We explain why it’s important that your company’s WordPress site loads quickly





Blimey! So you’ve got a WordPress site, eh? Splendid choice. Here at this marketing agency, the vast majority of our clients use WordPress, we also highly recommend WordPress we think it’s the bees knees.

But hang on a tick – what if your company’s WordPress website is a bit slow, is it lagging more than a queue at the chippy on a Friday night? Let’s delve into why that’s happening and how to give it the beans and some rocket fuel to really improve your businesses organic SEO.

The need for speed


Why speed’s the Bee’s Knees

We’re in the age of lightning-quick tea-making machines and instant pudding, and no one’s got the patience to wait for a dawdling webpage. So, what we mean by this is, let’s say that you run an e-commerce business here in Wales, let’s say that you sell running trainers, if somebody is on the train station saying Cardiff Central, they will abide ourselves a nice fancy pair of trainers, well, if your website is a bit slow, let’s say takes over three seconds to load, well your business is likely to have a sky-high bounce rate. Hop off the snail’s pace and onto the express train because:


 Impatient Folks Everywhere: Modern-day folks would rather spill their tea than wait for a slow website. So what we mean by this is, if your website is slow, and people can’t find the products that they want quickly, and they are likely to go on to a competitor’s website and by their products there, so, your digital marketing agency, needs to make your website superfast, this can help to improve your businesses search engine optimisation, plus it will reduce the bounce rate, helping to keep your shoppers on your website for longer, and your website might move up the ranks.





Is your company website slow?

Pictures might paint a thousand words, but they’re notorious for hogging space. So what we mean by that is, let’s say you sell running trainers, you have let’s say 40 different trainers on your homepage, these might slow the load time down, which might negatively affect your businesses search engine optimisation.



Website hosting

A top recommendation that we can offer you to help improve your businesses search engine optimisation, is don’t go for the cheapest hosting option. In matter of fact if your business can afford it, fork out for the fastest most reliable and best website hosting that you can afford. Because it can make a massive difference in terms of improving your businesses search engine optimisation.


Do make sure that all your plugins are kept up-to-date

So what we would recommend is that you pay your digital marketing agency a bit more money every single month to make sure that they make monthly or weekly or even daily backups of your website, and to also on top of that keep the plug-ins up-to-date.




Well, there you have it, mate. From optimizing your pics to picking the right hosting company, we would highly recommend A2 hosting, making your WordPress site sprint like Mo Farah. So, pull up your socks, give these tips a whirl, and watch your site soar!



FAQs: All you ever wanted to know and then some


Why’s site speed so crucial?

 It’s about keeping those visitors/shoppers happy and also impressing the big guns like Google. So what we mean by that is, by the Best website hosting that your business can afford, yes this might be say 10 times more expensive than the cheapest option, but, it’s well worth it because really fast website hosting can really improve your businesses search engine optimisation.


I’ve heard about image optimization. Is it really a game-changer?

Yes, most definitely, for a lot of the Welsh businesses that we work with, we always advise them to make their company website as fast as possible. Therefore, having say a video slider on the home page, this might look good, we can actually slow down the whole loading of the homepage, which can negatively affect sometimes the businesses search engine optimisation


How often should I update WordPress and plugins?

 As often as you’d change your socks, ideally. We would recommend as often as possible, and to also pay your search engine optimisation company, to regularly back the website up as well.


 Is caching complex?

 It might sound like rocket science, but with the right plugin, it’s as easy as pie.


How do I know if my hosting is the culprit?

Monitor your site’s performance. There are quality tools such as GT metrics, so if your company website is slower than a tortoise in treacle, consider switching your hosting company.