How can my business improve it’s on-site organic SEO?


Okay, so you may run a business hear in Cardiff, and you have hired an online marketing agency to help improve your businesses organic SEO.

There are many ways which a company could improve your businesses on-site SEO, for example they may improve the following:


  • Evergreen content marketing
    Why is on-page SEO important?
    Increasing click through rate (CTR) in the SERPs
    On-Page Ranking Factors
    Page titles
    Title Tag
    What are domains?
    What is a meta description?
    Best practice for URLs
    What is Alt Text?
    What is a robots.txt file?
    What are robot meta tags?
    What is Structured Data?
    Content marketing
    Meta titles and meta descriptions
    What is Page Speed?
    Lower the bounce rate
    Add titles
    Add NAP information
    Add schema
    Use schema to mark up your businesses NAP information
    What are HTTP status codes?
    To ensure that your company website can be indexed
    To make sure that there are no no index left on
    To make sure that all of the work is white hat
    To add pages
    Add blog posts to improve your businesses organic SEO
    Lower the bounce rate of the homepage
    Make sure that there are no 404 page errors
    To make sure that your company website is fast
    To design a mobile version of the website


Now, while on the phone to your SEO consultant, they explain within the first six months they are going to work on improving your businesses on site seo, of course this will vary depending on what that company requires, but lets just say as an example the digital marketing agency plans on working on improving the companies on site SEO for the first six months.

Then when reading through the marketing plan, you see that the business is going to improve meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text, internal links, anchor text, and content marketing, and quite simply put as a business owner you do not know what this means.

So, we thought we would write this article which explains what on site SEO means, and how we improve our customers on site SEO in order to improve their organic seo.


How can we get our business, that is based in Cardiff, onto the first page of Google?


This is a question that our marketing agency get frequently asked, that is how can a business get onto the first page of  Google?

Now of course, a business can invest in PPC, now for those that do not know what PPC means, it simply means that you can pay per click.

Then instantly your business can appear on the first page of Google.

However a lot of businesses also want to appear in the  Google my business results, and also  Google organic results, and that’s where our agency can help.

We have link builders, copywriters, on-site SEO and off-site SEO, quite simply put we can help your business hear in Cardiff, get onto the first page of  Google.

Now, like most marketing agencies, we charge a monthly fee, that’s to improve your businesses local and organic SEO. Our rates will depend on how competitive your business sector is, for exact quote why not give us a ring?


What does on-site SEO mean?


Now, when you phone your SEO freelancer, or the agency which you employ, and you ask what work they plan on working on in say the first say six months, they may say “on site SEO”

And often our agency will start here as well, that’s the say we often start by improving a businesses evergreen content marketing.

We often do that before we start to build quality back links.

Also it’s important to remember that if you run an e-commerce business, for example an e-commerce business that sells thousands of different products, let’s say for example that you sell bathroom products.

Let’s say that your business sells bath toilets and showers, and let’s say that you stock over 4000 different items, then it’s obviously going to take the marketing agency a very long time to improve the businesses meta titles, meta descriptions and let’s say the product descriptions.

Now often when a website is first shown to a marketing agency, one of the first tasks that the SEO consultant should carry out is to check if there are any duplicated content marketing

For example, we would say that it’s fairly common, for a website to be designed by a website designer, and that they decide to copy product descriptions directly from let’s say a manufacturers website.


We would most definitely not recommend doing this


So for example let’s say that your business sells washing machines, obviously each washing machine is going to have a product specification such as how many kilograms washing machine can take in terms of clothes


Now, if this product specification is duplicated, then this is likely to damage your companies SEO.


So what would our agency recommend instead?


Well it’s quite simple, you should not use duplicated content marketing, instead your business should write the product descriptions, and all of the text that is on your website yourself.


Obviously if you employ an agency then they will have normally copywriters who will write the work, however the main point that you should remember as a business owner is that the text must be original to your website.


By original we mean your business or your marketing agency should have written the work, it should not have been copied from another website as this could damage your businesses SEO.



What does organic SEO mean?


