Unravelling the Google BERT update: Why this was such a Mammoth Google Algorithm Update and how it changed SEO

We explain how the BERT update changed SEO, Google’s biggest algorithm update in years. Find out how it’s revolutionising search and what it means for your SEO game.


The Big fuss About BERT: Oi, Google! What’s All This Then?



Alright, mate? Grab a cuppa and get comfy cause we’re diving deep into a really important Google update, that was rolled out and changed how many seo agencies implemented their SEO.  

So have you ever heard of this thing called BERT update rolled out by Google’s Alphabet?. It’s Google’s shiny new tool, and trust me, it’s a game changer.


How did the Google BERT update change SEO


BERT isn’t just a fancy name. It simply stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” (right mouthful, innit?). Imagine it as this smart little helper for search engines to grasp the gist of our wacky English language.

BERT’s a research paper, an open-source project, and a natural language processing tool all rolled into one.

Google’s Bert was trained on loads of English words, like the whole English Wikipedia, which is about 2500 million words!

Other big players like Facebook are in the BERT game too with their version called RoBERTa.


So why should your SEO agency know about the Google BERT update?


So why is the BERT update so important?

Well the Bert update helps Google get our jibber-jabber. Like, for example using slang language, which us humans know what it means, but now so do Google’s algorithms. So the Google BERT update simply connects the dots, spotting links between words that might seem unrelated.

Such as “get on the dog and bone” is that about getting a dog and bone, not really is cockney rhyming slang for get on the phone! And Google now knows what this means, partly thanks to Google’s Bert update.


So how did Google’s BERT update change SEO?




  •     Voice search? BERT’s nailing it.
  •     International SEO? BERT’s multi-linguistic skills are on point2.
  •     Better traffic quality results, because Google gets what shoppers are really after.



What our SEO experts think


Look, SEO’s always evolving, every day, week and month Google rolls out a new update, yet, with that said, this one is important. . Remember, it isn’t just about algorithms or fancy marketing jargon. It’s about understanding people and giving the shopper what they want. So keep your ear to the ground, and if you listen to the questions your customers are asking, and your company in Cardiff, is answering those questions better than your competitors, you will rank more highly on Google.

F.A.Q Section:


Q: What exactly is BERT?

A: BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It’s Google’s way to better understand our language, especially the nuances and contexts.


Q: Has BERT impacted all searches?

A: No, but it’s impacted a good chunk, and your seo company definitely needs to understand why this was such an important Google update, especially voice searches and complex queries.


Q: Is it only Google that uses BERT?

A:   Big players like Facebook have their own version called RoBERTa.


Q: How does BERT understand context?

A: BERT looks at the entire sentence instead of just word-by-word, so it gets the bigger picture.