What does anchor text mean?


Anchor text is simply the written text that you click on in order to follow a link.

So let’s say for example that you are about to go skiing, and you are reading an article which is reviewing the best skiing equipment, and you see a pair of skiing goggles that you wish to purchase, you may click the text “skiing goggles”.

This might take you to another website that retails those pair of skiing goggles, therefore you have clicked on the “anchor text” which says “skiing goggles” and followed a backlink to a new website.

Anchor text is an important part of organic SEO, however a lot of marketing agencies incorrectly use anchor text, and sometimes mark-up the words that they wish to improve their SEO for in and excessive way, which can cause a penalty.

For example, let’s say that you run a skip hire company, and that you keep marking-up the text “skip hire” plus the name of the city which you run your skip hire business.

This is poor SEO practice and could lead to a penalty.

What does anchor text mean?

Anchor text is simply therefore the written text that you click on in order to follow a backlink.

How is anchor text used by SEO company?

Anchor text can be used anywhere on your website, for example from the homepage right through to a blog post.

It should be used to help your customers quickly find the product or service that they are looking for.

For example, in a blog post that you have written, you might mention another blog post that you have read that has provided you with statistics which you have quoted in your article.

For example, you might be reviewing the “bestselling electric cars in the UK”, you therefore might include a link to where you found the information about the bestselling electric cars, you might use the anchor text “bestselling electric cars”.

Why should anchor text be diversified?

We strongly recommend that you diversify your anchor text, too many SEO agencies in the past and also at present, make the mistake of using the anchor text for the same words and phrases that they want to improve the company’s SEO for.

This often results in a penalty because it is not white hat SEO.

Instead you should mark the words and phrases which will help your customers to find the product or services that they want, or simply helps the reader to know what the link is about.

How anchor text can be used in your content marketing

The anchor text should therefore be used the content marketing in a natural way, for example if you were talking about candles made using natural ingredients, and you mention “beeswax candles”, then you might want to use the anchor text “beeswax candles”.

This will obviously help the reader to know that the link will take them to a website or a page that talks about beeswax candles.

How anchor text can be used in your evergreen content marketing

You might also wish to use anchor text within your evergreen content marketing.


Help your customers

Anchor text can help your customers to find products much easier, for example let’s say that you sell clothing online, and you are stating the latest winter fashions in a blog post your copywriters have just written.

You may therefore talk about a “winter jacket”, and then use anchor text to link to the page which sells that winter jacket, so if the customer wishes to, they then can purchase that winter jacket straightaway.

This can help to reduce a business’s “bounce rate”

You may use on the product page anchor text to suggest other products that the customer may wish to purchase.

For example, if the customer is looking at coffee machines, you may wish to suggest “coffee beans” or you may wish to suggest a range of “coffee cups” for the customer to also purchase, therefore you might use the anchor text “coffee beans” and “coffee cups”.

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