Google Analytics- why we think it’s an essential SEO tool




In this article we will discuss:

  • What is organic traffic?
  • How using Google Analytics can help you to see if the traffic is organic traffic, direct traffic or traffic coming from social media, such as Facebook advertisements
  • Why your business should monitor its bounce rate
  • When shoppers use your website are they using mobile device or desktop- Google Analytics can tell you this

So, your brand-new website has been live for quite a while, and although you’re over the moon with the design, you think its simply ace, you don’t know how well the websites doing.

That’s to say, sure the phones not ringing off the hook, and there isn’t much in the way of orders, however with that said, you did know, that by trying to improve your companies organic seo, that it was going to take a lot of time.

Yet, with that said, you still need to benchmark progress, for example, in January it be nice to compare the number of shoppers with February and then March-right?

Exactly, somebody who’s aiming to lose weight, well, they would rarely do it without having a set of scales, as otherwise, how would they know there losing weight each week?

So, this is the same with SEO, you’re going to want to know if things are improving, if you’re gaining more visitors, and this is where Google Analytics is simply a fantastic SEO tool, one that’s reliable, and used by everyone from SEO agencies which have say 100 staff, through to a sole trader business owner.

What is Google Analytics?

So, what is Google Analytics? Well, it’s a tool, that can connect to your website, and then start providing you with important stats, for example, what percentage of visitors are using a desktop, how many are using a mobile device, how many are on tablet.

So, for example, let’s say you sell coffee, and Google Analytics tells you that over 90% of your shoppers come via a smartphone, you may therefore work with your web developers so that you improve the design further, perhaps using what web designers refer to as “A/B testing” to try and improve the design.

So, what is Google Analytics, well its kind of what a dashboard is to a car, it’s a way of seeing stats that relate to your website, such as number of organic visitors, new vs returning visitors, bounce rates, location, how long the average shopper spends on your site.

Why do we think it’s a must?

Well, whether you’re running a sole-trader business, or a really large company, Google Analytics tell you really important information

Such as:

Number of organic visitors:

If you’re sipping away on hundreds of strong coffees and burning the midnight oil, trying to get your business to rank higher on Google, well, you’re obviously going to want to know whether each week whether you’re gaining more organic visitors or not?

For example, let’s say you’ve earned a really good quality backlink, you’re a lawyer, and you’ve won a prestigious award, and the company that issues the award, well they have provided a detailed blog post about you, what your solicitors practice offers, and also, they’ve stuck a do-follow backlink back to your site, which, could help to improve where your site ranks, that’s if the backlink is good quality, and yes, of course follow’s Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Let’s presume it does, well, it could mean that you see an increase of over 100 visitors follow the link, and where can you see an increase in your organic visitors’ numbers? Well, through Google Analytics, so the tool is most often used at our agency to see if organic visitor numbers are increasing, and also then seeing the bounce rate, and also how long that shopper then spends on the website.

Is Google Analytics easy to use?

Yes, its really easy to use, even if you haven’t got much experience with SEO terms, its still very useful, for example the line graphs show easily how the site is doing, for example, you may set the time range for the last 6 months, then instantly you can see, is the volume of organic traffic increasing?

Is it hard to obtain?

No, setting up a Google Analytics account is very easy, we would recommend that its set up as soon as your website is designed, so you might want to ask your web designer to do this work for you.

Is it just meant for SEO agencies?

Most definitely not, although its true, an seo agency like ours will spend a great deal of time using the tool, a lot of businesses use this tool, that’s from say a sole trader business, lets say a cake maker, through to a company that employs thousands of staff, so Google Analytics is widely used, by many different businesses.


If you’re paying an agency to improve your seo, well, you’re going to want to know where your visitors are coming from, for example, are they coming from your company’s social media posts, are they coming direct, because lets say you have your business address written on the side of your companies vans, or are they coming via your organic SEO.

So, why Google Analytics is so super useful is, as the business owner, you can see how many visitors are coming from each source.

Organic traffic

When you hire various seo companies, such as an agency like Adore, well, our business is centred around helping companies to improve their organic seo, now sure there’s a million and one tools that can be used to see how many organic visitors a company website is getting, however, we here at this agency use Google Analytics, as we think this is a reliable source to see how many organic visitors our clients are getting.

Audience- mobile, desktop, tablet

Okay, so on what devices are shoppers accessing your company website?

For example, are they using a desktop, mobile or tablet? Now, this is important, that’s because, let’s say you’re a lawyer, and over 90% of traffic is via desktop, yet the bounce rate on a smartphone is high- you must ask well, why is that?

Why is the bounce rate on a smartphone so high? And could the design be improved, so what you might find is the main menu, well, its not easy to use, and on some smartphones, well, you might find that it doesn’t work properly at all! For example, the main menu extends beyond the screen, so this could be a reason for why the bounce rate is so high.

So, then it’s a matter of improving the design, you may find after some design improvements, that the bounce rate on smartphones decreases.


Okay, so let’s say you sell your products online, and your manufacturer and retail lawn mowers online, yet you only deliver throughout mainland U.K.

So, if when you log into your Google Analytics account and see that the number of organic visitors is all over the world, well this might not be what you want, as you don’t deliver your products outside of the U.K, therefore the SEO agencies will need to focus on building more organic traffic in the U.K, as this is where you sell your lawnmowers.

It’s very useful

As you can see Google Analytics is very useful, its quick to set-up, and if you don’t know how to add the Google Analytics Verification Code, your web designer should.

Then when you add work to your site, so let’s say you write a new blog post, because you’ve just launched a new electric lawn mower, you can see how many organic visitors the article is getting.
Should help you when aiming to improve your businesses organic SEO

So whether you’re an SEO consultant at the top of your game, working from a capital city here in the U.K working for major PLC companies, you most likely use Google Analytics, or on the other hand, whether you’re a start-up business, making chocolate brownies from your kitchen, and you’ve just built a website yourself, a wide range of businesses, search engine optimisation agencies, use Google Analytics, that’s because the data can help you when aiming to improve your seo