The art of constructing your brand: weaving a tapestry of brand values & identity


So, your seo company has worked their magic, they’ve got your business onto the first page of Google- but is this enough today? Well we would say no, that’s because your business needs to have a well-designed website, and distinctive branding.

For example, let’s say somebody is about to go through a divorce, they might not contact the divorce solicitor straightaway. They might go on a website, read some advice, and then come back to it a month later to contact the business. But what if the business is not memorable?

This is why you need to hire a digital marketing agency, which makes your branding memorable, which makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Whether this is a distinctive logo, use of distinctive colours or just simply a well-designed website, you want your shoppers to come back to your business not contact a competitor.

It can be argued, for example in some business sectors, that the website can all look rather similar and a bit generic.

For example, let’s say somebody going through a divorce, is presented with 10 divorce solicitor website, sometimes they can all look a bit generic, and therefore the shopper might forget which business they obtained good advice from when reading their blog posts, their main pages or let’s say if they watched a YouTube video.

So you want a digital marketing agency, like ours, to create brand guidelines, so your brand stands out, so that if somebody wanted to return to your company website, they know instantly that’s a business that they have visited before. You also want good branding, so your company stands out from the crowd.

We’ve help many businesses within Cardiff South Wales to improve their branding, digital marketing and their PPC.



Mate! You’ve landed on the perfect article for you if you’ve been scratching your head and wondering, “How the heck do I build a strong brand with a distinct identity?” or “What in the world are brand values?” Well, fret no more, because we’re about to get all Sherlock on these mysteries.

Our article is like a secret map of the brand-building world, yeah? Let me break it down for you.

You know how every superhero has a vision, right? Superman wants to keep the world safe from nasty extraterrestrials, Batman dreams of a Gotham without crime, and Spiderman… well, he just wants a life less complicated. Your brand needs a vision too – a sparkly, forward-looking statement that will get you all pumped up and ready to take over the world. But unlike a superhero, your vision doesn’t have to save the world – it just has to give you a purpose.

Now, we’ve got this thing called Unique Selling Points, or USPs if you fancy a bit of abbreviation. These are the cherries on top of your brand’s cake – the things that make your brand stand out in a crowd. Like wearing a neon tutu to a black-tie event. It’s about figuring out what makes your brand truly special, like discovering your secret superpower.

Then, we’ll dive into the magical world of the “brand essence”. Sounds like a posh perfume, innit? But it’s not. It’s actually one word, just one, that sums up your brand. Like how “speedy” would describe the Flash or “green” for the Hulk.

We’ll also be crafting a mission statement for your brand – think of it as your brand’s war cry or rally chant. It’s what your brand is all about, here and now. It’s like your brand’s ID card – proof that you’re legit.

And finally, we’ll talk about understanding your target audience. This bit’s a proper chinwag where you get to know who you’re speaking to. Like a blind date, but with less awkward silence and more marketing insights. It’s about creating top-notch content that your audience will absolutely love, like handing out free ice creams on a hot summer day.

So, strap in, and let’s go for a right proper spin in the world of brand-building, shall we? And remember, not a single snigger if you find a joke about a brand with an identity crisis.



Learn the essentials of building a robust brand with distinctive values and identity.
Grasp the importance of a clear vision statement, articulating future aims for your brand.
Dive into how to establish your brand’s unique selling points (USPs) that differentiate you from your competitors.
Understand the process of finding the core essence of your brand encapsulated in a single word.
Explore the significance of a compelling mission statement that sums up your company’s direction and goals.
Uncover the methods to identify your brand’s target audience effectively and how to create content that resonates with them.
Discover the importance of brand voice and how it adds character and trust to your brand.
Learn how to utilise your brand voice on your website and social media, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.
Delve into the crucial role of social media in customer engagement and aligning your brand messaging.
Figure out how to create brand content guidelines to maintain uniformity in grammar, language, tone, and intent.

