Is your WordPress website a bit sluggish? Here’s ways you can speed your site up


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular CMS, and as such many businesses here within Cardiff now have WordPress websites.

And we think that’s a good thing, WordPress websites are easy for customers to use, through the user friendly Dashboard, plus great looking websites have been built in WordPress.

However, sometimes some WordPress websites can sometimes become a bit slow, so we thought it would be a good idea if our website designers mentioned some ways that we can help to speed your website up a bit.

#1 Fast hosting is a must

A well-designed website, that you may have paid a lot for to your website design company, that then gets handed over to a website hosting business that’s super slow, well that makes no sense.

It’s like purchasing a sports car and then deciding to cram the boot of the car with so much weight that the car feels sluggish.

So what’s the solution, well that’s simple, you must choose a good hosting company, one that offers you fast hosting.

If you are unsure who to choose, do talk to us, or your website designer and ask which company’s they can recommend.

#2 Run your website through Google Site Speed Insights.

Google offer a really good tool, and you don’t need to be a website design agency to use it, as its really easy for anybody to use.

So why not add your website into the Google Site Speed Insights website, and see what recommendations the site says.

At least then you can show these to your website developer, and ask for a quote to see how much it would be to make the recommendations that Google states your website needs.

WordPress website?

So if you do have a WordPress website there’s loads of great plugins that you can use to help speed up your website.

So for example, there’s Smush it, which is a great tool. We have also used Imagify and also Optimus.


4. Enable caching

There are plenty of benefits of caching your website, so why not speak to your website designers to see if they can enable caching for your website?

Think a redesign is needed?

Sometimes you can use as many plugins as you like, and also make changes to your website to try and speed it up.

It’s just sometimes the website, or the WordPress theme that you are using may just be very slow, so no matter of how much amendments you make, your website may not be as fast as a competitors website.

With a lot of talk about Google AMP a lot of digital marketing agencies, including ours think that its only going to get more and more important to have a website that loads quickly.

So what’s the solution, well why not talk to us, we can build a WordPress website, or a website built from scratch.

We can then build the entire website with speed in mind, so your website is faster.

If you would like your businesses website redesigned, then why not talk to us?