How important is content marketing when improving a businesses SEO?




If you were to ask us, what is the one area of search engine optimisation (SEO), that has the most dramatic effect on where business ranks in Google’s organic results, then we would say content marketing can make the biggest difference.

It’s like this, if you were to write rather rubbish content marketing, which is often called “content thin”, content marketing, well, this can act like an anchor to your website ranks, and by that we mean it can drag the rankings down. So, as you keep adding content thin articles, you may notice that on Google Search Console, the rankings go down, and not up. The reason for that is Google’s algorithm only puts well written work on page one of Google.

However, if you write really good content marketing, and we can give you a few more tips on how to to write well written content marketing later on in this article, well it can have a dramatic effect on where your business ranks on Google. So, by that we mean, by writing a really high quality piece of content marketing, your business may start to obtain quality backlinks, and the whole site may start to rank higher on Google.

Now, we’ve been writing content marketing now for over 10 Years, sowe think we are well placed to offer you some really useful advice.


Make sure the content marketing is useful

Now some businesses, they may write their content marketing in the same way a factory manufactures products, that is, some businesses make the mistake of writing blog posts with the mindset that they need to churn out this much work as fast as possible. This approach to writing content marketing doesn’t work, it can damage your businesses search engine optimisation if the written work is low quality, by that we mean content thin, if the blog posts are not high quality, well this means that work stands no chance of ranking on  page one of Google.

Instead you need to take the mindset the quality is much better than quantity

Here’s the best bit of advice that our digital marketing agency can offer you, you need to step into your customers shoes, and you need to think of buying Journey that they go on when they are about to purchase a product or a service.

Now this is just a fancy way of saying think about the sort the questions the customers have before they buy a product or service, and aim to write as many detailed answers as you possibly can to these questions, via your blog, or ever green content marketing. However do be aware, that your direct competitors, they will have most likely already done this, so your businesses content marketing needs to be even better if its to rank higher on Google.

So for example, let’s say that you are a leading retailer of fine quality chocolate, you may know that where you source your cocoa are beans from, have a very different taste depending on which country the  cocoa beans from.

The people that buy chocolate from your website probably have a deep appreciation for high quality chocolate, and there are therefore likely to read for a long period of time reading a well written article that your business has written, those visitors to your company website, will appreciate the well written article, that gives them insight into what different cocoa beans taste like from around the world.

For example, they might learn that cocoa beans, from let’s say Colombia have a distinctive taste for example.


If you spent a great deal of time reading a lot of the advice that is written on various digital marketing agency websites, you will see that they concentrate a lot on talking about something called content marketing, but what is content marketing?

Will simply put, content marketing can mean a range of different marketing methods to help your business to gain more sales, it could be simply a written blog post, infographics or it could be a YouTube video.

In this article we are going to concentrate on blog posts, and how content marketing can be written to really help improve your businesses online marketing.

So, you might have been scratching your head for quite a while, wondering why your competitors spending such a great deal of time and also effort, writing blog posts sometimes as frequently as once a week.

Regardless of which business sector you are in, it’s going to take a great deal of time to write let’s say 3000 word blog post.

For example, if you run a chain of hairdressing salons, you might write an in-depth article about how to you are split ends, to restore damaged hair, where excessive amounts of hairspray have been used, and you might write about how intensive conditioners can help to repair your hair.

So, to write such an article is going to take a lot of time, also going to need a lot of expertise from various hairdressers for example you may contribute to offering their advice on how to repair damaged hair within the article.

So why do businesses go through so much effort to write content marketing?


So our best bit of advice is this make the work useful.



Gone are the days where you can just write 500 words of complete waffle, and hope that it improves your businesses search engine optimisation, in matter of fact its likely to damage your businesses seo, and obviously waste your time writing this work as well.

So what you need to do before you write any piece of content marketing, such as a new blog post, is to make sure that you consult with an expert on the subject, so whether its coffee beans, aluminium ladders or let’s say wetsuits you are writing about, make sure you get the help of an expert and then writing the blog post.


What is content thin mean?

Content thin simply means that the content marketing doesn’t offer much useful advice, it may well be complete marketing waffle.

Sure, you may have hit a word count let’s say as high as 3000 words, but it might just be that you were trying write as much text as possible in the shortest amount of time, and that the reader may walk away thinking will have learned absolutely nothing from reading that.

And is highly likely that if the work is content thin, in that the reader may not read the whole article, the can get bored, slightly disgruntled that the work is wasting their time, and this is likely to lead to a very high bounce rate.


The problem with a very high bounce rate

If your website has a super high bounce rate across all of your blog posts, the evergreen content marketing and your main pages, while this is a sure-fire way of damaging your businesses seo, because it shows that people have little interest in what your business is selling.

This is why digital marketing agencies work extremely hard to reduce a company’s bounce rate is far as reasonably possible.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that shoppers just look at one thing on the page, that’s the price of the item and if it’s too high they can go elsewhere to make a purchase, and obviously if were to keep lowering the price, well there’s likely to be no profit margin at all.

So apart from price, what you need to do is work on two things, improve the seo on that page and also improve the web design, sometimes it could be something as simple as rewriting the product descriptions, so that it appears in bullet points rather than a big chunk of text.

So, lets say somebody who’s busy at work looking to purchase a new microwave oven, might not want to read a large chunk of text describing the microwave, it might just want to read a few bullet points, they can see that that’s exactly the product they want and then purchase it straightaway.

So again, put yourself in your customers shoes, think, if I was buying that product, does its need a long product description, or would it be better to write, a quick row of bullet points? Or would it be even better to do a product review, via YouTube, and embed the video on the page, so the customer has a good understanding all of the different benefits of owning that product.


