As a business you may have noticed that your company is not listed on the first page of Google. And that your direct competitors may well therefore benefiting from their business being ranked on the first page.

So as a business you may have decided that now’s the time to invest in SEO, which is short for search engine optimisation.

Yet, this is where some businesses can quickly get confused by the amount of marketing jargon that some digital marketing agencies here within Cardiff can use to describe SEO.

That’s to say some marketing agencies may state the business needs business citations, some may say the business needs content marketing and some businesses may require link building.

When in matter of fact we think this, that is what ever type of business that you run here within Cardiff, normally if your business is investing in organic SEO, well it will need multiple different types of SEO.

This is why we offer fixed cost packages which combine the different SEO elements that your business requires.

Why are backlinks important?

Yes, if a business is ranked on the first page of Google, this is normally because it has good quality backlinks.

So let’s say you’re a company based here within Cardiff, and you sell prestige cars, now there might well be say 20 different car dealerships that also retails the same prestige cars as your company, yet you know that to stand out, well your business should be ranked at the top of Google.

So lets say a brand of car is a good seller for your business, so you want when anyone is searching for that brand of Car in Cardiff, you will want your business to appear at the top.

And how would a digital marketing agency, like us, help you to make this happen? Well that’s simple we would start to build high-quality backlinks.

Yet its normally no good just having say one or two good quality backlinks, no your business may need a couple of hundred good quality backlinks.

Why must an SEO company only build high quality backlinks?

Because if your business, or SEO company builds low-quality backlinks, your business could incur a penalty.

What does “link juice” and “link equity” mean?

Good quality backlinks pass link juice, or as some SEO agencies call it link equity- this is what sends a positive signal that the link is high-quality, which can help to enhance your businesses SEO.

However, remember your business should only be building good quality backlinks.

So how do you build backlinks?

There are many different methods, yet your business should only invest in high-quality, white hat seo.

Can you build backlinks for my business?

Yes, we have SEO consultants that can build backlinks for you, our SEO company has marketing experts that have over 10 years worth of marketing experience.

But how many backlinks does my business need?

This will depend on your competitors, so for example, lets say you run a marketing agency here in Cardiff, and all your main competitors have say over 100 good quality backlinks, then your business will need more good quality backlinks.

Which SEO Cardiff company should we choose?

We can offer affordable prices, and we have some of most experienced SEO consultants working for us in Cardiff.

Google Penguin

You must build backlinks the right way, otherwise a business could incur a Google Penguin penalty.

Must be quality

All backlinks must be quality.