How can we choose the right digital marketing agency for our business?




It has to be said, that finding a really good, digital marketing agency, well, it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure there’s millions of businesses to pick from, your inbox is likely to be full of companies contacting you everyday for website redesign and SEO.

So how do you go about differentiating which companies to contact for a quote, and which companies are not worth contacting.

This is a difficult question to answer, and we hope after reading this article, it provides you with some ideas on how to start whittling down, the list of marketing companies that you want to get a quote from.  


Check out the business’s reviews

Now this might a bit basic, but sometimes its definitely worth reading the businesses review’s, don’t just got off the testimonials that have been added to companies website.  

What you therefore need to do, is check the businesses social media accounts as well, such as on Facebook to see if any reviews be left.

Also check out, the businesses Google My Business account, also we would recommend searching the company’s name, such as “Adore Online Marketing” to see if any reviews come up on websites such as Trust Pilot.


Do you want to be locked into a contract?

There are some companies, that would like you to be locked into a long contract, let’s say the 12 months, the problem with this is, sometimes the client and the marketing company might not get along well after a short period into the contract. For example, in the first month, you may notice there very slow to respond to your emails.

We think that with this type of marketing, the business owners, that is the directors, have to work well with the marketing company.

And we also think that both the marketing company and the client should be free to leave if they don’t get along.

Therefore, we think a good working relationship is essential, we think that you should enjoy talking to each other, whether that be meetings, over the phone or via email.

If the business relationship turns strained for any reason, then this can lead to a breakdown in communication between the client and the marketing company.

So we think that getting locked into long contracts doesn’t work, you need to see if you work well together, and if you don’t we think is essential to part ways and try another marketing company.

Locking into contracts therefore we don’t think helps even the marketing company or the client, you should walk away and try another marketing company if they don’t generate the results you wanted or you don’t enjoy working with that company.


Make sure that the methods they use are always white hat

it’s far better we think, for a marketing agency to say look, you’ve dropped in terms of where you rank for some keywords, but we know why this is is because let’s say about recent algorithm update.

That’s far better than hiring an agency, which constantly tries to pull the wool over your eyes making out that everything is fantastic when it might not be.

So try to gauge of the agencies honest and if they are transparent, it’s far better to say there are a few dicks in terms of the organic traffic then constantly make out every month that things are going up when they are not.


Why not go out for a drink with your marketing agency?

We think that this form of marketing, that is search engine optimisation, requires businesses to partner with the agency sometimes for a very long period of time, sometimes you might stay the same agency for 10 years.

Are therefore it’s a good idea to gauge if you can get along without marketing agency early on, why not organise social events, for example a night out in a restaurant or just go over a few drinks to see if you can get along with the marketing directors.

This way should be able to build up a good working relationship, engage if you can work with that marketing company long-term.


Shop around

If you’re looking to purchase a brand-new car, you are obviously not going to take the first price you quoted by one dealership, the likely to shop around deceiving get a better deal.

And this is the same for search engine optimisation, but with this type of service it’s a bit more complicated than buying a product.

The reason for that is with seo, are more about quality, is so important with seo, so instead why not ask to see what local businesses, that agency works with, and deceived can gain an understanding of what the marketing company has achieved then.