How to improve blog posts that are not receiving any organic visitors


So, writing a single piece of content marketing, such as this blog post, can be massively time-consuming. You have to write all of the text; then often you have to add internal links and other links to show where you have gathered all statistics and facts. In this article, we will talk about why it’s essential to write high-quality content marketing.


The Google Panda update and how this changed SEO for good

There will always be marketing businesses that look for shortcuts and try to get their business onto the first page of Google by putting in the minimum amount of work. However, since the Google Panda update was rolled out, companies have been penalised for rubbish, spam, and low-quality content marketing. Since that massive algorithm update was rolled out almost overnight, businesses with rubbish content marketing were removed from Google. For example, businesses with spun content marketing were removed from Google.

For those who don’t know what spun content marketing is it is simply taking an article and reshuffling the words potentially hundreds of times to create hundreds of articles. Yet the result is work that is extremely low quality. You can’t read it; it is complete gibberish. The aim is just to try and improve the business’s SEO, but ever since the Google Panda update, these methods have been penalised.

So much work never even gets read

What’s important to know is that you could be diligently writing a piece of content marketing. You could be sipping espresso until early morning hours to write it, but if Google’s algorithms deem it not worthy of ranking on the first page, it might never get read. So we would say to you that the content marketing needs to be extremely high quality if it’s going to rank on the first page of Google. This is why it’s not worth writing low-quality content marketing, as it will never in 1 million years get to rank on the first page.

First, analyse which blog posts/pages are not getting any organic traffic

So you might have some pages that receive thousands of visitors per month. These are good quality; you might wish to leave them as they are and concentrate on the pages/blog posts that are not getting organic traffic. For example, think about slightly rewording some of the blog posts or pages without organic visitors. Alternatively, use a quality plagiarism tool, such as Copyscape; this is a brilliant plagiarism checker.

Now, you might find that you have a huge amount of duplicated content; this needs to be removed, as it could be massively damaging your business’s site.


Low engagement metrics

So, an excellent marketing company will be able to spot pages with high bounce rates, low amounts of social shares, and very low dwell time, also commonly referred to as time on site. So, for example, if the average reader is reading the page for seven seconds or less, this shows that they are very disinterested in what the business has to say.

So, the marketing company must aim to reduce the bounce rate and keep shoppers on the page for as long as possible. For example, you might even find that you can improve the dwell time by rewording the blog posts and perhaps adding a YouTube video with one of your staff members talking about it.

Not many backlinks

So, if you have a lot of pages or blog posts that don’t have many backlinks at all, this could suggest that other businesses and website owners don’t think the work is worth linking to, so they don’t see it as valuable.

So, if, on the other hand, you are seen as an expert on the subject, many different businesses are likely to want to link to your company. For example, let’s say you have a solicitor with over 25 years of experience. If they regularly post YouTube videos on your website and write blog posts, that person might be well known; therefore, that page should receive more backlinks. So, if the page lacks many backlinks, the marketing company has to wonder why this is so.


Is the information being offered out of date?

If the information is out of date, then this is likely to lead to a high bounce rate. For example, if the blog post talks about the best bikes of 2018, well, the manufacturers of those bikes might not even make them anymore. Somebody reading that post will likely think this information is too old; we will likely find an article that states the best E-bikes to buy in 2024 because that’s more up-to-date.

So, the point you’re trying to make is that you might need to go back and update some of your old blog posts to make them more up-to-date and to reduce the bounce rate.

Content thin content marketing

Sometimes, and quite often, many businesses will have blog posts written some time ago or possibly have been written recently that are content-thin. What we mean by this is they are poorly written and don’t offer much helpful information.
For example, somebody looking to fix a leaking tap doesn’t want to read 300 words of text that just seems to promote a certain brand of tax.

They obviously want a better article, one that walks through how to fix the taps, offers in-depth information, and is written by an expert. Therefore, you don’t want 300 words just promoting a brand of taps; you want an article that is helpful and helps you fix your leaking tap.

So, content marketing needs to be helpful, and if any of your blog posts are valuable, they need to be reworded and improved.


Cut the cannibalisation

cannibalisation, which is talking about the same thing too much

This is somewhat of a trap that many businesses that do the marketing themselves fall into, which is repeatedly talking about the same thing. Instead, you have to make sure you have a main page for each of your products or services. Then, on the blog post, you can start to answer questions that your business is frequently asked; however, don’t talk about the same thing once you’ve already created a piece of content marketing to answer that question.

So, for example, if you sell electric cars and keep talking about the same thing, then marketing companies call this cannibalisation. It basically means that the search engines won’t know which page to put on the first page.

What can happen is you end up cancelling your work because, let’s say, you have seven pages or are talking about the same thing, and Google will struggle to know which is the main page selling this product. So what might happen is that all of the pages are not shown. So, this is what marketing consultants refer to as cannibalisation. So basically, have a perfect main page for each product or service. Then, we create blog posts that answer questions that your business frequently asks.

Also, your blog posts are an opportunity to show off your business’s expertise. For example, a manufacturer of batteries for electric cars might suddenly change how the batteries are made. This is, therefore, an opportunity for you to explain to your customers that the battery technology has improved, and in an in-depth blog post, you can describe the benefits of owning a car with this new battery type.


Remove any duplicated content

We mentioned this earlier in the article, but it’s worth mentioning again. For example, if you have any duplicated content marketing, you might have blog posts that have been stolen from somebody else. This can massively damage your business’s marketing, so they should be removed. Duplicated content marketing can, therefore, damage your business’s marketing. It could even result in your business incurring an algorithmic penalty.

Improve, improve and then improve some more

You should take the approach of continuous improvement with your content marketing. With that in mind, a blog post is never really finished; there’s always an opportunity to improve it. It will often need updating as the range of products you sell changes. For example, you might be writing about the ten most energy-efficient electric ovens in 2018, when obviously, this article will need to be updated every year. Therefore, content marketing doesn’t stand. Still, it needs to be improved and updated.


We highly recommend investing your time and energy into writing evergreen content marketing

If you write a good 10,000-word article clarifying that you are an expert on the subject, you might obtain many do-follow backlinks. When you talk to any marketing company worth their salt, they will tell you that one of the main ways to nudge your business onto the first page of Google is to obtain quality backlinks. Now, quality backlinks are not easy to obtain; as a matter of fact, they are tough to obtain.

However, if you create a piece of absolutely brilliant, top-quality content marketing, this simply shows you know your stuff, your business is the expert in what they do, and over time, other businesses may start to link to you. It could be something as simple as a guide explaining why rubber roofs are superior to fibreglass roofs.

Yet a construction company might really like your work and link to it, so it’s simple: Your blog post, plus your evergreen content marketing, is your business’s opportunity to show the whole world that you are an expert at what you do. In return, you might obtain high-quality backlinks.

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