How does your agency build backlinks?


As an digital marketing agency will agree, good-quality backlinks are an important part of the SEO process.

That’s to say most businesses that rank on the first page of Google, normally have good-quality and relevant backlinks.

Within this article we are going to explain what backlinks are, why they are important, and also how our agency earns backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Let’s say that you are reading an article that has been written by a food blogger here in Cardiff, the blogger is talking about the “best Italian restaurants” within the Cardiff area.

And you like the sound of one restaurants that has that has been mentioned by the food blogger, so you click the link to have a look at the restaurants website.

This means you will have clicked the anchor text, then followed a backlink onto the restaurants website.

Therefore backlinks are useful to not just customers, but they are also useful to SEO agencies as well.

That’s because if the business earns enough high-quality backlinks, which are relevant to the business, then this can help to improve the organic SEO for that company. That’s to say, a business should have good quality backlinks, if it is to improve it’s organic seo, and that doesn’t matter if you run a construction business, or you run a solicitors practice.

However, we have to stress the point that the backlinks must be built in a “white hat way”.

Why are backlinks important in terms of improving the businesses “Organic SEO”

If the business has a lot of good quality backlinks, then this can send “link equity” which some agencies call “link juice” through to the company’s website.

Most websites that rank on the first page of Google, therefore have a mixture of do-follow and no follow backlinks, these backlinks might be from high-quality sources. (You should only build backlinks in a white hat way)

All backlinks must be built in a white hat way.

How does your agency build backlinks?

Our agency builds backlinks in a white hat way, we publish high-quality content marketing on our customers websites, this is then sometimes linked to by other websites.

For example, let’s say that the business manufactures Power Tools, and is about to launch a new cordless drill.

You might write an article explaining the benefits of owning this cordless drill, because the article is so well written, it might be linked to by DIY websites, or home improvement websites for example.

Why should the backlinks be relevant?

The backlinks must be relevant, for example there’s no point in let’s say a solicitor’s practice earning backlinks from a rugby club, because the links are not relevant to the solicitor’s practice, the links must be relevant.

Therefore a solicitor’s practice that offers employment law advice, should look to gain high-quality backlinks from an employment law website.

Why should the backlinks be high-quality?

It’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality, when building backlinks, the backlinks must be quality.

The backlinks will therefore pass “link equity”, and your agency should build do-follow and no follow backlinks.

Why should there be a mixture of do-follow and no-follow backlinks?

How does your business build backlinks?

We build backlinks by writing high-quality content marketing, which sometimes gets linked to by other businesses.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be written text, like the article you are reading now.


How our agency can help:

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