Things that you should think about when choosing an SEO agency

There are now so many marketing companies in Wales to choose from.

Some are branded as “digital marketing agencies”– which often means that they can offer a wide range of different services, ranging from web design, through to local seo.

However, with that said, more and more businesses are noticing that they need a specialist seo agency, like us.

Sometimes a business will choose a marketing agency that specialises in their industry, so for example, if you run a solicitor’s practice, then there are marketing agencies that just work with solicitors.

However, if you are looking for an marketing business that works with a wide range of different businesses, then how do you go about choosing which agency to use?

After all here in Cardiff there are so many to choose from, so it doesn’t matter if your business is based by Roath Park, or say Cardiff Castle, you are bound to find a local company that’s just a stone’s throw from where your business is.

Yet, we would always say the number one consideration is to work with a white hat company, and to make sure the work is of a very high-quality.

So, for example, let’s say you run an online business that sells men’s clothing, you will want to invest in quality SEO that will improve your business for a range of products, such as t-shirts, men’s trousers and shoes for example.

And your business should therefore partner with a white hat and respected marketing agency, like us. That’s to say one that will use white hat methods to improve your company’s organic rankings.


That’s to say the work must be white hat, that’s so the algorithm will deem the work as high-quality


This means that for a clothing retailer, often the business will want national SEO, which means that the business normally has to build high-quality backlinks.

And this is an area that so many marketing businesses get wrong, that’s to say they do not build quality backlinks, they sometimes build low-quality backlinks.

This can mean that the business incurs say a Google Penguin penalty. And often the business will not know about penalties until the website has been hit by one, so this is why you need to choose your next SEO business carefully.

#1 So, you have to make sure the work is white hat

You must ensure that your business only invests in high-quality white hat seo.

#2 Will the cost be affordable over the long-term?

There’s no point in opting for the most expensive quote, from the most expensive marketing company, that’s if the business cannot afford the SEO over the longer term.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a construction business here in Wales, and you specialise in building commercial buildings, such as offices and shops, as well as restaurants.

Now sometimes a business will make a presumption that if they invest in SEO, that sales will increase straightaway.

This is often not the case- that’s because organic SEO takes a long time normally to improve where the company ranks.

Now you may well be wondering well, why does it take a long time for organic SEO to work?

Well, its often due to the fact that your direct competitors, so for example all the other commercial construction companies, they may have been investing in SEO long before your business, so to catch up often requires quite a long time.

#3 Do you feel that you can work with the agency?

If the marketing agency does not answer e-mails quickly, or call you back then this is when many businesses switch SEO company’s. A good SEO company should send you regular updates and SEO reports.

#4 Are you obtaining SEO reports?

You should obtain regular SEO reports, we always say that these reports should detail:

·        Number of visitors

·        Bounce rate

·        Are you improving for your businesses chosen keywords?

·        So, for example, if you run a plumbing business, you may want to improve where you rank for “plumber + name of city”.

How we can help:

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