Frequently Asked Questions


What is SEO?

SEO simply means search engine optimisation, its used by many businesses to help them to appear on the first page of Google.

A business may pay an SEO agency to improve where the business is ranked for many different terms.

For example, a builder may want to appear on the first page for “loft conversions” and “property extensions”.


Why do we have to pay each month?

You will have competitors that will want their businesses on the first page, this is why regular SEO work is needed each month to improve your SEO.

SEO will also be needed when you reach the top also to help you hold that position.


Why are cheap quotes often worth avoiding?

So many businesses go for the cheapest SEO quote that they can find, however many businesses every year also incur Google penalties.

An example of a Google penalty would be a Google Penguin penalty, many businesses incur this penalty.

Low quality SEO can therefore mean that a business gets removed from Google, so our best advice is to only invest in quality SEO.


Can we expect to see results instantly?

No, the reason being is SEO often takes a lot of time, do not be duped by the SEO agencies that state that they can bring about results in super sonic timeframes, this is often not the case, they often just want you to agree to a contract.

Here’s why it takes time, you may have a number of competitors that may have been investing for many years, so as you would expect those businesses will have much stronger SEO.

Therefore you may face strong competition that have been busy building links, writing content marketing and generally have much stronger SEO.

So to think that these businesses can be leapfrogged in a heartbeat would not be correct, yet this is what pushy sales staff at some SEO agencies would have you believe.


How long will it take to get my business onto the first page of Google?

Depends 100% on how strong your competitors are, so if we were to say in less than 2 months, we would be fibbing.

It often takes many months to beat your competitors standard of SEO.


When we reach the top, why do we still have to pay?

There will always be a number of businesses that are more than ready to knock your business off the top position.

Often a business will say, we’ve reached the top of Google, the sales are coming in nicely, please stop doing any more SEO work until we say so, but what happens then?

Well, often the business stops investing for say 6 months, in that timeframe it may not have been overtaken by just 1 or 2 other businesses, but sometimes 10, so now it’s moved onto the second page of Google.


Why do SEO quotes vary massively?

Cheap SEO we believe is a total false economy, as it basically comes down to time and obviously the agencies level of expertise.

So lets say your investing a small amount each month to your SEO agency, well realistically how much time can be offered?

And if corners are cut, which they sometimes are, well after a while you may incur a penalty.


Why should we choose your SEO agency?

Quality matters, we only offer quality, our prices reflect this but we think cheap SEO is a false economy.


What work will we get for our investment?

There are over 200 SEO signals, we will be working on the SEO signals that bring about the most improvement as soon as possible, and all work will be white hat.


Will the work be white hat?

White hat simply means quality SEO work, however too many SEO agencies use rubbish SEO methods and say they use white hat methods, when they simply do not.

So an SEO agency saying they are white hat is often taken with a pinch of salt, however every bit of our work will always be quality.


How will we know how well our SEO is doing?

We will send over an SEO report at the end of each month.