How can business citations help to improve my company’s SEO?


So, you may run a company here in Cardiff, and you’ve approached an SEO company to help improve your businesses local SEO, well you may well be wondering what citations are.

The SEO company may have recommended that they build business citations for your business, but what are citations?

What are business citations?

Your business may invest a lot of time writing blog posts for your website, and your website may offer a lot of useful information to people who are looking to purchase the products or services that your company offers.

So even though your business has published let’s say 200 blog posts, and your business is let’s say a cake shop that makes wedding cakes.

So you have over 200 blog posts written all about wedding cakes, which is great, but there’s still information that Google’s algorithm needs to understand in order to know where your cake shop is based.

And we SEO’s refer to this as being the businesses “NAP” information, which stands for name of the business, the businesses address and also the businesses phone number.

This information is vital in determining what area your business covers, so for example where is your cake shop, is it in Cardiff? Or let’s say for example London.

Well, one way that Google’s algorithm works out where your business is located, is to read your businesses NAP information.

What does NAP mean?

NAP stands for name of the business; the businesses address and also the businesses phone number.

Will this help to improve my company’s SEO?

It can, that’s if you follow white hat SEO methods, and that’s because business citations, sometimes referred to as NAP information can help to improve a business’s local SEO.

What is Google My Business?

Most digital marketing agencies, ours included will start building business citations my making sure that the business has set up a Google My Business account.

We will then make sure that the businesses name, phone number and address is on the Google My Business listing.

We will then make sure that the same information is listed on your companies website, plus we will then build other business citations in a white hat way.

Why must my businesses citations all be the same?

Some SEO companies do cut corners, that’s to say they may try and automate building business citations, which can sometimes mean that if this is not completed correctly, that the business citations will not match.

This is why business citations must be built in a white hat way, so whether they are built automatically, or as we build business citations, which is manually, the business citations must match.

They must match, and by this we mean that the business name, address and phone number as it appears on the company’s website must match with the business citations.


Can your business help our business to improve our local SEO?

Most definitely.

We also offer free quotes, so if you run a company in Cardiff, and you would like your company to invest in quality white hat SEO, or organic SEO, then why not give us a ring?

Here’s how we can help your company, let’s say you run a business here in Cardiff, let’s say you run a plumbing business, well we can help your business to rank on the first page of Google for “boiler repair”.

Not only can we help to get your business on the first page within the organic business results, but also within the Google My Business results as well.

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