Is your content marketing not generating sales that you had hoped for? Here’s our top tips on how to improve your content marketing



You might spend a huge amount of time writing the various blog posts, you might have written perhaps let’s say over 100 for your business with the intention of obviously generating more sales.

It’s however, to the point that you are not seeing any increase in sales, and when you add up all of the time spent in this work you are thinking, well, where had things gone wrong?

The simple answer is alas there is now so much content marketing that has been written by businesses, that’s to say on any one subject whether it’s how to change the oil on your car, the benefits of manuka honey or perhaps even why you should buy organic cotton clothing, there are thousands of articles are written on every single subject, so for yours to standout, it must cut the mustard.


How do you get your content marketing to cut the mustard?

This returns to our previous example that we mentioned, that is whether you are writing about the benefits of owning a loft conversion, or perhaps why you should purchase a quality blender for your kitchen, other marketing companies will have most likely already written hundreds of articles on the subject.

Now obviously only the rear quality work is going to standout and surface onto the first page of, so how do you make your work quality,


Go the extra mile

When you think about it it is not that complicated, when you think it is the algorithms job to decipher which is the best quality website, supplying the best answer to a question, it’s obviously going to go with a piece of work where the company has spent a lot of time creating.


So, I first point is these go the extra mile

gone are the days where you could write a quick blog post of around say 700 words, quickly added to your WordPress website, and then over the course of the weekend see if an increase in your organic rankings have occurred.

These days are finished, that’s because now there is so much competition, you face competition locally, nationally, and of course internationally as well.

Many businesses have now started investing in digital marketing, where they may have only invested a small percentage of their marketing budget in the past, now in 2023 more businesses are heavily investing in this type of marketing.


Why are they heavily investing in this type of marketing?

While the answer is clear, search engine optimisation, when it is done right simply brilliant, not advertising to people when they don’t want to buy the product, you are actually putting your business forwards at a time when they actually want that product.

Could be something as simple as aluminium step ladders, somebody who wants to buy these are unlikely to want to research them for a long period of time because it is a rather generic product.

Instead, you are likely to want to purchase the second step ladders, at a reasonable price, and have them delivered quickly.

If your website can service need and you would be the business that will generate the sales, obviously for that to happen find your business, so it is a simple as that search engine optimisation which your business at the right place at the right time when the customer wants to buy something, that’s if you partner with the right digital marketing company.

Now this leads nicely onto our next point, dance think miracles can happen for a small price point.

For many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they can purchase search engine optimisation at a low cost, but in today’s world, what can you really expect for a small amount of money? Well the simple answer is the business is unlikely to spend a long time creating quality content marketing, and that’s exactly what your business is likely to get if you only pay a small price.


To cut the mustard, you often have to pay a fair price

Now before we go any further what we would have to say is, obviously paying a fortune doesn’t make any guarantees that the work would be quality, but the point we are trying to make is this, every single subject has been written about thousands of pounds, for if you’re only paying a small fee if your search engine optimisation how long can agency really spend on the work?

Content marketing needs to be a well written, well researched, proofread, and once that has been created then the cycle starts again, because often most businesses whether they be a leading hairdressing salon, accountants or solicitors will often be adding let’s say two pieces of content marketing to the website every single month.

To do this, the work must be high quality, the work must be written by copywriters or in conjunction with an expert on the subject, so realistically how much can any agency spend on writing the work if you’re only paying let’s say £300 a month.

So, the point that we are trying to make work needs to be quality, if it is to cut the mustard and beat your competitor’s standard the content marketing.


You must beat your competitor’s standard

let’s say that your business makes high-quality electric toothbrushes, now, let’s say on the first page your competitors always ready to rank on ultrasonic toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes and replacement electric toothbrush head.

They do this because they have a mixture of quality do follow backlinks leading to lose pages, and content marketing is simply brilliant.

This therefore leads us on to our next point, that is the only way you are going to rank higher than those businesses is if your content marketing, on-site search engine optimisation and follow backlinks have a high quality.

Therefore, if the work doesn’t cut the mustard, if it is not of a higher standard or deemed as high quality, then you are never going to rank higher 1 million years.

So, the point we are trying to make is this, the work must be of higher standard, higher quality must offer something more if you are to rank higher than your competitors pages.


Will this be easy?

Most definitely not, that’s because in 2023 your competitor’s standard of search engine optimisation is likely to be very high, the likely to have brilliant on-site seo, you are likely to be highly active on social media accounts such as Twitter, and also Facebook, yet likely to have a lot of high quality backlinks, so to beat their standard of search engine optimisation well, is most definitely not going to be a piece of cake put it that way.


