How to build a landing page for your website to improve organic SEO



 In this blog post we talk about how to design a landing page to improve your company’s organic SEO.


 Landing page optimisation


When designing your company website, its important to create how you will design the landing page.

Designing a landing page represents a symphony of design, psychology, and marketing strategy, blending aesthetics with functionality to craft experiences that not only capture attention but convert visitors into customers.

This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of landing page design, offering you a blueprint for constructing pages that not only draw the eye but systematically encourage users to buy from your business.


The critical role of landing page design


The digital marketplace is a vast ocean of content marketing, your business for example if its based in a capital city is likely to be competing with hundreds of other local businesses.

So you need to design landing pages serve as the beacons guiding visitors to find the products and services they want.

The strategic design of these pages is paramount, intertwining visual appeal with seamless usability to capture leads and drive conversions.

In the context of digital marketing, landing pages are the battleground where first impressions are formed and the efficacy of your marketing efforts is tested.


Designing a landing page

Before a single pixel is placed, the cornerstone of any landing page design is a deep understanding of who is expected to visit- who are your customers?

For instance, a 2018 Google study revealed that personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) based on user behaviour can boost conversion rates by over 200% (source: Google Analytics Insights).


Be clear about what products / services that page is selling

Clarifying the purpose of your landing page sets the direction for its design.

Whether you’re aiming to increase subscriptions, obtain more sales, or promote a specific product, each element must align with this goal.

According to Marketing Sherpa, landing pages with a single focused message are 68% more effective in converting visitors than those with multiple messages (source: Marketing Sherpa).


Write well written titles  

The headline of your landing page acts like a store front, determining whether visitors will venture further.

A compelling headline must resonate with the shopper, promising them a solution or benefit that is too good to pass.


Battle for attention

The battle for attention is fierce, the art of messaging on your landing page becomes your sword and shield.

It’s not merely about being heard; it’s about being understood and remembered. You want to quickly convey the products or services that you can offer, and answer any commonly asked questions, regarding that product. If you don’t the page could have a high bounce rate.