What are “long tail keywords” and why are they an SEO game-changer?



Long tail keywords

You’ve probably heard a bit about long-tail keywords when reading about how to improve your SEO on websites such as Moz?
Long tail keywords are like the unsung heroes of SEO – not always in the spotlight, but they pack a hefty punch.


Why long tail keywords are absolute gold for your business



Picture this just for a second, you’re running a nifty little shop in the heart of the Cardiff’s city, centre? And you want folks to find you, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry, but the ones who are really looking for what you’ve got to offer- that are ready to make a purchase. That’s where long tail keywords come into play. These are the search terms that are longer than your usual two-word phrases, often ringing in at three words or more. And the best part? They’re usually the customers that know what they want, and may well be ready to buy?
For example, someone searching for an exact model of Sony television, there likely to know what they want to buy and may well be ready to make a purchase.


What are long tail keywords, Anyway?

Think of long-tail keywords as the key to unlocking a treasure trove of the right kind of organic traffic for your website. They’re the more specific, more targeted phrases that folks use when they’re pretty sure about what they’re after.
Like, if you’re in the business of selling handmade, eco-friendly socks made from bamboo fibres, you’re not just looking for “socks” – you’re after “handmade eco-friendly bamboo socks”, see?

The big three: why long tail keywords are a must if you want to improve your companies organic SEO



Let’s face it, when folks are searching online for socks, televisions, or a wood-burning stove! They’re not just typing one word in Google, they might be, but it’s more likely they are writing more detail, such as “wood burning stoves made by Aga”. They’re asking full-on questions or typing in detailed phrases.


Less Competition

With long tail keywords, you’re not jostling for space in an overcrowded market.


Conversion rates

It’s simple – the more specific the search term, such as “diamond rings, made using white gold, for sale in Cardiff”- the more likely you are to obtain customers who are looking for exactly what you’re offering.


Quality over quantity

It boils down to this: would you rather have a bunch of window shoppers or a handful of serious buyers coming to your website. If it’s the latter, then long-tail keywords are your best mates.

Ready to start optimising your company website for long-tail keywords

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Long tail keywords can be your ticket to SEO success

In conclusion, if you’re not using long-tail keywords as part of your SEO strategy, you could be missing out on a massive opportunity to drive targeted, high-quality organic traffic to your site.
It’s not just about being found; it’s about being found by the right people.



In this section, let’s delve into some common questions and provide detailed, expert answers about long-tail keywords, their importance in organic SEO, and how businesses can effectively incorporate them into their digital marketing strategies.