Be original, never copy any text,

You do have some companies that copy and paste text, yet this is a sure fire way of damaging your businesses search engine optimisation.

What sometimes happens is that the company gets a website designed, and then business is not willing to write all the text and neither were the web designers, so sometimes, the company starts copying and pasting from other websites, such as a competitor’s website or where you purchase a products from. This will get your website a penalty.

Again this is a sure why fire way of damaging your businesses seo, and you never rank on page one of Google by copying and pasting content marketing from other businesses.


Take your time and don’t rush it

Sometimes a manager within the company will say, “I will give you two hours a week to write a blog post, we need to be publishing a blog post every week”.

Yet this is a flawed marketing strategy right from the get go, simply because in just two hours, well the blog post is not likely to be well written, so it might damage your companies seo, rather than improving it.


So, the written work needs to be high quality, and quality takes time, the written work needs to be well researched, so include some facts and figures, and link the source, such as a newspaper websites, such as the Financial Times, where you read the statistic, the written work needs to be well written, and aim to write more than one thousand words.


Don’t stop during the good times

Here’s another piece of really good advice that we would like to give to you, some businesses pay an seo agency like us, to write content marketing and improve the on-site Seo on an ongoing basis, normally a monthly retainer is set up, lets say of one thousand per month. Then the business may get super busy, because the seo has kicked in, and the sales start massively improving, yet the client, well they may think, were busy, its time to save some money, and  stop paying the seo agency and ask them to pause on doing any more work.

Yet, here’s the thing is a huge lag with seo, like, when you drive a car with a huge turbo, it takes a while for the turbo to kick in, and this is the same with seo, the work that is implemented today you might not see the benefits until say three months’ time.

So if you stop your seo agency doing their job, because you’re too busy you, and the sales have improved, well you might find it because you stop the seo company doing their work the your organic traffic start to decline.


Then when a business wants to improve sales, because they have paused or stop paying for seo, well, seo most definitely doesn’t work like flicking a light switch on, that’s because it can then take many months to build the seo back up to where it once was, if you have paused paying for a while. That is why various seo agencies such as us say, that to get a business on the first page of Google, then to hold it there, its better to pay for continuous work every month, by a good seo company, getting quality seo work completed every single month, is much better than the start stop strategy.

Now you might be thinking well were rather biased, we are bound to say that continuous seo work is better, as do run an seo agency, but it is the truth, if you stop your marketing company from doing their work because your company’s got too busy, the more you might find is that when you want to increase sales again, it takes huge amount of time to pick up the momentum needed to move your company onto page one of Google. That’s because, if you have paused your seo investment, your business may start to fall down the ranks.


Google Ranking Opportunities


 well quite simply put, a lot of businesses simply would like to rank higher on Google, that doesn’t matter if you run a business which sells used cars, your mobile hairdresser or perhaps an accountant, you’re going to want your business to rank as high as it can Google.

This is where we can help, with our highly experienced seo consultants we can help with the process of getting your business to rank higher on Google.

However, we fully appreciate that will businesses starting up, it might not have that much money to go spending on marketing, to might want to try and improve when your website ranks on the yourself?

A great way of doing this is the set of the blog, often if you have something called a WordPress website it’s easy to start a blog.

However, what is less easy is the effort that is required to write blog posts on a regular basis which must be of consistent high quality.

If the work is not high-quality, then what’s important to appreciate is, that instead of helping to improve your businesses marketing it could actually damage your businesses marketing. Now you might be thinking what do we mean by damage?

Well quite simply put we mean that your business could move down Google’s ranks and not actually move up.



here’s the thing, when a business starts to invest in search engine optimisation, whether that’s through an agency or the business investing its time, into let’s say writing blog posts, if the work is done to a very good standard, that is the work is white hat well written, well it could help your business to rank higher on G for multiple different keywords.


What do we mean by that?

Well let’s say that you run a plumbing business, let’s say that you want to rank high on Google plumbers plus the name of the city where your business is based.

However, what you notice when you start to improve your businesses online marketing is that you don’t just improve way rank for plumbers plus the name of city where your business is based, you also start to rank higher for boiler repair, emergency plumbers, plumbers who install a brand boiler, plumbers to repair a leaking tap and the list goes on.

The reason for this is you may have written superb quality blog posts, the cover a range of subjects related to your business.

For example, you may have written an article about how to repair a leaking tap one week, then another article the next week on what to do when your boiler loses pressure, you might have written another article about what to do when types frozen and burst within your home.

The articles might be so well written, that you start to rank higher on Google for a range of different keywords.


Helpful Content Update Google

This is a really important update, one which is made many seo agencies and businesses sit up and take notice, we all know that low quality content marketing can damage your business ranks on Google.

For example, if you were to keyword stuff an article, let’s say that you have a website where you sell parts for various cars, and what you do is you simply keep writing oil filters, air filters and also window wipers, over and over again to the point where the article doesn’t make much sense to read because you keep mentioning words excessively.

This type of content marketing will actually damage your online marketing, if you write the keywords too much.


Not related

Sometimes, some businesses write too much content marketing that’s nothing to do with their business, for example let’s say that you sell craft beer.

However, the person whose writing your content marketing, just keeps writing about various sporting events that they have sponsored.

Therefore, the blog is talking more about rugby, football and golf that it is about the quality craft beer that your company produces.

This will mean that your online marketing may not be improved, because you may rank on Google, for terms to do sport, rather than craft beer, because you haven’t added enough information about your beer and the products that you sell.


Original content.  

It’s really important to make sure that the content marketing that you write, is original, don’t copy and paste from another website this will most definitely damage your online marketing.