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SEO Audit Services


What is an SEO audit?


What’s this SEO audit all about, then? Picture this: it’s like taking your motor to the mechanic for a full diagnostic or the yearly MOT. It gets under the bonnet of your website, testing the bits and bobs to ensure its running smoother than a Rolls Royce on the M1! So our SEO consultants would need  to analyse the businesses backlinks, technical seo and content marketing.


The benefit of carrying out an SEO Audit  


An SEO audit simply looks for the strength and weaknesses in regards to your companies seo, the areas of weakness could be for example, that an SEO tool spots that some of the text is duplicated text, which has triggered a Google Panda penalty, which will need to be corrected by the SEO agency.


1.  SEO weaknesses


From the nitty-gritty of broken links, such as having a lot of 404 page errors, to the more elusive duplicate content which could be causing an algorithmic penalty, an SEO audit will sniff out these rascals quicker than a Beagle on the scent.


2. A User’s Journey,  the UX


Your website should be a stroll through Hyde Park, not a tangle in the London Tube during rush hour. So what do we even mean by that? Well, its no longer a matter of just getting your business into say the top 3 results on Google or Bing anymore. The seo company must also improve the businesses UX, and make sure they are keeping the bounce rate as low as possible.


3. Keywords:


An seo audit’s should highlight which keywords you ranking the highest for on Google.


Into the Depths: The Nuts and Bolts of SEO Audit Services


 Website Analysis


First up, we will have one of our highly experienced seo consultants analyse your site’s current standing and see how strong the seo is. It’s all about understanding the lay of the land before writing a marketing strategy.


Keeping an eye on the competition: Competitor Benchmarking


Ever fancy a peek at what the Joneses are up to? An SEO audit has you covered-a good seo audit should bench mark your businesses seo, against your competitors, for example a comparision of how many quality backlinks they have compared to yours.


The keyword quest: Research and Analysis


Finding the right keywords is like a quest for Excalibur. An SEO audit will be your Merlin, guiding you to as to which words and phrases your seo agency should be optimising the website for.


Technical SEO


Crawlability, indexability – if your company website cants be crawled, then this means it will never appear in Google’s organic results.


On-Page Elements:  


Here’s where we polish the brass – meta tags, to see if the content marketing is high quality and well written, the works. It’s about making each page shine like the crown jewels.




An SEO audit doesn’t stop at the drawbridge. It assesses the digital landscape as a whole, looking at backlinks and social signals- well a good seo audit should at least. It’s your round table of digital knights, ready to defend your domain’s honour.


The Ongoing Chronicles of SEO Success


An SEO audit isn’t a one-and-done affair- you need a quality seo tool, to continue to monitor how the seo is improving.