How search engine optimisation can help your business

Date: 15th of August 2023


Intro (A Cuppa and SEO Talk)

Have you ever wondered, why your business is not on the first page of Google, despite the fact that your business might be established, and might have had a website for over 10 years. Well, it’s all about SEO, and often you need a marketing agency like ours to help get you on the first page.


Summarised in A nutshell (Well, 6 Bullet Points To Be Exact):

SEO: It’s the bee’s knees for increasing website organic traffic.
Organic search?
Good SEO = Higher rank in Google.
Ever heard of an SEO audit? It’s a bit like an MOT for your website.
There’s this tool, Semrush, sorts out your online visibility like a charm.
Key checklist points for SEO.


What’s The fuss about SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation if you want to give this form of marketing it’s for title is about jazzing up your website to get more shoppers visiting it. This sounds really simple, and some businesses might think that with a flip of a switch, that search engine optimisation can be switched on, however it’s a lot more complicated.
Agencies like ours need to compete with other agencies to have really good search engine optimisation consultants working for us, and trust us when we say they don’t come cheap. Organic search is like the high street of the internet; if you aren’t visible, you’re missing out big time. So what we mean by this is, sometimes the difference between the business failing and is absolutely thriving not sometimes come down to how good the businesses search engine optimisation actually is.

Why should you care?


Got A Sec for an SEO health check?

So, an SEO audit is like giving your website a good ol’ check-up. It’s a bit like taking your car in for an MOT, in that it gives the business a good opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing, but it also allows an agency like ours to work out how much work is needed, so that we can offer you a quote. Like most digital marketing agencies, we charge a fixed price each month.

Our marketing team will spend a lot of time improving your businesses content marketing, speeding up your pages, fixing broken links – all that jazz.

What folks are googling-so for example you might sell running trainers, but often your business will need to be optimised for different brands of running trainers, our marketing agency can help you to get on the first page for keywords, which will help your business to generate more income.
We can create Content marketing that’s a magnet for organic traffic
Golden opportunities for building links
Techy fixes to rocket up those rankings


Peek at your organic traffic – Been any updates from Google?

Sometimes, when we take on a new client they will have zero organic traffic, then by the end of the year it’s totally possible that they have thousands of organic visitors every single month.
Just imagine that, nobody visiting your company website, then we are able to get thousands of shoppers onto your website every single month, we really are that good at what we do.
HTTPS issues? We can fix these for you
Want to rank? Get those pages indexed.
Ensure your site’s mobile-friendly; we can help you to redesign your website so that it is mobile friendly.
Speed up those pages; no one likes waiting.
Got broken links? Broken links can cause your website to have a very high bounce rate, we can fix any 404 broken link issues.

Title tag, meta, and an H1? Make sure every page is well optimised


Wrapping it up, organic SEO ain’t just a fancy acronym. It can be the backbone of your businesses marketing, for example some businesses have hired us for the last 10 years to improve their SEO, because sometimes 100% of their sales now comes through SEO. We therefore work with businesses over the long run to help them to generate more sales.


F.A.Q (Cos Everyone’s Got Questions, Right?)


Q: How often does Google index a website?

A: The Big G peeks in between 4 and 30 days if you’re regular with updates. Sometimes businesses which are on the first page of Google will get indexed every single day, that’s because Google added new blog posts all made any changes to your businesses SEO.


Q: What’s this Semrush thingy?

A: Think of Semrush like your online Swiss Army knife. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your visibility needs. It’s a really good marketing tool that a lot of digital marketing agencies use, we would highly recommend it.


Q: Do I really need to fix broken links?

A: Absolutely! It’s like leaving broken chairs in your pub. Sort it out. Yes it’s important to fix any broken links, there are really good marketing tools such as screaming frog, which can be used to see if there are any broken links, search engine optimisation agencies like ours use screaming frog to look for broken links.


Q: How do I know if my content’s marketing is any good?

A: Check organic traffic, mate. If peeps are flooding in, you’re golden.

Q: Any parting SEO advice?

A: organic SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. And if you need one of the best marketing agencies within Wales working for you then why not give us a ring