Unlocking the Power of Backlinks: why backlinks are still an important part of SEO


Are you unsure whether you should be building backlinks for your business? Well this guide will explain whether in 2023, it’s still worth building quality backlinks or not. Dive into this comical yet comprehensive guide, filled with facts and figures to understand the secret sauce of organic SEO.


What are backlinks?

Well they’re a bit like a more than a digital thumbs up. You know on Facebook, when you get likes, from your friends or your family because they like a photo you have posted, but this is the same with a company website, however instead of likes on Facebook, you might get quality backlinks.
Let’s explore the world of backlinks in the language of the everyday shall understand, shall we? You’ll


Understanding Backlinks:

What’s All the Fuss About Backlinks?

Backlinks (inbound links to the initiated) are like a handshake from one website to another.


Here’s some vital statistics for you:

93% of online experiences begin with search engines.
75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
Backlinks can boost your organic search ranking by a whopping 50%.


Why are backlinks like finding the perfect garage?

Imagine you’re on the prowl for a new car garage. You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your pride and joy, that is your wheels, would you? Backlinks are therefore like a friendly recommendation from the mates at the pub. For example, if your friend, down the pub says you want to try this local garage, the new more likely to go and drive there and asked them for a quote. For this is the same as a website like the BBC, offering a link to another website, such as a new artificial intelligence, let’s just been published, you’re likely to want to know what that AI tool is, and are likely to trust the information you read on the BBC. This again the backlinks from the BBC helps you to gain more visitors, plus the backlinks is helping to improve your businesses search engine optimisation


Building and earning links: The Nitty-Gritty

Not all links are created equal

.. One top-notch link can outshine ten dodgy ones, easy. Your link profile should be like a fine English garden – diverse, robust, and blooming with quality.

Some fascinating facts:

  • A study by Ahrefs found more backlinks mean more organic traffic.
  • Google’s own Gary Ilyes confirmed links are crucial in 2017.
  • Creating a good link needs as much attention as brewing a cuppa.

Links and E-A-T

Backlinks send the message that your business is approved by other businesses, for example if 100 quality businesses link to your website, then this can massively improve your businesses search engine optimisation, because you have so many quality backlinks. They bolster your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), ensuring Google sees you as the real deal. Relevance matters too. It’s like getting a shout-out from Gordon Ramsay if you run a restaurant.

Communicating the Importance of Links

Why Links so Important ?



We’ve covered the basics, the nitty-gritty, and even dipped our toes into the mysterious world of E-A-T (and I’m not talking about the sandwich shop).

Backlinks are the cornerstone of improving a businesses search engine optimisation. They’re more than a virtual nod of approval; they’re the lifeblood of organic SEO. They’re the recommendations that guide Google and other search engines to recognize your site as a trusted authority. For example, if you have backlinks from quality websites such as BBC, the Guardian, Bloomberg News, then this will massively help to improve your businesses organic SEO

So, raise a virtual pint to the fascinating world of backlinks. May your website flourish, your rankings soar

F.A.Q Section 

Q: What on earth are backlinks?

A: Think of ’em as thumbs up, just like on Facebook, when you get thumbs up, because somebody likes one of your Facebook photos this is the same for backlinks for your website. Other businesses may link to your business, which is a bit like a like on Facebook, yet backlinks can help to improve your businesses organic SEO .

Q: Why should I care about backlinks?

A: Because, Google does! It’s like a popularity contest. More quality backlinks, the more your organic SEO will improve

Q: Are all links the same?

A: no. Some links are worth their weight in gold, not literally but you get the point because there, top-notch. Others backlinks can actually be low quality, and actually damage your businesses organic SEO.

Q: What’s this E-A-T malarkey?

A: It’s not a sandwich, I’ll tell you that! It’s about showing Google you’re an expert. Like the chatty cabbie with all the best routes. Dive into E-A-T here.

Q: Can I eat fish ‘n’ chips while building links?

A: Absolutely, just mind the grease on the keyboard! But seriously, if you fancy learning more about the connection between cuisine and links, find it here.