What does organic SEO mean?

Many business owners can quickly get themselves in a tangle when trying to locate a suitable seo agency.

Every agency is busy beating their chests, proud to show off they know the most. They are the alpha force of the group.

That’s all great, but often what happens is that the business owner will start to receive brain drain from all the technical nonsense that they are forced to read.

So, let’s keep things super simple. Organic seo simply brings more visitors to your website for free.

The technical part that we take care of, is optimising over 200+ “ranking signals” so that you can stay on top. This is a continual process.

What most agencies neglect to add to the conversation is that as soon as investment in organic seo ceases, it is possible that website starts to drop back down the ranks.

How will organic seo help my business?

This question is super easy to answer. We can help you to reach the top of Google for relevant terms people are using to find businesses just like yours.

There are so many seo agencies that compete on price point alone. Competing on price, as with most industries means corners inevitably get cut.

Cutting corners when it comes to implementing seo means automation. Link building automation and spun content marketing starts to spring to mind. These processes should be avoided like the plague.

These methods can bring a website to the first page super quickly for a temporary window of time, then the website can crash and burn as it gets hit by a Google penalty.

Recovery can be costly, time consuming and a real headache to sort out. So, simply put, invest in quality, it allows rankings to be less volatile and can avoid some sleepless nights.

Cheap seo is a false economy, and any agency saying yes, yes, yes to everything should trigger your alarm bells to ring.


So, how much is this going to cost?

Ahh, we get coy when we have to talk about money. But seems as you asked nicely…

The cost is dependent on what shape your website is in. If it has some super skilled technical seo work carried out on it, well we are ready to go.

If it’s a website that’s just been thrown together by a web designer in a mad dash to the pub, we have extra work to do.

Then we have to have a look at your competitors as well. Not so that we become envious of how good they are, but so we can work out how to overtake their websites.

We can send over a bespoke quote to you. Obviously if you’re the impatient type, and your running off too many espressos this morning, then you could always have a gander at our pricing page.


Why are you the guys to hire?

Because we said so.

No, that won’t suffice. Jokes aside, there are now so many seo agencies that you are spoilt for choice.

However, when you start to whittle the list by companies that are white hat, companies that are specialists and not web design firms the list reduces greatly. When you reduce the list to consultants with a mass load of experience, well the list reduces more and more.

We have Cardiff seo consultants here with over 10 years’ worth of experience, so without sounding like we have a giant ego, we simply know a thing or two.

Come on, what you waiting for, give us a call…

Pick up the phone and shout guy’s, I have decided I need to reach the top. Those little five words will put us into action stations. Speak soon…