Our business offers organic SEO, that’s the say we work with many businesses within Cardiff that need to improve their SEO, organic SCO is a long-term process.


That is why many businesses here within Cardiff hire us to improve their organic SEO.


It’s important to note, that our agency will only ever offer white hat work, that’s the say work will always be white hat and top-quality when you pick our agency.


We are now going to explain what organic SEO is, and how our company can help your business


There are three ways that a business can get its company onto the first page of Google, that is the business can invest in PPC, local SEO or organic SEO.

However, more and more businesses are wanting to invest in PPC, organic SEO, and local SEO combined.

And this stands to reason, for example let’s say that you run an Italian restaurant, and you only large restaurant so you want diners to come to your restaurant to eat in the premises, but you also want to sell takeaways, mainly woodfired pizzas.

So obviously, a business will want to appear on the first page of  Google as many times as possible.

So for example let’s return back to our example of a talent restaurants, and let’s say that somebody is looking for a pizza to be delivered within Cardiff.

Now if your company appears at the top in the PPC results, then below that next to a map your business appears in the Google my business results, then below that right at the top of the organic results your Italian restaurant is also mentioned in the organic results

This obviously means that the business is more likely to be selected when compared to if the Italian restaurant is just relying on one single advertisement for the company.

So whether you run an Italian restaurant, or you are a solicitor that owns a solicitors practice, normally a lot of businesses now in Cardiff want to hire a digital marketing agency like ours, simply because the business wants to appear in the PPC, organic results and also the Google my business results

Now in order to get your business on the first page of  Google, in the organic business results, our agency will need to improve your businesses ranking factors.

Now for your business say to rank ninth in Cardiff for Italian restaurants, means that your business needs to have the ninth strongest SEO for that phrase.

Now when you consider that in Cardiff there might be say 100 Italian restaurants that offer pizza takeaway, you can start to see the scale of the challenge that your SEO agency will have, that is to rank nine they will have to beat 91 other businesses, this is why organic SEO takes time


What do we mean by takes time?


Well some business owners think that when they invest in SEO, the agency should get a business onto the first page of  Google, in say matter of a few weeks, however sometimes this is simply impossible, when you consider that other Italian restaurants might have been investing for say the last four years in SEO, an Italian restaurant which is just setting up, or just starting to invest in SEO will have to do a lot of catching up.

That’s simply because the other Italian restaurants which have been investing in SEO for say the last four years, are likely to have strong SCO, that is the agency that works for the Italian restaurant is likely to have improved the businesses on site and off site SEO.

So if you imagine for a second a brick wall, those companies might have a high and vast brick wall, and your business might still be laying the first brick, so now you can start to see why it takes a lot of time to start to overtake the other businesses and the scale that wall.

Therefore organic SEO is very different from PPC, with PPC your business can appear on the first page straightaway, however with organic SEO it could take the business a very long time in order to get onto the first page.

Now our SEO consultants are going to describe some of the ways which we improve our customers on site SEO, however we would like to make clear that whichever marketing agency that you hire, that you should always invest in white hat work.


That’s the say some businesses in the city of Cardiff, sometimes pick a company just on the price that they offer. That’s the say some businesses opt for the lowest quote, however we would not recommend that you pick an company on the basis of price alone, you should pick an agency which offers quality.


That’s to say regardless of price they must offer high quality work, if the agency does not offer quality work and the work is low quality that’s the say the on-site or the off-site SEO is low quality then the business could incur an algorithmic penalty


Meta titles and meta descriptions


We would recommend that meta titles and meta descriptions are added to each page and to each blog post and that they are written in a white hat way.


If you simply do not know what white hat SEO means, then we would strongly recommend working with an SEO agency.




We would recommend that a title is added to each page and to each blog post, the page title must be written in a white hat way.


High word count


We would strongly recommend that each blog post that you add to your company website has a high word count, however we would not recommend just writing a blog post so that it has a high word count.


The work should have a high word count, but also the work must be quality as well, by quality we mean white hat





Often and company will improve a businesses on site SEO by adding blog posts, for example if you own a bike shop, the agency might write articles about electric bikes and also mountain bikes.




