How can we improve our business’s technical SEO?



Date: 05/12/2023

Whether you have a brochure website, which might have a handful of pages, or perhaps you own a large e-commerce business? Well, you should most definitely work to improve the technical SEO regardless of how many pages your website has.

Sometimes, the technical SEO is a differentiator that determines whether your pages are on the first and second pages of Google’s third page.

Excellent technical SEO can tell Googlebot, and therefore subsequently Google’s algorithms, precisely what that page is selling.

For example, you might want to put yourself in Google’s shoes for a second. Let’s say there are 700 words in total on the page.

How does Google’s algorithm decipher precisely what that page is selling?

Well, if the technical SEO is really good, you have a well-written page title, and you also have the following:

  • Alt text
  • Well written meta title and description
  • Internal links
  • Well-written anchor text
  • Page titles
  • As well as an SEO-friendly URL

Now wou’re in an excellent place to improve that page’s organic search engine optimisation.
Supplementing this with some good quality blog posts, answering commonly asked questions that your customers ask, and then internal linking to the main pages will further enhance your business’s organic search engine optimisation.


Well written meta titles and descriptions

Let’s say that you are the author of a book, and you will want to grab the person’s interest by writing a simply writing on the book the title and just two lines of text to state what the book is about; well, will want to describe that book as best you can, and as briefly as you can.

This is the same concept you should apply when writing the meta title and meta description for any page or blog post on your company website.

It’s the first thing the shopper will see within Google’s SERP’s, and you therefore want to grab the shoppers interest; you want to explain exactly what that page is about so that they are more likely to click on it and view the products or services you have sold.


Optimise your businesses URL’s

Some people overlook optimising their URLs, but it can be effective at improving the way that pages or blog posts on page SEO, so that Google can quickly ascertain what that page is about.

For example, you could have a URL extension that states a lot of mumbo-jumbo, or you could have the URL written instead, so it copies the title and puts it way where hyphens separate the words.

This gives Google a really clear indicator about what that page or blog post is about, for example if you are selling organic dog food, and it says this in the main URL extention, then this gives Google a really good idea of what that page is selling.


Breakup pages with a lot of words with YouTube videos or images
Even if somebody is really interested in that particular product or service that you offer, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to sit down and read 4000 words of text all in one go.

However, if you break the text up and add YouTube videos and images, it makes reading all of that text much more digestible; it’s also likely to improve the time on-site and reduce the pages bounce rate as well. This is important as Google now has AI high technology built into its algorithm called RankBrain, which monitors how shoppers interact with that page.

If the average shopper is disinterested, and the bounce rate is exceptionally high, lets say the average shopper is only reading the page for a few seconds shows the general dissatisfaction on that page.

However, on the other hand, if Google’s RankBrain shows that shoppers are deeply engaged with what you are writing about,and are watching the YouTube videos on the page, and spend a long time reading all of the information, the bounce rate is low, well this page is likely to rank much higher in Google’s SERPs.


Cite your sources

As with an academic paper, when somebody is writing let’s say, their dissertation, they often have to cite their sources.

For example, if they cite a study that somebody had undertaken in the past, let’s say, how organic food improves people’s energy levels, they would have to cite the source of the statistics.

You might want to take a similar approach when writing your businesses content marketing; if you cite somebody’s statistics through research they have undertaken, why not reward them with citing them as a source, by adding a link to their website?



Before we go any further, it’s important to note this: you don’t want to over optimise the page; you might have read some really outdated seo blog posts written by some other marketing companies telling you that you should write the keywords, for example, in every paragraph. This is not the case, and it’s likely to need keyword stuffing, and a Google penalty if you mention the keywords excessively.

Let’s be clear here, if you use the same keywords, repeatedly, this is likely to trigger a Google algorithmic penalty; this can mean that with the click of your fingers, overnight, your website could disappear from say page 1 of Google to page 10 and it could take an extremely long period of time to start a regain the trust of Google and get back to the position you once were.

This is why all of the search engine optimisation methods should always be “white hat” and only use top quality methods.
So when writing keywords within your text, this is our best advice: write them naturally, write them into the sentences, as ou were with the person and were giving them advice directly.


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