How to use “Google Local Services Ads” A detailed Guide for marketing consultants

We have all heard about Google Adwords, but what about Google Local Service Ads?

Well, you might not have heard of these, yet they can be very effective in helping your company to draw in more business. They are quite simply revolutionising local advertising.


Welcome, fellow marketing consultants, to a profound exploration of Google Local Services Ads (LSA), a game-changer in the realm of targeted advertising. If you are using Local SEO, Adwords, yet your clients still need more leads, then we would definitely recommend setting this up, its quick and easy to do.

This in-depth analysis is designed to enhance your marketing arsenal, making you a formidable force in the competitive landscape of local advertising.


Assessing the suitability of Google LSA for your business

Google LSA is an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy- yet this is not for all companies, its particularly for service-oriented businesses- like local fencing contractors for example. It’s crucial to view Google LSA not as a replacement for PPC but as a complementary approach. By running both, you enjoy location-specific targeting with Google LSA, while maintaining broader coverage with Google PPC ads.

Google Local Services Ads represent a pivotal shift in how local services are marketed online. As we are well known marketing agency in Britain, we urge you to integrate this tool into your strategy. Embrace the power of Google LSA and watch your business thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Google LSA’s pricing model

Google LSA’s pay-per-lead structure is a breath of fresh air in the advertising world. And could be used at times of year, where some businesses simply need more sales, for example, a fencing business may find, the month of December a quiet month. This might just be due to the cold weather, and therefore, people are not focusing on improving there gardens as much. Yet, by setting up Google LSA’s- you could get more leads, say just for the winter months and then switch this advertising off in the summer months. Thats because in say peak of summer your Local SEO, may well be drawing in enough customers.


How do Google LSA’s work?

This model charges you only when potential customers interact with your ad, whether through a message, call, or booking. This approach not only enhances cost-effectiveness but also eliminates wasteful ad views that often plague traditional campaigns.

Google Local Services Ads

Imagine a world where your ads reach the exact audience needing your services at the moment they search on Google. This isn’t a dream but a reality with Google LSA. It’s a niche and highly effective tool for specific businesses, setting itself apart from the traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) also known as Google Adwords model with unique features such as placement, payment structure, and ad content.

Google LSA Features and eligibility

Google LSA is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Its effectiveness lies in its exclusivity to service-oriented businesses, particularly those addressing home and property needs such as plumbers, electricians, and builders. To leverage this powerful tool, first, ensure your business fits within its eligible categories, a crucial step often overlooked by many. Google LSA’s standout features include:


Prime positioning at the top of search results.

Smart ad copy, dynamically created by copywriters from your ratings and location.

Direct leads through phone calls, messages, or bookings.

The prestigious ‘Google Guarantee’ badge, therefore enhancing trust and credibility.


The main advantages of using Google LSA

Understanding Google LSA’s benefits will give you an edge in crafting compelling marketing strategies. You could use these alongside your organic seo, plus optimising your companies Google My Business listing, to help bring in as many leads as possible. These benefits include:


Exceptional Cost-Efficiency

Google LSA operates on a cost-per-lead basis, eliminating wasted budget on irrelevant clicks, a significant pitfall of traditional Google Ads.

Increased Lead Generation

By occupying a prime spot in search results on Google and boasting features like the Google Guarantee, these ads significantly boost traffic and genuine business inquiries.

Simplified setup process

Setting up Google LSA is a breeze compared to the intricate process of Google Ads, making it a more accessible tool for businesses.

Transparent budget management

With clear cost-per-lead figures, Google LSA provides unmatched transparency in evaluating campaign effectiveness.


Best Practices for optimizing Google LSA

To maximize the potential of Google LSA, consider these optimisation tips:


Establish Your Business as Trustworthy

Google LSA requires thorough vetting and customer reviews. Ensuring completeness and accuracy in your profile is crucial for approval and success.


Clarify Your Service Offerings

Update your service listings regularly on the Google LSA dashboard.

This clarity helps attract the right customers and avoids time wasted on unfulfillable inquiries.

Promptness in lead response

Fast response to leads not only increases conversion chances but also enhances your reputation and rating on Google, essential for long-term success.