How Google Ads can help your business to generate more sales



Hello, mate! Let’s have a chinwag about something pretty nifty for your small businesses here in the United Kingdom – Google Ads. So you might have your company website ticking over nicely with some basic SEO, and that might be bringing you in sales every week, but have you ever wondered about what’s next, what else you could be doing, to help generate more sales? How can you supercharge your online marketing, step up the game a notch or two? Well, here’s the answer: Google Ads. It’s super easy to set up PPC ads,

Bringing in “The Engaged Customer”:

The absolute cream of the customer crop is the “engaged customer,” the customer who knows what they want, and therefore more likely to purchase the item or service. For example somebody who shopping around for a local divorce solicitor, is likely to want to start their divorce soon.

So If you’re a fledgling company, your best bet is to focus on the local market and niche audiences, for example you might pay a company like us, to set up PPC ads for someone who is looking to start the divorce process. Google Ads can help you target those audiences, ensuring your ads reach the right market. Here’s a Fun fact: Over 72% of people who use localised search terms end up picking a store within a 5-minute walk!
What’s great about Google Ads offers a pay-per-click structure. So Not a penny is spent unless someone actually clicks on your ad. Plus, you can set spending limits, so if you only want to spend £500 a month, you can set that as your budget, however some plc companies might spend £5 million a month.

In an instant your business can appear on the first page of Google
When using Google Ads for small businesses, you can get your business on the first page of Google instantly. Forget waiting for email newsletters, or having to wait say six months for the organic seo to bring in more sales. As soon as you launch your PPC ad campaign, can go live.

F.A.Q Section:

Q1: What exactly is Google Ads?

Well, it’s a Pay-Per-Click (PPC), a lot of Welsh businesses use PPC, to help them generate more sales. It’s a Service offered by Google that lets you create and display customised adverts on Google.
This includes their search results, so when someone types in a keyword related to your business or products, they can see your ad.


Q4: What’s the cost of Google Ads?

Unlike many online tools, such as some seo tools that demand a lump-sum cost, or a pay monthly subscription, Google Ads allows you to control your spending with a per-click structure. So you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Plus, you can set spending limits, ensuring your marketing budget stays on track.

Q5: How quickly can I see results from Google Ads?

Almost instantly! As soon as you set up your PPC account, and link the credit card, your business can appear on the first page of Google straightaway

Q6: Can Google Ads improve brand awareness?

Absolutely! Every time someone sees one of your ads, let’s say that your a solicitor in Cardiff, if your business keeps appearing at the top of Google , this will help to improve your solicitors practices brand awareness.

Q8: Do I need a Google Ads marketing agency to run a successful PPC campaign?

While you certainly can manage Google Ads on your own, and some may say it’s an absolute piece of cake, working with a marketing agency that specializes in Google Ads, like our digital marketing agency here in Wales, can help you get the most out of your investment. Because your business might not have the time to manage your PPC regularly, however we have the staff to manage your PPC account on your behalf regularly, to make sure that we are making it work as good as it possibly can for your business.