Stroll with me as we tour the architectural wonder that is your brand. Brand values are the cornerstone of your corporate success, turning heads in the marketplace, drawing your dream customer like a moth to a flame, and crafting a reputation that’s as tough as nails.

  • The defining points of your brand
    Crafting a vision statement
    Identifying your unique selling propositions (USPs)
    Determining your brand essence
    Developing your mission statement
    Understanding your brand’s audience
    Establishing your brand’s tone of voice
    Developing brand content guidelines

The heart of our work hinges on understanding your brand to roll out top-notch digital marketing campaigns. As we embark on new ventures, we gather intel on our clients’ businesses and the brands we’ll be promoting like spies on a mission. When the brand’s robust, it’s a smashing success!


Cracking the Code of your brand values

Creating a Riveting Brand Value Vision Statement

Your vision statement paints a tantalising picture of your brand’s future. Tailor it to be as clear and concise as a London cabbie giving directions, laying out your overarching goals. Think of it as a time capsule message to your future self, not a reflection of the present.

It’s your brand’s springboard, infusing inspiration and drive like a cup of strong English tea, all condensed into a single, impactful line. Some prompts to get the wheels turning:

What’s the future looking like for your brand?
How does your brand plan on reaching those goals?
What’s the timeline for your brand to hit the mark?

Unleashing your business’s USPs

USPs are the secret sauce that set your brand apart from the crowd. Mull over what makes your company a rare breed. A one-of-a-kind service? A work ethos that’s quirkier than a vintage shop in Camden? Strive to nail down three definitive USPs.


Your brand essence: The soul of your brand

This golden nugget of a word will act as your brand’s North Star, guiding your content both in writing and visuals. If your brand were a person, what one word would you use to describe their character?


A Mission Statement: Not just another marketing buzzword

A solid mission statement gives structure and direction like the spine of a good novel. In essence, it articulates the raison d’etre of your company and concisely summarises your firm’s path and objectives. It’s your roadmap, with regular updates to match your evolving company and industry trends.

Crafting a mission statement can feel like fitting a round peg in a square hole. But don’t fret, these five questions can serve as your guiding light:

  • What’s the nature of your company’s operations?
    How do you do it?
    Why do you do it?
    Whom do you do it for?
    What value do you bring to your customer/industry?

Understand Your Brand’s Target Audience

Creating stellar content is only half the battle. You must know your audience, like a seasoned comedian knows their crowd. Here are a few key questions to help you:

Who benefits from my product/company/service?
Who are my competitors?
Who are my current customers?

If you can, conduct polls or surveys. It’s like a treasure map guiding you to what matters most to your audience. Once you have a vague idea of your target audience, conduct another poll to refine your understanding.

To get started, give YouGov Profiles a whirl. This handy tool allows you to search for a brand, person, or thing and define an audience segment based on population profiling. It’s like having your personal profiling Sherlock Holmes.


Establishing your brand’s tone of voice

The tone of voice is more about the ‘how’ than the ‘what’. It differentiates you from competitors and gives your audience a sneak peek into the team behind the brand. It’s the trust builder, the personality revealer.

Begin by deciding how you want your readers to feel when they engage with your content. Empowered? Informed? Guided? Amused?

Remember, consistency is key. Whether it’s blog posts, leaflets, or PPC ads, your tone should be as stable as the Queen’s Guard.

Maximising Your Brand Voice on Social Media

Social media is your stage, an open mic night where you can engage with your customers and charm new audiences. But you need to ensure your brand message and aesthetics resonate across all platforms. Consistency in your brand voice across channels is as crucial as getting the punchline right in a joke.

For the ultimate guide to social selling, refer to our comprehensive guide [here](insert link to guide).

Developing brand content guidelines

A set of brand content guidelines is your team’s secret handshake, ensuring consistency. It lays down the rules of the game, including aspects like grammar, language, formatting, and tone of voice, as well as intent. Here are some points to consider:

Tailor your content to your audience
Create original content
Relate to your business values
Provide valuable content
Use simple language
Maintain your tone of voice
Incorporate keywords



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