What are the benefits of having an seo audits carried out?



You might have visited a marketing company’s website, and on the home page they might offer to carry out an search engine optimisation audit, sometimes even free of charge.

However, what is an SEO audit?

Well, this article will provide you with some ideas about what an SEO audit is, why sometimes these reports can vary massively between which company creates the, and why an search engine optimisation audit can be extremely useful to some businesses which are looking to improve their organic search engine optimisation.




What Is an SEO Audit?

There are quite literally thousands of businesses that offer various search engine optimisation audits, that’s to say there are many websites which offer to carry out a website audit.

Some reports can be rather basic, and not offer much information at all, however there are leading search engine optimisation tools, which can be used, to carry out an in-depth search engine optimisation audits, which can be extremely useful and help guide the marketing strategy.


Do you want to improve your site’s organic performance on search engines like Google or Yahoo?

If you are reading this blog post, then it’s likely that you going to want to improve your organic performance on search engines such as Google, so you’re going to need various search engine optimisation  tools to help you to do this.

If you’re planning on carrying out the work yourself, then you can simply purchase the SEO tools yourself, however a lot of people go to agency, which usually SEO tools, then passed the reports to an experienced SEO expert, who use them to help create a marketing strategy for your business.


Search Engine Algorithms  

it’s important to note, that if you are going to start improving your businesses search engine optimisation, that is the algorithms now will only move a business at the ranks, if the work is absolutely top-quality work.

So, what we mean by this is, whether you’re doing the work yourself, perhaps from your home, or perhaps your hiring one of the best agencies in London, to complete the work, regardless of who is completing the work it must be top quality, white hat.


  Rank higher on Google.

Of course, if you are looking to improve your businesses organic search engine optimisation you’re going to want to rank higher on Google.

However what we would say to you, is this, before you invest a single pound into improving your businesses organic search engine optimisation, you must realise that this is a very slow process, this means that you could implement work today, yet you might not see the benefit in terms of your businesses ranking is improving until three months later, therefore it is a very slow process, and you most definitely need to have the marketing budget to pay an agency over the long term to see any results.

This makes this form of marketing unsuitable for some businesses, because they may not have let’s say £2000 a month to spend on digital marketing, however you do need a good marketing budget, and you do need to paint for a sustained period of time before you can start to see any real results.


What Is Included in an SEO Audit?

It really does depend on which agency you contact; some might provide you with a rather basic report, however some others might present you with a document that is over 70 pages, and really goes in depth on how good your businesses search engine optimisation is.


On-page analysis

At our  search engine optimisation agency, one of the first things we do is carry out an on page analysis, to see if we can improve the on page SEO. Perhaps new pages need to be added, perhaps the page can’t get indexed, because of a new index tab left on, so you could fix this. Perhaps the website doesn’t work that well on mobile, because you don’t have a responsive design, perhaps you haven’t got any meta title perhaps you have no internal links, perhaps the main menu needs to be redesigned, perhaps each page is content thing and needs to be rewritten.

As you can see there is a lot of work that our SEO consultants need to do, yet you can use an search engine optimisation report to help see where the weaknesses are with your website SEO and where you could improve it


Off-page analysis.  

Perhaps, you have no backlinks, and the SEO report highlights this, then our SEO consultants can start building backlinks for you.


Technical Audit 

Perhaps your website can’t be crawled and indexed by the search engines, perhaps this is something as simple as no index tab left on your WordPress website, this would obviously need to be fixed before we start to improve your organic search engine optimisation.


 Mobile friendliness

It’s important that your company website works on smartphones as well as tablets, yet, with that said we also need to go a step further, make sure that the web design on both mobile and desktop works well, if there are any problems with the design, these will need to be fixed and certain elements might need to be redesigned such as the main menu.


Page load speed

If your company website is slow, then this could mean that it’s costing you sales, because shoppers might go elsewhere, so the website needs to be fast.


Mobile Friendliness

We can run tests, so we could see if your website is mobile friendly or not.



Your company website should work well on both android and iPhone devices.


Page Load Speed


 We can use various  search engine optimisation tools to see how fast your company website is.


The Benefits of an SEO Audit

There are many benefits to carrying out an SEO audits, and our search engine optimisation  audits start from just £250, so why not give us a ring so we can start the process of carrying out an SEO it on your website.





On-Page search engine optimisation



An SEO audit should also look at which keywords are important to your business, for example keywords for our business would be online marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, these are the type of keywords that we need to optimise our site for.


Site maps

Your web developer should have added a site map to make sure that every blog post and every page can be crawled and indexed.


Keyword research  

Our search engine optimisation consultants will need to carry out keyword research, the see which keywords we need to optimise your website for.



Off-Page search engine optimisation

Our company will also need to improve your off page SEO as well.



We will need to build do follow backlinks for your business. As well as no follow backlinks as well as business citations as well

It’s important to note that all of the backlinks, should always be built in a white hat way.


Google Search Console.  

We would highly recommend setting up a Google Search Console.  Account, it’s super simple to do and should only take a few minutes, however it will supply you with valuable information in terms of where your business ranks for certain keywords, for example an SEO company, will obviously monitor where they rank for SEO company plus the name of the city which they are located such as London, they will use Google Search Console to see where the business ranks so that they can monitor whether the search engine optimisation is improving

SEO expert  

if you are looking for an search engine optimisation expert, within Cardiff, then why not call us, we have SEO consultants that have over 10 years experience

 SEO strategy


 If you would like us to create an SEO strategy for your business then why not call us, our prices start from just £250 per report.



07/01/2023 Ryan Christopher Walsh

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