What is local SEO?

There are so many terms used to describe the various digital marketing services. Its easy to see why people can get easily confused.

After all, a business could invest in organic seo, local seo, PPC, social media advertising or even CRO which stands for conversion rate optimisation.

All these technical terms, yet so little time!

Local seo however allows you to rank higher within Google, that’s for terms relating to your business.

Normally when people use the term local seo they are referring to improving where a business ranks both organically and locally.

Your business also doesn’t need to be restricted to just one city. An seo agency could optimise a website for multiple locations.


How can this process help my business?

Google’s algorithm is now very clever, but you knew that anyway. These days Google often knows where you are (Android devices), and where the nearest businesses are to you. So, when you see a list of businesses which are ranked according to your location data, these are referred to as personalised search results.

So, picture the scene just for a second, you may think you’re an absolute DIY genius, so you decide to change the taps in the kitchen yourself.

Then you get too heavy handed, before you know it there’s a stream of water and the kitchens looking like an indoor swimming pool!

You swiftly reach for your smart phone and say, Google “find me an emergency plumber”.

Google knows where you are, so it brings back a list of local plumbers.

These websites will most likely have had local seo implemented by their seo agency.

This means that the businesses that are listed will have clear business citations, they will have their GMB accounts optimised, have relevant content and they will most probably have excellent quality backlinks.

So, in a nutshell, when people are looking for the services that your business offers, we can make your business standout.


How long does this process take?

Search engine optimisation never comes to an end, but there’s a good reason for that.

The reason is that the local organic rankings, and the Google local business listings will be fiercely fought over.

Your competitors will want to rank as high as possible as well. This means they are most likely using a seo company to also optimise their websites also.

So, if a website was to stop paying for local seo, then its more than likely that they will be overtaken by their competitors, sometimes in a short amount of time.


Hmm, convince me, why should I use your agency then?

Partnering with us is a two-way process. We are looking to work with businesses that understand that organic and local seo is a continuous process. Local seo is one long slog that needs experts implementing the work if you are to generate more sales.

We are therefore looking to partner with businesses that require high quality seo work implemented each and every month.

If your looking for an agency that bends the seo rule book, in order to secure a quick gain, then we will not be the right agency for you.  

Flouting the rules will end up with a website incurring a penalty, this means nobody comes out the winner.

This is why at Adore Online Marketing we will only ever use the best quality methods.