In order to improve the on-site SEO, your marketing agency may add NAP information to the footer of your website for example, we would also recommend that you ask your agency to mark up the NAP information using schema.




In the footer of your website, a lot of businesses add their NAP information, if you do not know what NAP means, it simply means name of your business, your business address and your businesses phone number.


Often for the businesses that we work for here in Cardiff we will add their NAP information to the footer of the website


Evergreen content marketing


Often when a customer comes to our SEO business, one of the first things that we will check is whether the evergreen content marketing is good quality or not.


Often when a customer first shows our marketing agency their website, we will instantly see that the businesses evergreen content marketing needs to be improved.


What do we mean by improved?


While sometimes a web designer will speed up the web design process by offering to write the text for the company’s website.


Now the business owners might think this is a great idea, as it will save the business owner time, as often the business owner will not have the time to write the text themselves, however often what happens is the text is very brief.


So for example, let’s say that you run a construction business, and the web design agency says we will write the text your construction company.


However what can often occur is that on the homepage, about us page and on the service pages, for example the page that talks about that you can build brand-new houses, they might just be one or two lines of written text.


However these one or two lines of written text is often not enough.


That’s to say often the company will need more written text on each page, so the agency may recommend that the evergreen content marketing is improved.


Bounce rate


Often then our agency will look to see if your bounce rate needs to be improved as well.


What do we mean by improving a businesses bounce rate?


Now, as a business owner, you may not know what “bounce rate” means, so when your SEO business calls you to say that your company has a very high bounce rate you may not know what this means.


The marketing agency may go on to say that they need to lower your businesses bounce rate, that’s if they are to improve your businesses SEO.


However what does bounce rate even mean?


Well quite simply put, if the business has a very high bounce rate, it quite simply means that a high percentage of your customers are going on your website and then leaving straightaway.


So what does this mean?


What let’s say that your business sells electric bikes, and your SEO business says that on each electric bike there is an average bounce rate of over 90%.


This means 90% of the visitors that are looking at your companies electric bikes, are leaving the website more or less straightaway without visiting another page, now this is not ideal, obviously you want a shopper to look at a lot of electric bikes, and to make a purchase from your company.


So the digital marketing agency should work to lower your businesses bounce rate.


Now, it doesn’t matter if you run a florist shop in Cardiff Bay, or you run a solicitors practice right by Cardiff Castle, every business should aim to lower Its bounce rate, As Obviously As a Business you will want to keep shoppers on your company website for as long as possible, so that It Increases the chances that they may make a purchase from your company.


Think about this in a different way let’s say that you were running a restaurant in Cardiff Bay, Let’s Say that you were running let’s say a Greek Restaurant.


If you are running a Greek Restaurant and let’s say 100 customers into your restaurant, but then they leave straightaway then you would know that there is a problem with the restaurant, perhaps it’s that you got your pricing wrong or perhaps it’s because the customers do not like the menu or perhaps it’s just the decor of the restaurant.


What is the sure is that the business owner will have to to change if they are to keep running the business.


This is the same when you run an online business, and your business has a very high bounce rate, your company will have to work out why the bounce rate is so high, and how they can lower the businesses bounce rate.


Anchor text


Your SEO business should improve your companies anchor text, the anchor text must be written in a white hat way.


The company might add anchor text to each page, however the anchor text must be written in a white hat way.


If your business does not know what white hat means, then we would strongly recommend that your company hires a white hat SEO business




Your company website must be easy to use

Your company website must be easy to use, for example if your customers find it hard to find the product that they would like to purchase then this is likely to substantially increase your businesses bounce rate.

So let’s say for example that your business sells coffee machines online, if it is difficult for a customer to sort coffee machines by whether they are in stock or not, then this is likely to increase your businesses bounce rate.


This is often why many companies which are located hearing Cardiff, often picky digital marketing agency so that the business can offer organic SEO but also web design.

For example the web designers may need to add a feature on your company website so that customers can sort items by whether they are in stock, and also by price, for example sorting by the lowest price items the highest priced item.