Are the conversion rates are not what you had expected?  

Sometimes, some businesses will have hired a digital marketing agency, which might have been writing content marketing say for the last six months, but the conversion rates might not be what the business had expected them to be.

For example, the business might have spent let’s say £25,000 in the last six months on improving their search engine optimisation, but after analysis, aids sure is that the content marketing has a bounce rate of over 75%.

The conversion rates might not be that high, that simply because of many different factors, such as a website design, content marketing might not be that well written, also it could be because of poor product descriptions for example.

A good digital marketing agency, will therefore work hard on improving the conversion rates of the work, they might example at calls to action, which are buttons which the customer can simply press.

For example, call to action could be a button, which is titled, the ring me up back, this might increase the businesses conversion rates, because the back might lead to a page where the customer can simply fill in their phone number and details, so they are hauled back by the company, which can help to improve their businesses conversion rates.

Therefore, each piece of content marketing needs a call to action, which simply means that customers have the option of easily contacting the business whether it be by a contact form, and instant message, or perhaps the customer just simply enters their phone number so the business can be called back.


Make sure that you get the tone of voice correct

for example, we work in the digital marketing sector, yet a lot of our customers will not know that much about search engine optimisation, for example they might not have a clue what organic search engine optimisation needs.

So, when you are writing a piece of content marketing it is really important to get the tone of voice correct, you will the language that your customers will understand, if you use to match technical language, then what might happen is the readers do not understand the blog post, they simply leave reading the work, which contributes to your business having a much higher bounce rate.

As any good digital marketing company will tell you, it’s important to improve your businesses click through rate, call to action and also to work on reducing the company’s bounce rate.

If you are unsure what this term means bounce rate, what it simply means is the percentage of visitors to your company website, but leave after only visiting one page or blog post. Obviously if the visitor is interested in the products or the services that you sell, they are most likely to visit other pages and to make a purchase from you.

However, if a large percentage of your visitors are simply leaving straightaway, they are not visiting another page or blog post to have a look at the different products or services that your business sells, then this means that you have a high bounce rate, a high bounce rate negatively impact the businesses search engine optimisation, and the digital marketing agency that you were hired should work hard on reducing that bounce rate


Large blocks of text

A common mistake that a lot of businesses make, is to write really long blog posts, let’s say the blog post is 7000 words in total, let’s say that the blog post is advising someone on how to start the divorce process.

Now, the problem with this is, if the blog post has a really large paragraphs, what this may mean is that it can sometimes be very hard

For example, let’s say that you are reviewing the latest electric mountain bikes, and let’s say that you are reviewing 10 different electric mountain bikes.

If you were to write let’s, say 1000 words for each electric mountain bike that you are reviewing, this is going to be a very long blog post, now if you’re write the article in the right way, then somebody who is interested in purchasing an electric mountain bike might need the whole article from start to finish. However, if you use stewardship blocks of text, then somebody might get bored of reading your blog post after just a few seconds of reading the article.

They may get bored of reading the article simply because the paragraphs way too large, so when you are writing an article if you want your reader to read more of the article, think about using short paragraphs.

Also, as we earlier mentioned, think about using calls to action, example, after you have written each 1000 words reviewing that electric mountain bike, why not have a button, which would take the shopper to that page sells that particular model of mountain bike.

Therefore, what will happen is, the shopper could see a electric mountain bike that they really want to purchase, therefore if you add a call to action, which digital marketing agencies often refer to as CTAs, then you can simply help the shopper to navigate from the blog post which is reviewing that electric mountain bike, and take them to the page so that they can make their purchase.


 To help improve your content marketing you may wish to use the following:


Bullet points

why not use bullet points, these can help you to simply summarise a lot of information, for example if you build garden rooms, you may wish to summarise the different building materials that you use to construct your garden rooms


Use internal links

It might be the case, that the shopper lands on your website, let’s say they want to purchase a coffee machine from your business. However, they land on article which is reviewing the latest coffee machines which use coffee pods, however the customer wanted to purchase a been to coffee machine, you could therefore use an internal link to that page, so that the shopper doesn’t bounce off your website, instead they could simply use the internal link to find the product that they want.

Therefore, using internal links can help your visitors to find products or the services they want, this might help to lower bounce rate, and also what it can do is help your business to improve the amount of sales that you are generating, simply because you are helping your customers find the product or service that they want.


Keep your content marketing up to date

Your copywriters might write a brilliant article it might be 10,000 words in length, it might have your business to generate a huge amount of sales, because it is so well written, and it has a lot of do follow backlinks leading to the blog post.

