How On-page SEO can be used to improve your company’s organic SEO



But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of on-page SEO, let us explain what it is. On-page SEO simply refers to the ways that, seo consultants, use to really improve your businesses organic seo. The goal is to make your website much more visible and easier to find on search engines like Google.


Now, you might be thinking, “Why is on-page SEO important? This is going to take a huge amount of time, rewriting meta titles and meta description and writing content marketing, and adding anchor text, will the work be worth it? Can’t I just create a website and expect people to find it?” What the simple answer to that question is often no. There are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, and this is increasing every single day, and without on-page SEO, yours will get lost in the crowd.


So, what are the most important on-page SEO strategies you need to know? Let’s dive in and find out!


    Creating High-Quality Content marketing are


First and foremost, you need to create high-quality content marketing, this takes a huge amount of time, for example for an marketing agency, to write say a 3000 word blog post, and to offer an original perspective, and also include facts and statistics, will this could take five working days to complete. This means writing articles, blog posts, or creating videos that are engaging and informative, well this is going to take up a lot of time. Also he is our best advice don’t just write content marketing for the sake of having something on your website; make sure it provides value to your readers.


Did you know that websites that publish regular high-quality content marketing can get up to 97% more traffic than those that don’t? That’s right; by creating engaging content marketing, you can increase your websites organic traffic significantly. That’s why, we have clients, that have been paying us every single month for the last seven years to write content marketing, to improve the businesses seo, and we are not just good at this we are brilliant at it.

This is why so many Welsh businesses, from the top of the Welsh valleys, to the capital of Wales that’s Cardiff, businesses throughout these areas contact us for a quote, for us to improve their online marketing. Because we have over seven years experience, improving many businesses marketing, instantly with companies need to improve their digital marketing they call us.


 What are meta descriptions?


Next up is meta descriptions. Well a meta description is a short summary of what your blog post or web page is about. It’s the little blurb, it might only be two lines of text, yet if it’s well written, it can most definitely improve your businesses CTR.


Here at this marketing agency we think, that meta descriptions are absolutely essential because they help search engines understand what that page or blog post is about.


Did you know that pages with a well written meta descriptions get up to 5.8% more clicks than those without? That’s right; by writing really compelling and well written meta descriptions, you can increase the chances of people clicking through to your website.


   What are Alt-Tags?


Alt-tags are also crucial, if you want to improve your on page seo. Alt-tags are descriptions of images that help search engines understand what they are about. They also help people with visual impairments understand what’s on the page. So for example, if you have a picture of organic chocolate, let’s say organic chocolate egg, then the alt text should simply be organic chocolate egg.


Alt-tags are very important because they can help your website show up in Google Images search results.


Did you know that pages with alt-tags get up to 7% more organic traffic than those without? That’s right; by taking the time to write alt-tags for your images, you can increase your website’s visibility and accessibility.


What are keywords?

No on-page SEO strategy is complete without keyword optimisation. Keywords are the words or phrases people use to search for something on the internet. By optimising your website for keywords, you can increase your chances of your business showing up in search results.

So for example you might sell rare classic cars, so you might wish to optimise your website for classic Ferrari’s for example, therefore somebody looking to purchase a rare Ferrari, might find your website.


But be careful not to overdo it; keyword stuffing can hurt your website’s ranking, what it can actually do, is mean that your business receives a penalty. Make sure your content marketing reads naturally .


Did you know that websites that optimize their content marketing for long-tail keywords get up to 50% more organic traffic than those that don’t? That’s right; by using long-tail keywords, you can increase your website’s visibility and attract more targeted organic traffic.


What is Internal Linking?


Internal linking is also really important and can be used to improve your businesses on-site seo, therefore your marketing company should add internal links and anchor text . on your company’s website. Yet when you are adding anchor text, this needs to be done, in a white hat way. Adding internal links simply means linking main pages or blog posts on your website, if you have a WordPress website, then this is a piece of cake to do.

Yet Internal linking is essential, that’s because it helps search engines to understand the structure of your website. It also helps visitors navigate your site and find the information they need. So for example, let’s say that your business sells chainsaws, that’s the main product that your company sells, but you also sell replacement chains, chain lubricant and also parts for the engine.

Yet, most of your blog posts, link to your chain saw page on your website, therefore it is obvious to the search engines, that the main product that your business sells is chainsaws.