How to create content marketing which earns your business backlinks




You may have already read numerous times, on various blogs, that businesses need to now earn backlinks rather than purchasing them. You may have even watched multiple YouTube videos, created by seo experts, which have advised you to create quality content marketing, which is so useful to your visitors to your company website, that they link to you, or other businesses choose to link to your business.


The emphasis has now switched to earning backlinks

What you must remember is, that you should never purchase low quality backlinks, instead every link, that is backlinks, whether it is do-follow or whether it is no-follow, needs to be earned, it’s only these backlinks, that is quality links, which will really help push your website up Google’s ranks, that is the backlinks which have been earned, rather than bought. Because other businesses or blog owners, with have chosen to link to your work because they see it as high-quality and valuable to their readers.

Anybody can purchase backlinks, sometimes for just a few pounds, so it makes sense that it is not a good idea to buy them, because it is clearly a way to try and fool Google’s algorithm, which simply doesn’t work anymore. It is a sure fire way to get a penalty, which simply means that you will move down and not up Google’s ranks.



As any good search engine optimisation expert will tell you, you can’t fool Google’s algorithms any more, the search engine algorithms are simply now way too sophisticated, to use low quality seo methods to try and push your website up the ranks, using low quality methods we simply get your business penalised. So these methods no longer work, and what will happen is your website will be swiftly penalised, meaning that instead of your website moving up, you will quickly find that it will be moved down if you were to choose low quality methods, such as purchasing backlinks for say a few pounds.


We can’t over emphasise enough, don’t buy links!

So don’t purchase any backlinks, instead create useful content marketing, whether it is a YouTube video embedded on your website, an info graphic, or perhaps a detailed blog post, if it’s useful, then you might get linked to.

For example, let’s say that you manufacture electric bikes, let’s say that you publish an article, and how to best care for the battery on your electric bike. For example, how you can increase the life of the battery by only charging it in between certain percentages of battery life.

You could also write about which bikes have the best range, meaning which bikes travel the most distance before the electric bike needs to be recharged again.

It’s likely that anybody looking to purchase an electric bike would be very interested in the range of the electric bike.

Therefore therefore, potentially your blog post could have millions of views, therefore people who only blog and  talk about things like mountain biking, they may choose to link to your work, without you even asking them to link to your work. Therefore you could potentially, earn good quality do follow backlinks.


Make the work useful

When we were giving the example of writing an article, about which electric bikes have the best range, this would be a good example of writing useful content marketing for shoppers, who are looking to purchase an electric bike, or for blog owners which talk about electric bikes, they may wish to link to your website.

However, we need to emphasise the point, the work needs to be useful to your readers, for it to be useful you need to put yourself in your customers shoes, you need to think about the sort of questions that they will ask before they purchase a product, for example what is the best electric bike, with the longest range under £1000?

For example, if you start talking about electric bikes which cost over £7000, which have a very long range, then you might lose your readers interest very early on in the article, if they simply deem the bikes that you are talking about way too expensive and simply outside of their budget, in terms of what they are willing to spend on an electric bike.

So, the point we are trying to make is this, you must put yourself in your customers shoes, and write useful work, that will be useful to your average shopper, for example what questions do most of your customers often have before they buy your product or service that you offer?

How can you write a piece of content marketing, which may include an embedded YouTube video and perhaps an info graphic to help your customers, to find answers to questions that they may have.


If the content marketing is high quality the backlinks may start rolling in

It is possible that you write let’s say all the 100 blog posts, and out of all of that work, not one single piece of work will learn a backlinks.

However, if you were to partner with a really good digital marketing agency, which analyses the sort of questions that your customers often ask your business, then you produce a really good piece of content marketing, that takes a huge time to write, and research and to add YouTube videos within the work, therefore that one piece of work might have taken let’s say while well over 100 hours to produce.

However, the work might be thought out very carefully, and your customers, and the visitors to your website may really like the work, so you might start to earn backlinks.

This is what is called earning backlinks, as opposed to buying them, just to be clear never by backlinks, it is a sure fire way of damaging your businesses search engine optimisation.


YouTube videos

Arguably, people’s attention spans are getting much shorter, as we all have a really busy lifestyles, therefore often we don’t have the time to be reading a lot of text, often therefore if you can produce YouTube video to accompany the text, you will be helping some of your customers to find an answer to their questions, rather than them having to read a lot of text to find that answer.

However, having the text on the website is very important, the search engines will need to read the text to understand what the page for the blog post is actually about.

For example, if you’re business talks about electric bikes on your YouTube channel, that is all well and good, but it might only be the title of that you tube video, that gives an indication to the search engines about what that 30 minute video is all about.

However, when writing a piece of content marketing, let’s say the work is 5000 words in length, well the search engines will know exactly the topic that you are writing about, because it is clear what the work is about because it is full of words, such as electric bikes which gives a clear indication to the search engine that you are writing about in this case electric bikes or mountain bikes.


Rome most definitely was not built in a day

When you have a website built, you are obviously going to be very eager to get business ranking as high as you can and as quickly as you can, however here is our best advice, Rome most definitely was not built in a day.

It doesn’t matter if your business sells cupcakes and coffee, or you sell some of the most expensive cars in the world, it really doesn’t matter about the value of the product that you are selling, you need to understand this, search engine optimisation is a very slow process.