However, all the time the information that you have written within the blog post might start to become outdated, for example you might be a dentist and you might be talking about teeth straightening procedures, however you might start to offer different services to help your customers to straighten their teeth.

So, you must keep your blog post up to date, you should have your digital marketing agency revisit the work from time to time, to keep it  up to date, to make sure that you are offering the most up to date and relevant information.

For example, let’s say that your cell electric bikes, let’s say that you write an article about the best electric bikes in 2020.

However, this article is now out of date, that model of bike might not even be manufactured anymore, because the article is now two years old.

So your digital marketing agency might find that blog post has let’s say 10,000 organic visitors every single month, therefore obviously you don’t want on that blog post to have products that your business more longer cells, so your marketing agency should keep it up to date, this might mean rewriting large parts of the article, but that needs to be done keep the article up to date.


Write quality

right throughout the whole article, you have noticed that we have mentioned that a business should be writing quality content marketing, there is a very good reason for this it is only high-quality work that will help improve your businesses search engine optimisation.

Therefore, don’t write content thin articles, instead the blog posts, should always be well written, they should be a long blog posts with long word count, but they should be well written, so we would highly recommend that they are written by an expert on the subject. For example, it doesn’t matter if you sell umbrellas, classic cars or kitchen appliances on your website, you should consult with an expert to write the product descriptions, and if you are really want to push the boat out, we would recommend embedding a YouTube video, and having an expert review the product.



We would highly recommend that when writing content marketing, your copywriters, that is the people who write the text at your marketing agency, should be in contact with someone within your company, which is an expert on the subject.

So, let’s say for example, that you run a solicitor’s practice, you should have somebody at the marketing agency who works with your solicitors every single month, to create, helpful and well written blog posts. Some marketing agencies don’t bother to ask anybody within their client’s company for advice, however a copywriter will simply not have the expertise, that your solicitors will have when writing an article for your company. Therefore, we would highly recommend, that whenever a blog post needs to be written for your company, that the copywriters, work closely with someone within your company that’s an expert on the subject.


Create backlinks

You could write a really detailed blog post, for example, let’s say that you write an article reviewing 10 different car waxes, and you review how good they are at protecting the paintwork of the car.

However, you could spend let’s say 100 hours creating this blog post, it might have a lot of text, you might have added a YouTube videos for every single car wax that you reviewed. You might show a presenter explaining the products and how easy it was to wax the car.

However, this blog post might not have many organic visitors, the reason for that is because the blog post might not have many do follow backlinks. A really good marketing agency will therefore create backlinks, that is quality do follow backlinks, these backlinks will send something that seo agencies, refer to as link juice to the blog post.


So, what is the link juice?

Well quite simply put, link juice is when you have quality backlinks leading to a page or a blog post on your website. If the backlinks is do follow, then it will send something called link juice, if the blog post all the page has a lot of quality backlinks, sending a lot of link juice to that page or post then this can substantially improve where that page ranks. Obviously if the page ranks higher, then it’s going to get more organic visitors, if you get more organic visitors, you’re likely to sell more products, so when writing content marketing, writing the work is only one part of the work that your search engine optimisation company should be completing.

The other part of the work is making sure that that page all that blog post has a lot of quality backlinks leading to it, sending link juice, of course you want a good mixture of do follow, and no follow backlinks. The backlinks must be high quality, what we mean is that the backlinks must be quality, they must be built in a white hat way, they must also be relevant to your business sector. So for example, if you sell car wax, then you want backlinks from the automotive business sector, there is absolutely no point at all, in gaining backlinks from say a golf website, because the golf website has nothing to do with car waxes, so you need to gain high quality backlinks, from websites which are relevant to your business.

So, for example, if you sell car waxes, you what backlinks from other automotive websites.


Improve your technical search engine optimisation

your copywriters might spend let’s say 100 hours writing a blog post, let’s say for example your business sells meal kits. That it’s meal kits which are sent out through the post, to your customers so that they can cook a tasty meal after work. You can supply the ingredients, and offer step-by-step instructions on how to cook a meal.

So, your copywriters, has spent 100 hours writing about how to cook tasty Indian curries, they have embedded YouTube videos, showing how to make different curries, such as chicken curries, beef curries and also vegetarian curries.

However, there might be a problem with the technical seo, for example, the web developer, by mistake, may have left a note indexed Switched on for that page. That simply means that that page can’t get crawled and indexed, meaning that the seo for that page will never improve.

This is why the technical seo for your website also needs to also be improved, there are many different ways that the technical seo could be improved.

So your seo agency, should work on improving the technical search engine optimisation.