If a customer cannot find the coffee machine that they want quickly and they are likely to leave your businesses website and this will increase your company’s bounce rate


Internal back links


Your company might add internal links.


Quality content marketing


Low bounce rate


Your digital marketing agency should work to lower your businesses bounce rate, for example let’s say that you run a solicitors practice hearing Cardiff.


Now your marketing agency says that the homepage has a bounce rate of 80%, obviously this is very high, therefore the marketing agency should work hard to reduce the homepage is bounce rate.


Why lower the homepage is bounce rate?


Well we would say that the homepage is the most important page on your company’s website, that is if the bounce rate is very high on the homepage, this means that people are landing on your businesses website, and instead of clicking on the services or the products that your business can offer the are leaving which is making the bounce rate higher




When you hire a company, then normally they will have “copywriters”, the copywriters can then work on improving your businesses on-site SEO by adding quality content marketing.


It’s really important that you hire copywriters which understand your business, for example you might employ a marketing agency that only works with solicitors.


Therefore a marketing agency that only works with solicitors, should understand your business better because they are used to only working with solicitors.


Therefore you may wish to hire a marketing agency that only works with one type of business for example solicitors.




Your company website should be fast.


For example, let’s say that your business sells sofas, and somebody is looking to buy a sofa on their smart phone, if they find that the website is slow, for example it takes very long to load say 20 sofas, then the shopper is likely to leave your sofa website, which is likely to increase the bounce rate.


This is why our company says that your company website should be asked.


How can my business, which is based within Cardiff, improve our on-site SEO?


Often for a business to improve its on-site SEO it will need the help of a marketing agency, this is so they can improve the anchor text, meta titles, meta descriptions, content marketing.


This should all be done in a white hat way this is why you may wish to hire a marketing agency


What does evergreen content marketing mean?


Let’s say that you run an architects practice hearing Cardiff.


Now you may have hired a local web designer to build a new company website for your architects practice.


You may be very happy with the design of your architects practice website


However, with that said, your marketing agency may want to rewrite the evergreen content marketing, that’s because sometimes, for some businesses, there is sometimes just one line of text per page or a a few lines of text per page and this is not enough, so sometimes a copywriter will need to add more quality white hat ever green content marketing



What are meta titles and meta descriptions?


We strongly recommend that you add a “meta title” and a “meta description” to each page and onto each blog post of your company’s website


What are internal links?


So let’s say for example that you are looking to purchase coffee beans, and you land on a website which sells coffee beans, and you start looking at say Colombian coffee beans, then the page that advertises Colombian coffee beans, you notice that they also sell Colombian coffee beans but in vanilla flavour.


So you click the link that says vanilla Colombian coffee beans, therefore the anchor text is Colombian vanilla flavour and you have therefore adding an internal links within the coffee bean website


This can help shoppers to stay on your website, because they might be able to find other products that they wish to purchase, so that they say long on your coffee bean website, this may help to increase sales

What does anchor text mean?


Anchor text is quite simply the text that you click on in order to follow a link,


Why does my digital marketing agency say that our business should lower our bounce rate?


Once your digital marketing agency has started to improve your businesses on site SEO, for example after they have improved the following


•       Meta titles

•       Alt text

•       Anchor text

•       Meta descriptions

•       evergreen content marketing

•       Content marketing

•       Added schema

•       Added nap information


Then your online marketing agency may start to work on lowering your businesses bounce rate.

We would recommend that you lower your company’s bounce rate





What is an algorithmic penalty?


All work should always be white hat, if you were to pick the wrong marketing agency, that agency offers low quality SCO, then your business might incur what is called an algorithmic penalty.



Why choose our SEO business?


There are many marketing companies to choose from, however our company can offer white hat SEO.


We run a marketing agency hearing Cardiff. Our company is based in Wales, we can offer your business the following services


•       Web design

•       WordPress web design

•       Organic SEO

•       Local SEO


If your business requires white hat organic SEO, then why not give us a ring.


We mostly work with companies that are located in Cardiff, therefore we work with businesses that are based in Cardiff Bay right through to businesses which are based in the centre of Cardiff.


We work with many different businesses, we are a white hat company.