It doesn’t really matter whether your choosing a freelancer, or perhaps your looking to work with a large marketing agency, the same rules apply, that is you have to pick whichever company that you choose carefully.

Ever since Google rolled out the Google Panda updates, and also the Google Penguin updates, not to mention all the other changes they have made to improve their algorithm, its been the case that you need to choose your SEO consultant carefully to make sure that your company obtains white hat SEO.

That’s to say white hat SEO work is now an absolute must, but companies now often just see this as essential, that is they expect quality work, but also the business must consider other factors as well, such as does the individual, or the marketing company understand your business sector?

So to help you consider just some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an SEO consulant, here’s what we think you should consider.

First things first, is the work quality and is it white hat?

Your business must make absolutely 100% sure that you are obtaining quality SEO. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, let’s say a plumber, or you’re a multi-national business that makes luxury cars, one thing is for sure, that is you must obtain quality SEO.

If you don’t, and you hire an SEO freelancer, or an agency that implements low-quality SEO, well, your business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

This could mean that your rankings could go down, and not up, so choose your next SEO business wisely.

Must understand your industry

So SEO is an essential part of helping to market your business, right? So some businesses then think by going for a super expensive marketing agency, well they will get a good service, are we right?

Well, sometimes you will, but however you have to keep this in mind, and that is don’t just go for an agency because it’s the largest in your city.

Instead we think you must do this, that is you must meet your SEO consultant, the person that’s working on your account, and why don’t you pick their brains, that is do they understand your business sector? They may well be SEO experts yes, but do they understand what your business offers?

So let’s say you’re a solicitor, and you specialise in the area of divorce, well, do they understand the different services that your business offers, such as mediation, collaborative law and also offering to represent you at court?

Or is the business just planning on optimising your website for “divorce solicitors”- well is that the best way to market your business? As what about your other services such as “collaborative law” or “mediation” that you also offer?

That’s to say if you choose the wrong marketing company, one that doesn’t understand your business, and they may neglect to promote all aspects of your business.

Keep their SEO knowledge up to date

Okay, so you have had your website designed by a website design agency, yet you notice that the website isn’t generating much business.

That’s to say your happy with the websites design, yet the phones not ringing at all, plus there’s no e-mails from customers, so you contact your website designer, and they say that they also offer SEO.

And you opt for your website designer to improve your businesses SEO, however, what if the business is just focused mainly on website design, so their SEO knowledge is a little rusty?

That’s to say they have outdated knowledge, and are implementing outdated SEO, what will happen then?

Well, the business could incur a penalty. That’s to say some companies may think it’s a good idea to keep mentioning the words they want to rank for repeatedly.

So for example, lets say your business sells luxurious dog food, and you notice that a lot of people are asking your business whether you stock “organic dog food”.

So you ask your digital marketing agency to implement SEO, so that your business appears on the first page for “organic dog food”.

However, if the company you have hired thinks that it is a good idea to write “organic dog food” all across your website, that’s in the titles, repeatedly within the blog posts, repeatedly within the meta titles and meta descriptions, well, the business will be going the right way to receive a penalty.

As to keep repeating the keywords that you wish to rank for, being “organic dog food”, well Google’s algorithm will pick up on this, and is likely to deem the SEO work as low quality.

So what we are getting at here is this, the SEO consultant that you appoint must understand your industry, but also be keeping their SEO knowledge up to date.

And when we say up to date, we don’t mean every few months refreshing the SEO consultants knowledge, no if you want to be really good at SEO, then often you need to be updating your knowledge at least once a week we believe with new knowledge.

Easy to work with

Okay, so SEO is a one off activity, right? That’s to say once your marketing agency has done it’s work, your business will shoot to the top of Google, right?


Well, no that’s totally wrong.

Organic SEO is an ongoing process, that’s because normally because your competitors will be aiming to reach the top of Google also.

So let’s say you hire a digital marketing agency, that’s because you make wedding dresses, and you want to hire a local marketing business that well help you to sell more wedding dresses in your city.

And let’s say you hire the marketing agency for 3 months, then after the 3 months you notice that you are selling a lot more wedding dresses, let’s say triple what you sold before you invested in this form of marketing, so you think, well, why do I need SEO anymore?

So you stop investing, but then you notice the following month later your website drops, your sales go back down, so what’s happened?

Well, what’s most likely happened is your direct competitors, have overtaken your business, that’s to say Google’s algorithm may deem that your competitors now have better SEO, there websites better answer the customers question, when they are looking for a “wedding dress” or “wedding dress shops near me”- so your website drops.

So this means that often you need an SEO company for the long term, and this is why we think its important that you hire a business that you can work with for the long term.

So if the marketing agency never answers your calls, are late replying to your e-mails, or you just find the marketing agency hard to deal with, well we think that’s no good.

So to conclude if you sell wedding dresses, we think you need an SEO agency that offers white hat seo, that understands your business sector, the wedding dress business, must be easy to deal with, and also keep their SEO knowledge up to date.

Therefore we think that your SEO business must offer you a lot, if you would like to obtain a quote from us, then why not call us?