That extra ‘E’ is for experience, and it’s about getting real! So, if your reading an SEO article about Google’s EAT, well it might a bit outdated SEO advice, so look an article talking about Google’s E-E-A-T but in 2023, so you can make sure that you are following Google’s latest advice.



So, what does Google’s E-EAT mean exactly?



Show ’em you’re the bee’s knees! So, its possible for marketing company to write an article that either complete and utter waffle, and wastes the readers time, to write something brilliant, something truly useful to the reader. And yes, you got it one, Google wants to have websites on the first page of Google, which are very useful, well written content marketing. This is why Google aka Alphabet released its  E-EAT advice, as it wants businesses to write top quality content marketing, not marketing waffle.

So ot’s about flaunting your know-how through writing top quality, well written content.



Would you trust a fishmonger’s advice on how to fix a problem with your motor? Nah! Of course not, you’re going to want to have a chat to the bloke that knows all about engines, and leave the advice on cod to the fish monger. It’s about getting advice from experts, so the work should be written by someone whose an expert on the subject.  



It’s about quality links.

Like, if a known chef tells you how to make a full English breakfast, you’ll surely listen, your want to listen to his expertise, your not going to want to take cookery lessons from say, an electrician, as he or she is not likely to be an expert making a tasty breakfast.



The Big Question: Why should I care about E-E-A-T?


If your business is say in Cardiff, and you’re a brand new solicitors practice, and you want your business on the first page of Google, well writing quality, really high quality content marketing, that follows Googles E-EAT advice, means that your business can start to climb Google’s ranks, and eventually publish enough good quality advice, your business will end up on page one of Google.

Being top dog in E-E-A-T gives you an edge over your rivals, as they may have gone to a rubbish seo company in Cardiff, who doesn’t write content marketing which is well written, meaning they could actually damaging the businesses seo.



Q: What makes Google’s E-E-A-T so crucial when trying to improve a businesses organic SEO  

A:  , it’s quality that stands out, lets be fair, whether nice pair of jeans, a nice car, or writing a 1,000 blog post, its quality you want.

E-E-A-T is your golden ticket to authenticity and relevance in Google’s eyes. So, if you run a business, no matter if it employs 1 person or 10,0000 are on the payroll, you must publish content marketing which top quality, and follows Googles E-EAT advice.


Q: How do I ensure my companies content marketing exudes authority?

A: Your business needs to secure mentions (semantic SEO) and backlinks from established names in your industry.


Q: Can an SEO agency like Adore Marketing help me achieve top-notch E-E-A-T?

A: Absolutely! We have some of the best SEO consultants in Wales for us, we are not just good at what we do, we are one step ahead of our competitors. We been making sure that our businesses content marketing is top quality well before Google published its EAT advice.

We are one of Wales best and well known SEO agencies, offering fixed price packages starting from just 700 pound month, offering amazing value.


So, what’s this E-E-A-T thing all about then? It stands for:


–            Expertise

–            Experience

–            Authority

–            Trustworthiness