How adding YouTube videos to your company website could help improve your SEO


In this article our SEO consultants will talk about:

-How a YouTube video embedded on your companies website could help to improve your businesses organic SEO

-Why its important a business should aim to reduce its “bounce rate” and a YouTube video embedded on your company website, if its good quality, could help

-Why we embed Youtube videos for many of our customers onto their main pages (Evergreen Content Marketing)  

You may have hired a marketing agency which keeps talking about building do-follow backlinks, writing content marketing and also why its important to have social media accounts, but have they mentioned about having a YouTube channel?


Have they mentioned how having a well-created video, could help to improve your businesses onsite seo?


Well, here’s how having a YouTube video, embedded into the page, on say your product pages, could, if done right, help to improve your businesses onsite seo.

-Could help to improve time on site, which can be monitored in your businesses Google Analytics account

-Could help to reduce your companies bounce rate

-Could help your customers to find answers to questions, which may help if done right to improve sales.

We therefore, for some of our fantastic clients in Cardiff, South Wales, have embedded YouTube videos into pages, such as the “about us” page and also, YouTube videos which help to explain the services the business offer.

We therefore use our YouTube videos to help lower our customers bounce rates, increase time of site, and help to explain what the company in Cardiff can offer.

YouTube videos


A high number of businesses, are investing in videos that they can embed onto their company website. The videos could be used to introduce staff, products or simply to help answer questions that the company often experiences.

Let’s say for example, you need to purchase new fridge freezer, or sometimes pitches don’t show the product in the best light, perhaps somebody explaining what’s the fridge freezer can offer in a video, with the person explaining all the benefits product features that fridge freezer this might help to improve your SEO.

If it is done right, it can help to answer the customers queries, keep the shopper on the website for longer and reduce the businesses bounce rate.


Time on-site

if you were to walk into any leading digital marketing agency, that you were to ask them what is one of the more important engagement metrics, they might be monitoring on say analytics or another SEO to, it is most likely to be time on-site stop

let’s give you an example of what this means exactly, let’s say for example that you run a business, and you sell used cars, obviously you go to want people to browse the cars for as long as possible, so that more likely to pick up the phone and make a purchase.

So, for example you might have a web designer that offers split testing, and in the current design you show 10 pitches each card that you sell, yet you have updated the website now to also include a video walkaround of each vehicle, you notice that the bounce rate reduces in the time on-site goes up considerably, this is obviously good the businesses you want to keep shoppers on your website for longer rather than competitors.

If done right, can help to reduce the bounce rate


your agency should therefore always be striving, to help reduce the businesses bounce rate, for those of you simply haven’t got a clue what bounce rate means, don’t worry our SEO boffins will now explain.

Bounce rate, or as some businesses refer to it as pogo sticking, simply means that a user goes on your website and then bounces straight off after visiting the first page, obviously as a business owner you want to keep them on page for as long as possible, and this is why the agency should aim to reduce your businesses bounce rate.

Now you might be thinking to yourself what has this got to do with YouTube videos, will simply put, if you are able to engage the customer and offer them with useful advice when they are buying a product or service, you’re more likely to visit more pages, and they might even make a purchase from.


We find that customers engage better with video


let’s think about it, let’s say that you are going to buy a new coffee machine, your old ones just broken down and you want to spend quite a bit on a luxury machine.

If you come across a website that has a video talking to you about all the benefits of using the machine you might prefer this reading say a detailed product description.

Product description might only be a hundred words, you have written read over 10 of them, you might start to get a bit bored, this is why we find that YouTube videos embedded into your website can work well if the videos are good quality.


Who wants to be writing tons of text?


we therefore find that if their website is saturated with too much text, in that say the homepage has too many words, then this might increase the bounce rate is the shopper simply doesn’t want to read that amount of text.




Whichever agency will hire, whether they are freelancer working off a kitchen table, or they are a hot shot agency which employs over a hundred SEO minds that the business, the company should be monitoring your analytics.

This should be writing your analytics for a number of reasons such as monitoring the number of organic visitors, the bounce rate backlinks from many other reasons.


Blog post


Sometimes businesses only adds YouTube videos to the evergreen content marketing, however it can also be effective at the top of the blog post, example you answering a commonly asked question, that your business gets asked, you might want to have a member of staff, that has expertise explaining this.

What you might find is that your agency says, rather than on average a reader only spends two minutes reading each blog post, you might find that the retention rate of readers goes up to over 10 minutes if the video is really good that you add to the blog posts.

Let’s say for example that you are a solicitor, is their writing just 2000 words of text, you might also add a video at the top of the solicitors quickly explaining their answer to that question you might find bounce rate decreases, and that you also able to retain the customer for longer.




Any good agency will tell you that it’s all about engagement, and keeping the shopper on your website for as long as possible.


Train, car or simply on the sofa


You also have to put yourself in your customers shoes, for example if they are researching products let’s say on the commute back from work on the train, as a passenger in the car or let’s say they had just sat on the sofa, do they want to be reading a lot of text, often they want to watch a quick video which explains the product and this might help you if done right to encourage more sales

Can help to explain more about your business


Can also use YouTube to explain what your business can offer

Help the customer

Good SEO consultants and leading agencies, in to help the customer as much as possible, it’s not just about improving ranking signals, it also about helping the customer which can in itself help the businesses organic SEO.


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