The grand game of Content Marketing: why your business needs pillar content marketing

Intro: Just A Spot of Tea & Content Marketing Talk, Eh?

Alright, why not stick the kettle on, and let us explain why pillar content is so important to improving your businesses organic search engine optimisation.
Let’s have a natter about the world of content marketing.. Ready for some stats, gags, and, of course, a proper understanding of pillar content? Buckle up!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is what businesses ranging from sole traders through to huge plc businesses use to improve their organic search engine optimisation.

Unravelling the Mystery: What’s This Pillar Content Then?

Ever heard of the cornerstone or, better yet, the full English breakfast of your content marketing? Quite simply put, businesses all over Cardiff, published blog post every single week, but if it’s not that good quality it will really help to improve your businesses organic search engine optimisation.

It’s a bit like entering a group of cars that all have a 2 L petrol engine into a race, they’re all going to do pretty much the same, because they’re the same size engine.

However if you add a really the engine into the race, the has a 6 L engine, that’s twin turbo very powerful, while this is simply good overtake the competition, and is the driver will be looking at the rest of the competition in their rearview mirror.
This is the same for really good quality evergreen pillar content marketing, which is taking many months to create because it brilliant quality.

This is simply colour be much better to improve your businesses search engine optimisation and just publishing rubbish bog standard blog post every single week.

That’s pillar content for you. It’s a meaty, long-form content piece, centered on a theme that you can use to really improve your businesses local and organic search engine optimisation.


Imagine pillar content marketing as the Queen’s Guard, standing tall. From it, we can derive:

Entertaining infographics: so content marketing hasn’t just be about just words, often digital marketing agencies will create infographics that they embed into the blog post as well.

We work with many of our clients within Cardiff, South Wales that want to embed a YouTube video within the blog post, so that this increases the amount of time keeps a shopper on that page.

This can help to decrease the bounce rate which again can help to improve the businesses organic search engine optimisation.

Social media shoutouts.

Blog musings, both guest and in-house.

Engaging webinars.

Alluring landing pages.

And eBooks, for those who fancy a long read.

Why Bother with pillar content? It takes a huge amount of effort right?

SEO Becomes Your Best Mate: Google loves it, and so will your rankings.

So, it’s not just about writing content every single week, because if that content marketing is in good quality, they will actually damage your businesses search engine optimisation.

We work with a huge range of different businesses here in Wales, we really help those businesses to improve the number of sales that they generate, one of the ways we do this is publishing evergreen content marketing, that is top quality evergreen content marketing.

This can help to improve the number of sales that the business generates

Marrying SEO & pillar content for success

Just as fish and chips are inseparable, so are pillar content and SEO, if you really want to get your business onto the first page of Google, then you’re going to need evergreen content marketing. Google appreciates businesses that serve fresh, quality content marketing to their audience. If this is really well written, really useful and follows Google Webmaster guidelines, then this can start to help to move any business at the ranks.


Why need to be patient

Yet be aware, that when it comes to search engine optimisation things don’t happen quickly.
So, for example, three people within your marketing team, might spend over a month writing a white paper, it as infographics it has 10,000 words of text, and also has a lot of facts and statistics, is really well written and it useful.

So, your marketing team might be disappointed if they publish it on a Friday, and by Monday they’re expecting the organic search engine optimisation to have improved. It simply doesn’t work like this, you need to publish many pieces of good-quality content marketing, and this can take months and months and months and months’ worth of work before you start to see results. So, you do need to be patient.


 Future-Proofing Your Strategy

Like a well-oiled machine or a perfectly brewed cuppa, pillar can help to improve your organic search engine optimisation over the long run, however from our experience, as a highly experienced marketing agency, what we would say is that it takes many pieces of top-quality content marketing, before you start to see your businesses search engine optimisation improve.

Yet if the work receives, a lot of organic visitors, for example let’s say you publish a piece of evergreen content marketing, you might receive over 10,000 visitors per month, if this happens every month then this can help to drastically improve your businesses organic search engine optimisation.

Our agency has some of the most highly experienced seo consultants in the whole of Wales, and we have experience of writing really good quality content marketing, which can help to improve your businesses search engine optimisation.