How to optimise your blog posts for Search Engines


What you have to appreciate is, there are likely to be thousands of other blog posts, already written about the topic that you’re writing about. And there are likely to be When you multiply this out by each day, week and month and year that goes by, there are likely to be sometimes even millions of blog posts written about the same subject.

And when you think about the organic rankings, and that there are only 10 places where your business could rank in Google’s organic results, so it’s super competitive that whether you’re talking about which of the best electric bikes to buy, or you’re talking about super luxury yachts, it doesn’t matter the work needs to be superb quality if it is to stand out from the crowd.


How to optimise blogs for Search Engines

Well, the first bit of advice we can give you is to focus on quality, trust us when we say don’t focus on quantity because that approach will never work, by quantity we obviously mean publishing blog post say every day or just blog posts which are not very well written, is will actually damage your search engine optimisation.

Instead you need to focus on quality


How to  higher on search engines such as Google

To rank higher on the search engines such as Google, you really need to write high quality content marketing, you need to do your research, you need to write a long articles, which are really informative and well written.

Often you need help of a digital marketing agency, such as ours as well, to help to improve the on-site seo as well?


First things first, research your audience, what your customers want you to write about?

Now you might think that it self-explanatory, that’s to say if you sell bathroom products, for example, such as Bath’s, toilets and wash hand basins, well you might be thinking you should just be talking about the new bathroom products that your selling. For example you might think that you should write 1000 words about a new bath that you’ve just started to sell.

And it might make a good blog post, for example to talk about all the different Victorian bathroom suites that you sell, and to explain the different features. For example, one bath might be made from an acrylic, which helps keep this heat within the bath, yet it has claw legs to make it look like a Victorian bath.

However, it’s also a good idea to write blog posts which will be super useful, for example when they are installing the bathroom suite, such as the shower tray. You could write a step-by-step guide on how to install a shower tray, and if the article is really good, in my get read thousands of times, and someone who is looking to install the shower tray themselves, might purchase from you.

So, our next bit of advice is this, make sure the work is really useful.


Our next advice is to make sure the work is really useful, think about the sort of questions that your customers ask, that’s before they buy a product or a service from you, and then write simply brilliant content marketing.


Long-tail keywords 

If you’ve just starting to write blog posts, and your company website is brand-new, then you might have been advised by your seo company to use longtail keywords, in order to try and improve your organic traffic.

Using longtail keywords can be a really effective way of bringing customers to your website.

How to write the blog post

We would recommend writing at least 1000 words your blog posts, but write it as well as you can, make sure that it’s full of detail, and make sure that if you don’t know all that much about the subject that you are writing about, that you consult with an expert so that you can offer quality advice to your customers.



Make sure that you carefully consider the title and headings before you add them to your blog post, as this will allow your work to be more easily found, for example if you sell meal kits, for people to make tasty meals at home, instead of writing just “chicken korma” as the title for the blog post, instead add a bit more detail, such as “How to easily make a chicken korma in under 30 minutes”.



In the main body of text, make sure that you write at least 1000 words, and split the paragraphs up using titles.

Write a  detailed meta title and meta description

Don’t leave the meta title and meta description blank, instead add a few lines about what that blog post is about.



Add an extension to the URL, for example if your offering advice on how to cook a chicken korma, why not write in the URL, how to cook a chicken korma?


Alt Text


Add “alt text” to each image that you add to your blog post, for example if you take a picture of your tasty chicken korma, make sure to add the alt text “chicken korma”


Keyword stuffing  

It’s really important to mention this, don’t keyword stuff, so for example if you want to write an article about chicken kormas, don’t keep mentioning “how to make a chicken korma” over and over again because this is called keyword stuffing and it will damage your seo.


Google likes YouTube videos

Why not embed a YouTube video explaining how we make a chicken korma, a lot of people would prefer to watch a video on how to cook something, rather than reading say 1000 words explaining on how to cook a curry.

So, you could embed a YouTube video, which explains the benefits of a certain product that you sell or simply explains how more about the services that your company offers, a lot of people would prefer to watch somebody explaining a product or a service, rather than reading a lot of text.

So why not embed a YouTube video which explains more about the products or services that you sell?