How social signals, from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can help your business to improve your SEO


How can we promote our business on social media, such as on Facebook?

You can promote your business on social media, using many different ways to promote your business.

For example, you could set up a business page, which simply states details about your business, such as where your company is located, its phone number, and also helps customers to understand more about your business, such reading business reviews previous customers have left.

You can also pay for advertisements, to promote a product or a service that your business sells.


Will I have to pay for social media advertisements?

This does depend most social media website you want to promote your business on, most do allow to create a business profile for absolutely free.

You could then make posts on that page, you can often do this for free as well, however if you want to promote your business, through advertisements, so that your business appears when someone scrolls down, then often you have to pay for these advertisements.

However social media, such as using Facebook can be a brilliant way to promote your business.


Could social media, help to bring more shoppers onto my company website?

Most definitely, you could promote your business on social media, such as on facebook, then somebody interested in your products or your services can click the link, and then simply visit your website.

This could potentially bring in thousands of new shoppers to your website every single month, helping you to sell a lot more products.


Want to skyrocket your organic SEO rankings, well why not dive into our side-splitting guide to understanding the power of social media and social signals in SEO.

Strap in, mates! You’re about to plunge into the rickety, twisty rollercoaster of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and believe me, it’s got more ups and downs than a soap opera. But fear not! Today, we’re talking about something that’ll add a bit of ‘oomph’ to your website’s organic visibility—social signals- you know those social signals from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
You know, those cute little digital thumbs-ups and shares that tell the world—and more importantly, Google—that your content marketing, its the bee’s knees.

Want the lowdown on how social media can give you organic SEO boost that’s bigger than the Shard?

Did you know the Shard is the tallest building in the EU at 310 metres?- just thought we would throw that fact out there, well worth a visit, that’s for sure.


So, what’s in store for you, you ask?

Bullet points

  • We explain what social signals are: What are they and why do you care?
  • How social media Gives SEO a Hug: Discover the bromance between the two.
  • Types of Social Signals: Learn to differentiate likes from shares. It’s not rocket science, Sherlock.
  • FAQ—Frequently Awkward Questions: Where I pretend to be a mind reader.



Social signals:

Social signals are the virtual equivalent of your mates at the pub nodding in approval at your witty banter.
When we’re talking likes, shares, comments, followers—the whole lot. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Generated 2.4 million tagged videos on Facebook alone, it did!


Now, why should you care?

Because the search engines like Google and Bing, and Duck Duck Go, reckon a page with a ton of social signals is as important as a double-decker during a tube strike. The more social signals you gain,the higher you’re likely to rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). However, the rest of your companies SEO, such as backlinks, content marketing, and onsite SEO has to be very good, if you want your company to be ranked on page one of Bing or Google, or Duck Duck Go.


Social media & organic SEO

Mate, social media platforms are like the Glastonbury of the internet, boasting millions of people, following companies, to know more about their products and services. Businesses all over the world, have huge amounts of followers, that want to know about when Red Bull release a new flavour energy drink, through to when a phone brand, releases a new model. Social media, like facebook, simply help businesses to sell more products.
Facebook alone has over 2.8 billion monthly active users. That’s roughly one-third of the world’s population! Share valuable content marketing there, and you’re halfway to becoming an SEO rockstar.


But hold your horses!

Social media isn’t just about posting cute cat videos, although that’s good fun. You can increase your traffic, brand exposure, and, oh, some thingamajig called ‘customer loyalty.’ That’s the double-whammy of SEO and social media for ya!



These digital thumbs-ups tell search engines that your content marketing is a hit, like beans on toast.



If likes are beans, then shares are helpful to promoting your business as well, so if you launch a new product, and you write a blog post, about how good your new blender is, and it receives 10 million shares, well, that’s surely going to help you to sell more products, right? Shares are your content’s chance at a world tour, boosting its visibility like hotcakes.


They’re the gravy to your roast—comments indicate engagement, sparking conversations allowing businesses in Wales, to find out what customers think of their new product or service they are offering.

Your own personal army of advocates! Having a battalion of followers tells Google that you’re as trustworthy as a cabbie who knows all the shortcuts.

Inbound Links

Also known as do-follow and no-follow backlinks, these beauties are the crown jewels of organic SEO.
The more quality links you have, the higher you’ll rank, simple as.
Best Practices: Or How to Be a Social Signals Ninja


  • Quality Over Quantity: No one likes spam, mate, unless it’s in a sandwich.
  • Engagement: Reply to comments
  • Metrics Matter: Track your performance