Our top tips on how to generate more organic traffic to your website

Organic traffic is quite simply, visitors that visit your website from the search engine, but you don’t pay to get those shoppers on to your website. This is obviously very different from PPC, where you pay for every click on your company’s advertisement.

If your business simply isn’t receiving the amount of shoppers that you want, then this is the article for you, because we will talk about how to improve your businesses organic traffic.


Here are our top tips on how to improve your businesses organic traffic

Be active on social media accounts

It doesn’t matter if you sell luxury coffee, protein shakes, or perhaps you are about to launch a brand-new whiskey brand, social media is brilliant at improving brand awareness and getting more visitors to your website.

Granted, the traffic from social media accounts, is considered a separate type of visitor, broadly speaking shoppers are split into paid traffic, organic traffic, social media and direct traffic.

But, because when on the subject talking about how to get more shoppers to your website for free, and using social media posts, can be a great way of doing this.

Hire a simply brilliant SEO agency

the most obvious way of improving the organic traffic to your company website, is to hire a really good leading SEO agency.

Guest blog

It’s likely that you are going to have one of many people in your company, that have a huge amount of expertise on the products or services you offer.

So for example, let’s say that you run a family law practice, you might write an article that offers advice on a quality website, such as solicitors Journal, therefore you might get a lot of traffic from that blog post.

Create a YouTube account

We would definitely recommend setting up a YouTube account, perhaps the company director, one of your employees, would like to post a video every single week, answering questions that your business frequently get asked.


Let’s look at each of them tips in more detail

Set up social media pages

A quick way to get more visitors to your website, is to set up social media accounts, such as on Facebook.

You might wish to run a special offer say on Facebook, let’s say 10% off the first 100 sales, you might therefore find a lot of shoppers want to take advantage of the offer, and use the promotion code that you have written on Facebook.


Hire a simply brilliant SEO company

There are millions of SEO companies, however in our view, there are only a few that really cut the mustard.

However, if your business really wants to improve your organic SEO, then you really need the help of a company to do this.

Basically, SEO agencies, help businesses to get on the first page of Google, they often do this to writing content marketing, looking out which keywords are best for your business, building high-quality backlinks, improving the technical seo and also concentrating on improving the quality of the organic visitors that come to your site.


Notice how we say improve the quality of organic traffic becomes your site, it is it possible, to get let’s say 1000 more shoppers to your company website, and they may all read blog post that they find interesting, but if none of them make a purchase, then you just simply giving away free advice.

So, for example, let’s say that you retail ice skates, and you talking about how to sharpen the ice skates at home. You may get 1000 readers, which read this blog post.

However, if none of them by ice skates, or the sharpening block, to sharpen the ice skate at home, then you could be missing out on sales.

Instead, a really good company, will focus on getting organic traffic to your website, that is more likely to purchase.


How do they do this?

With a focus on the keywords, so instead of optimising the site for how do you sharpen ice skates at home?

They may instead optimise the website for, sharpening block for ice skates.

The reason for this is, the person who is buying the sharpening block, knows exactly what they want, they are more likely to make a purchase, rather than the person who doesn’t know what they need to buy to sharpen ice skates.


Guest blogging

There are a huge number of benefits associated with guest blogging, however you only want your work published on quality websites.

So, let’s return to our example of running a solicitor’s practice, if you’re going to take say one day writing an article, you are going to want that published of a quality website.

For example, you might want it published on say the solicitors Journal, therefore because this is such a respected website, and it is related to your business, because you run a solicitor’s practice, this is a website that you are going to want your written work published on.

By giving away that free advice, in the article, you have spent day writing, it is possible to obtain more organic traffic for a long time after the article has been published.

For example, the content marketing, might be evergreen,’ so you might be writing about, who keeps the family dog after a divorce. This is a question that possibly thousands of divorcees, want to find an answer to, so writing that one article, and publishing on say the solicitors Journal, you might receive a lot more organic visitors to your website.


Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel, can help you to generate more traffic to your company website.

You could make YouTube videos, that offers a really good quality information, which will help shoppers, to find answers to questions that they frequently have.